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Ironjawz wip - Ardboys and that



I've never been particularly enamoured with Orcs/Orks/Orruks in any setting, but obviously the Ironjawz release was too gorgeous to resist - still my favourite models to come out for AoS. So they're the obvious choice for my post Flesh-eaters army!

Whilst the Brutes 'n bosses are incredible, once I got a start collecting box and assembled the Ardboys it was pretty obvious that the old black orc kit is showing its age, especially when you put them next to a unit of Brutes. So I stole the idea of converting the new Blood Bowl Orc team into Ardboys that a few people have started to do.


B&W because nothing's got any paint on yet and the grey/green plastic mix is ugly. This is the first five that I've done, and they're great fun to kitbash, if a little time consuming. Particularly happy with how the standard bearer turned out, given that the orc thrower model was the one I was most stumped on how to de-Blood Bowlify for AoS! Still need to do a little bit of green stuffing to fix up the joins and then gotta come up with some different variations for the next five. 

I spent a while thinking about colour schemes but I think I've settled on the one on the test Brute below. I'm still a pretty new and bad painter so the key was to pick something that would be more fun to paint than the Flesh-eaters, but not too time consuming and within my skill level whilst pushing me a bit. Hopefully it isn't too awful. The lighting on this pic is terrible but basically I'm leaning hard on ryza rust.


Because I couldn't resist such an amazing model, I also started work on a Maw-Krusha. My previous experience of painting a big old dragon model was incredibly stressful and frustrating (love the zombie dragon model but ****** that kit is annoying to work with), but the Maw Krusha is an absolute dream to paint and I've surprised myself with how much fun I'm having doing it. The WarhammerTV video on painting it has really helped as well!


Now if they just made Gore Gruntas any good...

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Superb ard Boys, really like the conversion if I had't had mine 10 I would go for this type of conversion. Bravo

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