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  1. I think the Locus is too strong, you can roll for every hero you have, for every unit your opponent has within 6” and in both turns. it’s almost worse than the Gristelgheist, ALMOST.
  2. Do we have some more feedback on fec in meeting engagements?
  3. This are said to be fake btw, I read it after posting them. let’s all hope they are not true
  4. Not a very big one, some factions got hit harder (if these are true) Mourngaunt FTW
  5. Rumors AGKonTG +60 AGKoZD +20 AAR +20 Chalice +20 mind, they are NOT confirmed until you see them on the book
  6. Gristlegore is “best” played with 2 mounted kings, magic support and chaff. this is a bit sad, as the court should encourage players to use unridden monsters, but due to abilities effecting also mounted heroes, it’s more efficient to just skip normal TG and ZD imho
  7. I have not used it yet really. I found it hard to find a game this month, but this should change from next one. I was thing of 2 big ghouls blocks with the artefact and the king's ghouls batallion and chalice, so that they are immune to morale and heal. I don't know who should be the leader, maybe the AGHoTG, but his mount does not benefit from the reroll 1s to hit. Then it's difficult to have everything I want in the list.
  8. I am trying to make morgaunt work. Can someone who has used it give me his feedback?
  9. Thanks, I will monitor this topic for further news
  10. @Ndabreaker is FEC battletome a filler one, or are they getting something more? thanks!
  11. That's strange. I hope they clarify this in upcoming battletome. RAW, it's as you say. RAI maybe not. I won't use it , because my friends would end up avoiding me!
  12. It's very simple. There are the 4 main alliances: Death, Destruction, Order and Chaos. You can play together every model within the same faction using the Grand Alliance rules, as shown in the main rulebook. Then, the models inside the Grand Alliances usually are part of sub-factions, for example Flesh Eater Courts or Nighthaunt. These have their own army rules, if you play only one faction and they are different from the ones in the book. Furthermore, every faction can be "allied" to some of other ones, as shown in the General's Handbook. FEC can't ally with Skeletons for example, but they can do so with zombies or mortarchs. My advice, if you have just started playing AoS, is to keep it simple: pick the models you or your girlfriend like from Death and play them using only their warscrolls and the rules for Death in the core book. Roll for the traits and relics if you don't know what to pick. Later you will be able to understand how fragmented AoS rules are, where you can find them and how you can take advantage of all the different possiilities. However, since you are new, I think it's better to do it step-by-step
  13. FEC with Skelletons - no, unless she plays it Grand Alliance Death (recommended) You want more ghouls, so Nightfeast is better in my opinion.
  14. Ignore the flayer... I think the big one is a Varghulf or a big horror hero...
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