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  1. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy these puzzles and write ups, WathLab. I haven't solved a darn one, but I do like thinking about them. It's made me want to dig my Chosen Axes back out and try some new deck combinations.
  2. Sharkpunk is a great anthology. I really recommend it. It was edited by BL alumni Jonathan Green and has some great stories. And the decision to part ways with BL was mutual, with no hard feelings on my part. We simply reached a natural point of divergence in our working relationship. They wanted me to go one way, and I wanted to go another, so I went and they wished me all the best.
  3. It was a mutual parting of the ways. My schedule has tightened considerably over the past twenty-odd months, and something had to give. Nothing sinister, just business.
  4. At this point, I'm not sure. BL may decide to have someone else write it, or they may remove it from the schedule. I suspect they'll have someone else pick up the series, though perhaps not immediately.
  5. Honestly, if folks continue to buy/recommend and talk about the series, I have no doubt that BL will eventually let someone else pick it up - especially with Soulbound coming out. Its basically an RPG campaign in narrative form anyway, and it seems to be popular, sales notwithstanding. So don't lose hope!
  6. I don't know about that, flattering as it is. In truth, I've been a step behind since Soul Wars dropped. The lore is changing so fast these days that I've had precious little opportunity to catch up with it. I know next to nothing about the current state of things, and I'd wager there are other writers better placed to carry the story forward. In fact, I expect things will only get better.
  7. Thanks! And it's not even close to the end. I've got a few other books coming out this year, including the first in a Legend of the Five Rings series.
  8. It's by Clint Werner, actually. I haven't written any AoS in about a year.
  9. Pretty much. It's not a question of Nagash knowing. It's a question of Nagash caring.
  10. Bear in mind that this doesn't preclude rebellion of some sort. Mannfred rebels all the time, often loudly and with explosions. Arkhan rebels as well, albeit in more subtle ways. So does Neferata. Think of it like Doombots. Dr. Doom (bad guy from the Fantastic Four, if you're not familiar with comics) makes robot doubles of himself to undertake dangerous tasks, enact certain schemes or to do the stuff he doesn't want to bother with. These doubles are so perfect that they assume that they're the real Doom, unless he's in the room with them - and even then, some of them maintain a strong suspicion that they're real and he's not. And since they think like Doom, they act like Doom. So they plot and scheme against each other (and the the real Doom) because there can only be one Doom, and obviously it's them. Basically, Nagash has absolute control, except when he doesn't, because his servants are all to one degree or another shadows of him. Which means that like him, some want to be on top and they'll knock over anyone they have to, to do it. Including him. If he's paying attention, he can swat them down without any real difficulty. But if he's not (say, because he's preoccupied waging war on Sigmar, Archaon et al), then there's a good chance they might get away with it for a while. So if you want your Death leader to be a rebel against Nagash, the established meta-narrative is flexible enough to fully support that. Same as if you want them to be an unwilling slave of Nagash, a contented servant, or an unwitting dupe. At least in my opinion. Your mileage, as they say, may vary.
  11. I'm not working on anything for Black Library or Games Workshop at the moment, so no.
  12. I'm not currently working on anything for Black Library at the moment. I was feeling a bit burned out, so I'm taking a bit of a break from Space Marines and Stormcasts to write other stuff.
  13. Nope. I pitched a novel with that title earlier this year, but it wasn't commissioned due to scheduling issues. I won't be writing any more Eight Lamentations books for the foreseeable future.
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