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  1. Freakin awesome! This is a really nice take on the older kit, a good evolution that still works next to it. We are going to see some crazy stuff from people when its out, seeing the amount of golden demon winners in the past that used the giant model.
  2. I was joking, taking the side of the dawi who deny the existence of their devious cousins!
  3. Super stuff man, you have a good theme going on, looking forward to more!
  4. Well you don't exist so i don't see how you could get plastic models... 🤔 I've got a large kharadron force and an army of old world disspossed as well. This is a cool thread!
  5. I tend to have a lot of basecoat/wash level models. Takes me way too long to finish them once they reach that point.
  6. For sure, i feel it would balance out the miniature a bit better.
  7. I kind of wish they where instead of just sitting on top like that! There is a weird disconnect between the top part and the rest of the model. I would prefer if the top part was lowered to look like the mage sitting on the rock rather than this.
  8. Really impressed by these first few models, I for one like the more old school look of the poses and designs. Imo, AOS goes too far in terms of over the top designs. Love the sphinx, the babylonian vibe i get from it is really awesome.
  9. Don't know if its been mentioned before, but the lack of lip on the squig is really bothering me. Looks like a demon face. Absolutly love the guy on top though.
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