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  1. Mortahi and bowsnakes is boring, It's like playing the skyfires list in first edition. Winning with this list doesn't make you a good player but good at turning stats into facts. My friend should stop bragging about it 😂 and before you jump at my throat, yes I do play dok as well and yes I stand on my point.
  2. Perhaps the other warband has more to do with the twin horned creatures teased in the WD focus on S2D ? if it's not chaos dwarf, then please be a cool thing, otherwise I sleep 😂
  3. Sounds like the next chaos bt is still going to be released before next year.
  4. I believe that Gitz got a battleforce in 2019 and 2020.
  5. £21 each, the saving is not what it used to be 😅
  6. The pirate warband is cool but I feel it's gonna be another cool concept that will never be done into a proper army... *Kurnoothi* 😔 Hope to be wrong though!
  7. I have not found the time to read it thoroughly yet, but Seraphon got an update like S2D and Sons did in the previous WDs, however this one feels 'lighter' than the other two.
  8. I have received the new white dwarf today and had a quick look. Ben Johnson's nighthaunt army is being featured in, just saying...😉😂 (It could mean sth or... probably not)
  9. Indeed, it's obviously a way for gw to advetise for W+ but from a consumer perspective I still don't see the benefit. FYI, as someone pointed out, you don't need to sub to W+ in order to participate in in the lottery for the painting collection. If you subscribe for a year, you'll get one for "free" but they are not exclusive to W+, GW already said that they'll be available for sale.
  10. That 's what I don't get with warhammer +, why would you sub now and pay for x months before you get all the episodes while you can just wait to have everything available and pay for a single month ?
  11. Never mind, I have just ran through the prices and you don't save money... there is no discount and yet somewhat they have decided that these "bundles" will be available for a week only 😂
  12. I have just received an email from GW, they are selling two bundles for 40K from today till the 12 of October. Perhaps we might see similar deals for AoS in the futur ?
  13. That's because they use drop pods to deliver their 40K products 😛
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