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  1. I will play two big horrors units, 12 and 9 strong FIGHT ME
  2. With the list you have: try to make him charge only the units you want with as many of his units as possible. This means screening with a long line of ghouls. They are going to die anyway. Orks are superfast and killy, so you need to make him pay for killing your units. That’s a basic trade-off rule. Gristlegore can easily do it using the Call to War ability. If he kills you monster, you can attack back (twice if you have the CPs) and make him bleed. As I said, it’s only a matter of better trade off. They are way too fast to be avoided and they usually play many units, so alpha strike is not viable
  3. At 1k you have only 1 battleline, don’t you need two? furthermore, you should tell us what your team is bringing... so you better taylor it
  4. Does he have a shield? No. I am sorry but it’s a silly question you already knew the answer.
  5. Katakros only gives +1 save to his legion, even with prime alive. Don’t try to read the rules as you wish they were, and not as they are... this is is worth an FAQ
  6. Grymwatch are good for unit champions, that’s all. They are tematic, but in no way can do their job (monster hunting)
  7. I used cardboard which got then covered by sand and texture
  8. Yes. note that per FAQ the command trait only works in a turn in which the monster charged
  9. The GK is another buff: you can use his spell together with che AAR one (but in you have two regents, you can’t). with “depends on the list” I meant: what are you lacking/struggling against?
  10. Hello! 1) it really depends what you are looking for, what list you want to play, if you need mobility, survivability or additional damage; 2) Yes, but I think you should think the list around the Royal mordants batallion 3) It depends on the list, but GK on foot is always good
  11. General with Savage Strike attacks out of normal sequence, at the start of the combat phase. You can think of it as a Phase 0, after which you play as usual, so you can choose one of your units to fight with. Doing so, you effectively attack with two units in a row
  12. You can give 2 mount traits, thanks to the battalion. Give Gruesome bite to the TG and razor clawed to the dragon. Make sure to choose a legal trait for the general: you have picked the Gristlegore one. Magic, I suggest Spectral host in the AR, as bonestorm is not very good (not at all).
  13. I think the Locus is too strong, you can roll for every hero you have, for every unit your opponent has within 6” and in both turns. it’s almost worse than the Gristelgheist, ALMOST.
  14. Do we have some more feedback on fec in meeting engagements?
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