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Found 16 results

  1. If I kill 3 Stormcast Eternals models in a turn, can I return 3 one-wound models (e.g. Chainrasp Horde) with the Spirit Torment's Captured Soul Energy ability, or just D3? The popular interpretation seems to be that I can return 3, but the warscroll doesn't explicitly state this. Thanks for your help!
  2. The Pack is out, what do you think? BOBO EVENT PACK 2018.pdf
  3. Hey everyone, I just checked the destruction FAQ and it says something about the battalion: 'Great Moonclan'. Can i still use it in matched play? (https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Errata/AoS_Errata/warhammer_aos_destruction_en.pdf) Because the point cost isn't in the generals handbook 2017 compendium but the point cost is still in the older version of the ghb... So is it use-able in matched play or not ? Thank you for your time!
  4. Hi all, For a while now I've been maintaining a combined PDF of all the current Age of Sigmar FAQs. The file is text-searchable and book-marked. While previous versions also had the Forgeworld and Compendium warscrolls, I've now just limited it to the current FAQs, making for a lighter and more manageable reference document. Hope it helps. Dan https://aosshorts.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/AoS-FAQ-Mar-18.pdf
  5. Well the book is now officially out (although we've all seen most of it already over the last week) and as I understand it we pretty much have a week to ask any questions before the FAQ is put out in a fortnight. Any questions pop them in here and I (or you can, feel free :-) will e-mail them in to GW next Saturday. Edited to add questions that need answers. The Black Coach. Still has the hero keyword, but is not in the leader section in the back of the book? How are Morikhane and Deathless Minions supposed to interact with the Ceaseless Vigil rule from the First Cohort? Is Prince Vhordrai's Breath of Shyish a shooting attack to be used in the shooting phase? Can the Sepulchral Guard be taken in a Legion of Nagash army? Can the Legion warscroll batallions be taken outside of the Legion named on their warscrolls? If the Command Trait Mark of the Favoured kills the attacking model, what happens? How does ceaseless vigil interact with Skarbrand's Total Carnage rule.
  6. Hi, With the faq stating that you can't use abilities while not setup on the table. Does that now mean that Tzeentch horrors can no longer use their split ability without a unit already on the table? So pinks don't get to split unless there's blue horrors on the board to since the ability is on the blue warscroll not the pinks.
  7. Are command traits from the relevant grand alliance taken for your warband leader in skirmish??
  8. Are command traits from the relevant grand alliance taken for your warband leader in skirmish??
  9. Are command traits from the relevant grand alliance taken for your warband leader in skirmish??
  10. As according to the faq in the app and the one on the community website. V1.1 the Balewind is still free. Is there a v1.2 I've missed ? So, when do we ignore a faq, as the faq is meant to be the rules we follow over the rulebook it self.
  11. Hi, as new book is coming to hit us all and 'change' gaming as we know it soon, this might be a good idea to create topic dedicated to Tzeentchian shenanigans. Without further ado, my first rules question/clarification as I am not sure how far this can go: Tzeentch Lord of Chaos on Disc of Tzeentch Command ability: to be clear: If I roll a 1 for this dice, than for example: in combat phase I can re-roll all 1's for all units within 9" (all to hit, to wound, saves etc.), not one dice of this result in a turn? Question for next week, can general's dice roll be affected by fate dices pool (or however it was called)
  12. For those that missed it, here was last week's year-end mega episode where we hosted a roundtable discussion of the most recent FAQ released. So come join us for a panel discussion of the Age of Sigmar FAQ that Games Workshop dropped before the holiday break. We talk through the changes and figure out what is good and bad - and what is still leaving us with questions.
  13. Ashtyn

    Zombies post FAQ

    Hi guys. I know there is a thread about the FAQ already but I specifically wanted to focus on the zombie changes. It appears that zombies can now merge without the cost of reinforcement points. However another statement in the FAQ says that you can't merge battleline units during setup. I'm wondering if this means that zombies can't be merged in the hero phase if the 3 units count as your 'minimum' battleline. What do you guys think the correct interpretation is?
  14. So FAQs are now official and have been released by Games Workshop. They are available for download here Cheers
  15. Version 1.0.0


    All official AoS FAQs
  16. All credit goes to strangeloup on reddit. Here is a PDF version of the AoS FAQ as the only place it is right now is the Facebook page. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a9jgdlkosq5tnuv/aos-faq.pdf?dl=0 Resolution isn't great on some pictures, but it saves going to the facebook page when you need to refer to it!
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