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  1. Kairics going down would be something I‘d really appreciate. I learned to like them with the new battletome but losing them to more or less any blow of a leaf in the wind disheartens me every time. Just 10 points would go a long way and allow for an endless spell for example. Pinks are ... they are the only unit we habe that can hold a Position instead of mainly being able to roadblock for one charge phase. But I can understand people getting upset about them. At the same time seraphon brutality upsets me 🤷‍♀️😂
  2. When our sylvaneth player is involved, we remove some terrain features to make room for his woods. For the others, we roll off and the winner may point at one terrain piece that may not be moved. Then the other. Then they place the Seraphon and Ossiarch stuff and may move other terrain pieces out of the way. All other faction terrain must fit somewhere open. Some wiggling here and there is allowed
  3. I love seeing all these tables and terrains. Can’t get enough. I also love playing with a dense terrain setup but not all of our gaming group are particularly fond of it. Here is one of the setups I’ve prepared During the game, a Goblin Moon and the Ossiarch phallus were added. The herdstone is just terrain.
  4. I am not a native English speaker but I read it like so: You either heal or return. If(heal) then <apply heal text> if(return) then roll a d3 [...] So it sounds clear for me that returning always is d3 only, as the distinction is clearly made between the two rule parts. And only the first mentions the Stormcast extra rule.
  5. The unit benefits from the boons. The added horrors are part of the unit. They get the buff like any other (de)buff currently active on the unit.
  6. If that unit has included these pinks and they were slain, then yes. you cannot add pinks to units that started only with blues.
  7. So I went for the shelve and crushed it very very small, until I had even some dust. Mixed it with black, white and brown acrylic paints. The result is quite nice. But it was a lot of work for one army.
  8. Great tips! Thank you so much. i think I will visit the pet store next week
  9. Hey Community, there Is something that I need your help with 😉 I’m here with many models awaiting some paint and indeed this actually happens oO But now I have seen that my battlemire paints are pretty empty. A whole orc army is still awaiting basing and I thought maybe we can turn the situation around. What could be possible basing materials taken from stuff we have at home, in the nature or in general food stores? For example, there is a roundabout not too far away where I could harvest shale. But just covering the base with that? Don’t think that looks too good What ideas do you have?
  10. This looks like a fun list, and you have a lot of bodies to contest objectives. If she is going to use bastiladons with the double shooting, she will unfortunately kick your *** I don't know why they kept the extra damage against deamons, this is so stupid in a more mature and competitive AoS setting.. Had a game against the new seraphs before the lockdown and lost 1200 points in the first battle round alone due to shooting and magic. The global unbind with the slann and all the bonus to cast and unbind (easily +3) make it really hard for us "casters". If you have CP however, the horrors will ruin her day for a few rounds! (at least if you have all the blues and brims for splitting and summoning) You might want to change the pendulum against the lifeswarm to heal back horros for more casting and/or longer objective contest.
  11. I’ll try to explain my ideas and we can use this as a Basis for more discussion. In my area, people tend to play many lists with elements that hit really hard, even ranged / alphas / ... So any unit that hits hard gets severely crippled early on. I thought then ok let’s leave out anything that is a significant threat and flood the board with bodies instead. The enemy should not know where to strike apart from chewing through my chaff. If they go for the bird it’s hard due to the minus one (though one lone Bastiladon killed it in one round). If they go for the Bestigors, the chaff will stay one more turn. If they go for the chaff the spells and Bestigors can do some harm. So target saturation was the overall concern. The batallion seems nice and goes well with the Host. But it would fit only one larger unit and force mit into 100/200 points of easy to remove Enlightened. and with that many drops, reducing them by 3-4 doesn’t look promising to me ... I might be wrong though. i am unhappy with the few endless spells and the relatively few good mages. But I don’t know where to carve out points without removing either chaff or the bird. And the latter is my only reliable source of ca. 10MW per turn. So I think of trying to apply as many -1 as possible to hard hitters, flood the board for at least 3 turns and then hope to have reduced one flank enough to be ahead in points. Feel free to suggest more changes, I’m also working on tweaking the list, trying to get more casters and/or endless in there. Removing the horrors for a second Gaunt could be worthwhile as with that many units at least Melee alphas should be no concern. Edit: so here’s another take on the list: Allegiance: TzeentchLord of Change (380)- Lore of Change: Bolt of TzeentchGaunt Summoner of Tzeentch (240)- Lore of Fate: Arcane SuggestionGaunt Summoner of Tzeentch (240)- Lore of Change: Treason of TzeentchThe Blue Scribes (120)- Lore of Change: Fold Reality10 x Kairic Acolytes (100)10 x Kairic Acolytes (100)10 x Kairic Acolytes (100)10 x Kairic Acolytes (100)3 x Screamers of Tzeentch (80)10 x Ungor Raiders (80)- Allies10 x Ungor Raiders (80)- Allies20 x Bestigors (240)- AlliesGeminids of Uhl-Gysh (60)Burning Sigil of Tzeentch (40)Balewind Vortex (40)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 400 / 400Wounds: 118
