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  1. Those look fantastic. Love the more subdued color scheme.
  2. It's the empire greatswords helmet. Its a really nice one but will require recasting or something as they are very rare.
  3. You could also use the kruleboyz shields on the black orcs to tie them even more together. We've had differents races cohabiting together in the o&g books for a long time, it's not that shocking to include a new variation of greenskin if you push the racial variety in your army. And i agree with the need for GW to paint up a new orruk warclan army that actually look like a unified tabletop army. It would go a long way in making the book feel less like soup and more like a "race" book if that makes sense.
  4. I'm lucky enough to play with people who are open to all sorts of proxies. I have quite a bit of old stuff in the dwarfs and o&g ranges that have been squated but I'll use them any way. As someone said earlier, the mix and match of eras and style is really something beautiful especially when you have kept a color scheme throughout the years. Some of those oldhammer sculpts are just too good and full of personality to abandon on the side of the road.
  5. As an OG O&G and Dwarves fan all these rumors are really sounding amazing. Hopefully we aren't let down! If we can at least get a new wave of dispossessed that would already be amazing but a lumineth size release for the dawi would be beyond cool. I still feel KO should be left alone nonetheless. Fyreslayers would fit with dispossessed but the KO could really run on their own with a nice expansion. The Kragnos story arc is much better than what was hinted at before.
  6. Seeing as I skipped 2nd Ed none of these changes shock me 😁
  7. Freakin awesome! This is a really nice take on the older kit, a good evolution that still works next to it. We are going to see some crazy stuff from people when its out, seeing the amount of golden demon winners in the past that used the giant model.
  8. I was joking, taking the side of the dawi who deny the existence of their devious cousins!
  9. Super stuff man, you have a good theme going on, looking forward to more!
  10. Well you don't exist so i don't see how you could get plastic models... 🤔 I've got a large kharadron force and an army of old world disspossed as well. This is a cool thread!
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