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  1. JReynolds

    Slogging through the Realmgate Wars

    Possibly. He might pop up in the near future, as a supporting character in a book.
  2. JReynolds

    Slogging through the Realmgate Wars

    Yep. Pretty much. It's also why I called Evocators 'Celestors' and Knight-Incantors 'Mage-Sacristans' in Soul Wars. My description of some of the models had different names when I was given the information. By the time someone let my editor know there was a change, the book was already at the printers. Granted, those slip-ups have also resulted in a more careful and thorough exchange of information regarding projects like Sacrosanct and Soul Wars, so, in the long run, they might have been a good thing.
  3. JReynolds

    Slogging through the Realmgate Wars

    I was given quite a bit of freedom, yeah. Especially in regards to Balthas Arum.
  4. JReynolds

    Slogging through the Realmgate Wars

    It's been a lot of fun! And it has, actually. I've gotten to think more about the connections between the realms and the societies in them, which is no bad thing. I'm hoping they let me do more, in the future.
  5. JReynolds

    Slogging through the Realmgate Wars

    The Great Exodus refers to the retreat into Azyr, before Sigmar sealed his realm off. I do refer to the events from City of Secrets, but only obliquely.
  6. JReynolds

    Slogging through the Realmgate Wars

    I don't actually know Nick Horth. I used Excelsis because I was asked to use it by the editors. Though I did follow on from City of Secrets when describing it.
  7. JReynolds

    Slogging through the Realmgate Wars

    I liaise more with some than others. I talk frequently with David Guymer, C L Werner, and David Annandale. Not so frequently with anyone else, save at stuff like Black Library Live. We try to pool stuff when we can, when there's time to do so, but we (I) rarely have any idea what anyone else is writing at any given moment. Regarding the lore, some authors have better - or more regular access - to that stuff, because they used to work for the company, and know who to ask. For someone like me, who's never worked for GW save as a freelancer, it is (or was) often difficult to get more than the bare minimum. That is improving - for instance, I actually have access to all the battletomes that have been released now, which I did not before. So that's handy.
  8. JReynolds

    Slogging through the Realmgate Wars

    Don't feel bad! Never feel bad for commenting on a work. Your opinion is as valid as anybody's. I just like to remind people that, at least in regards to tie-in fiction, there are reasons a book is written the way its written, and it might not have anything to do with the story itself. * And it is a shame, but it's better now. At least I like to think so. *I will maintain to my dying day that "Gates of Dawn" should have been a short story, and that "War in the Hidden Vale" should have been a full novel.
  9. JReynolds

    Slogging through the Realmgate Wars

    Oh I've done that. Mentioning the Grand Theogonist in Spear of Shadows, for instance - that got me in trouble. But we had ridiculous deadlines on the RGW stories, so there wasn't really time to come up with stuff. At least on my part.
  10. JReynolds

    Slogging through the Realmgate Wars

    The focus on battles was actually then-editorial fiat. The Realmgate Wars were meant to be novelisations of the campaign books, nothing more. That's why there was a dearth of AoS fiction for a while - no one really wanted to write endless battle scenes. When things calmed down a bit, the editorial team started to encourage more world-building, which led to City of Secrets, etc.
  11. JReynolds

    Slogging through the Realmgate Wars

    Here's a 'how the sausage is made' moment: A lot of this was due to us not knowing what the models looked like ourselves, at the time of writing. When that happens, it's just easier to gloss over it than to come up with a description that will inevitably get edited out due to not looking anything like the model in question. Black Rift was a bad one, because of that. I'd get just reams and reams of unit types with very little description and no pictures. And no one to answer my questions.
  12. There are various methods of healing available, from the short term - warding lanterns - to the long-term - aelfen magics - though you don't see it much in the novels - mainly because we've only just now reached a point where those sorts of stories are being considered. Warriors that are mortally injured amid conditions that preclude extraction often receive Sigmar's mercy (i.e. another Stormcast kills them), but this really depends on the Stormhost and Stormcast in question.
  13. JReynolds

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    Funnily enough, I didn't make that up. I asked IP because anything having to do with Azyr goes through IP. So, officially, the Sigmarabulum is in space ('the Firmament'). Sigmaron is on the highest peak in Azyr, overlooking Azyrheim (on the same mountain(s) where the Pantheon gathered). And Sigmar Lane is, of course, in North Azyrheim, west of Rodeo Drive.
  14. JReynolds

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    I wrote up a big thing on Azyr, its cultures (human and otherwise) and various potential adventure hooks, so we'll see if that makes it past IP.
  15. JReynolds

    Black Library Issues

    It's work-for-hire, but with a good advance and decent royalties. Better than many work-for-hire gigs, in my experience.