  12. Thank you for sharing your advice. The coven bonuses are quite nice and I've tried a few of them already. The summoners guild proved worthwhile, less so for the Lords but more for the battleshock immunity on the horros which increased their staying power. So one concept that I've found was using them with a durable hero (e.g. Manticore Sorcerer) as a roadblock. When using the Gaunt you can extend your reach in the first battleround due to 12" summon + move. This has been a vital element to my lists and I was missing it when playing other covens. Does anyone have some advice how to implement something similar with other covens? Command points are sparse but I rarely use them for something important, so one battleshock per phase is OK. I consider using my beasts (Ungor Raiders and Bestigors) as allies. Raiders are fast, cheap and can block enemies. Their shooting is a nice bonus to do at least something. Bestigors seem to do equal damage as Tzaangors and their staying power is somewhat comparable. If something wants to Destroy them both units perish. Maybe I've invested not enough in shooting. What do you feel is the right balance between spellcasting and shooting? We are a magic army but so many armies out there are either better in casting or extremely good in banning / unbinding that it feels like an uphill battle all the time. I'l share a list idea that I had yesterday as an attachment: Tzeentch-2000.pdf
  13. Fellow weavers of fate, I need your help. Now is the time to prepare forces and be ready to strike again once the realm gates are passable again. I am struggling to get my head around how to bring our force on the table. I have a fairly large collection, but a bit of everything only. 20 pinks (and blues and brims for most of them), 20 Tzaangors, 20 kairics, many heroes, 6-9 enlightend and/or 6-9 Skyfires etc. I love to play mixed forces but this seems to be the wrong way with our current tome. Got some major defeats in against Death, Seraphon, Skaven, Khorne, ... I felt this was often due to not being able to hold out against seemingly unstoppable forces or not being able to punch hard and fast enough to mitigate enemy alpha/beta strikes. So, I’d hope to have some kind of “meta” discussion how our forces are used best and most efficient. Preferably in a non-mono way
  14. Indeed an interesting question you raise. When I read the title I didn’t think of the issues you raised but the comparison to Warcry and 40k makes for an interesting discussion. Two separate values for hit and wound might try to mimic real life values of monsters. So strong but “dumb” trolls(e.g., 4+ 2+) hit less good than mighty heroes that are trained (2+ 4+). More rolls mean more time spent rolling dice. This could be an important factor for players as it might increase the immersion and tension in close situations and make for interesting stories. I often picture my Troops when something unexpected happens, like two hits out of 12 when 6 were expected. Did the enemies hide too good? it might create a feeling of more diverse armies, like old orcs only hitting on fours versus trained fighters like stormcasts. Overall, I personally slightly prefer the S/T system of 40k as it allows for more choices and lets me feel the power of my weapons or the toughness of my troops, especially in different matchups. Strong weapons feel even stronger. On a sidenote I also prefer the damage in 40k that doesn’t spill over.
  15. The thing with Tzeentch Deamons is that you need at least one box of blue horrors (optimally two) per 10 pinks as you get them for summoning for free. So you would be at SC + one blue Box without any additional points. This is an investment that is worth it when thinking more competitive. Gaunt Summoner is one of our best casters. Add in balewind and Geminids and you have a good damage potential from the first turn. But your opponent won’t like this You can try to find the Christmas box from 2017? somewhere online with tzaangors, shaman, Kairics and disc riders if you want to go that route. Very mobile. Orherwise, SC, One Box of blues, gaunt, one box of kairics is a very thematic but veeery fragile list. Can we ally with beasts? I forgot... if yes, then another sc of beasts of chaos would give you something to play with (10 bestigors plus raiders or the Ghorgon) but you would still be one battleline short. 1k is hard. For fun games I take the gaunt, 2x10 pinks (plus summoning) and the bird plus an endless. Fun, fragile, swingy, tzeentchy. Not a budget list either
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