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  1. You are more than welcome ! Be sure to pick up the Cities of Sigmar battletome and get rolling
  2. My money is on a Skink Priest with the feathercloak ! The old kit is both old and resin and it is the perfect hero to have in Underworlds or Warcry with maybe a Saurus Guard and two skinks EDIT : I noticed that the Skink Priest weapon profile is named Star-stone staff and could be the weapon in the rumour engine.
  3. I love the to hit and to wound system. I used to play 40k in 5th, 6th and 7th edition and trying to get new people into the hobby was abysmal. In theory and for the first small games the players liked the reality of the system immensely. " Are you saying my Gaunts literally cannot hurt that Tank? No matter how many swarm it?...Yes sir. " But after adding in units, playing larger games and dare I say it..multiplayer games. The endless comparing WS tables and Strength vs Toughness became a chore, especially if you were the player with most ingame knowledge.
  4. You can't cast Demonic Power on the soul grinder... it is for mortal S2D units only.
  5. One point I want to make.. you CAN reveal it. So if you do not get your desired result from the secret roll you can leave it up to the dice and things progress as normal.
  6. There are many things we do not know yet. What will happen to the weapon options for knights and warriors? Are we stuck using old warriors for banners and musicians? Will the new lord replace the old? What is the deal with a flail being a weapon option for a lord on foot? Is he on a larger base in today's picture? Will we get more kits in a new year? How will the warcry units mix into the book? What is the cultist keyword? How awesome will Archeon be? How will marks work? Will we get god-aligned battalions? Chosen might remain the same models or not, but aren't they resin? New GW doesn't like resin.
  7. But where is the flail? does that mean a new Lord on foot model in the future that has the option of a flail?
  8. Isn't Nurgle the easiest and most fun due to all the Maggot lords? All 3 lords, Great unclean one and the Glottkin gives you 5 behemoths that are heroes for 1480 points.
  9. What is your opinion on Screamers? I have been lingering in the hobby for a long time but never played many games and never vs serious opponents. I have begun changing that and got stomped at a local event a few weeks back. I only hear hate towards the models and their role on the battlefield but in my experience they have been stellar. Screening my herald on disc while -1 to hit. Getting to a objective with a 16" move + a CP run of 6". Sacrificing them up the board as a road block or trapping a shooting unit in combat.
  10. I play both S2D and Tzeentch and my primary opponent collects Seraphon. I don't know we are going to handle the first months of 2020
  11. I agree! Love the releases and the hype around new models/factions but they have to let things settle too and allow us to enjoy them. And that is coming from a Slaves and Tzeentch collecting player whose main opponent plays Seraphon. 2020 is going to be amazing/expensive for our playgroup.
  12. What if he is immobile? That would be super on point with him laying siege to cities and leading from the back and playing on the tabletop like a living terrain piece.
  13. I love them Too bad I can't afford a brand new army
  14. Greetings! As a proud follower of the great god of change I have begun searching for a fun side project army. I have undying love for underused models and my mind is racing towards the Lord Aquilor and his merry men. How great/awful are the vanguard section of Stormcast? I have never seen them on the tables and having a crazy mobile and flanking army sounds really fun and fits my play style well. The grand illusionist takes great pleasure watching feeble minds heighten themselves mistaking schemes for strategy. My thoughts : Lord Aquilor Neave Blacktalon 3 x Palladors 10 x Hunters 10 x Hunters - which comes down to 1000 points.
  15. I would swap the Blue horrors out for 2 units of Screamers. They cost the same and they can accompany the Demon Prince for power and protection, especially since he activates their locus ability and they can help with objective grabbing or "tackling" a unit coming towards your Wizards.
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