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  1. Can FEC still use their battletraits as mercenaries ? I hope so because I really struggle to see the benefits of taking them without their double pile in and after saves.
  2. Someone already asked them on twich when they talk about the new battletome, They said that Tyrans works only if you are already 3" away of an ennemy unit and cannot be overide with rejoice in slaughter. In the other hand they also said that wrathmongers' buff works on missile weapon 😉.
  3. And it s a fake... (Fan made Battletome)
  4. Interesting topic, thank you for bringing that up. How do you guys deal with the fustration from playing against someone you felt had cheated?
  5. Not if you roll 1, it says that the roll need to be above the wound characteristic to be succesful. However any 6s inflict D3 mortal wound on anything, no matter of what is the wound charactetristic, this is the real brutality of that spell.
  6. Thank you @Ndabreaker for sharing all these rumours ! Sorry if someone already asked but have you heard anything about an update for Blades of Khorne ?
  7. @Isotop Thank you for your answer, I am glad to hear that I am not the only who find the wording incoherent and I appreciate your insight on this matter. I am surprised that gw still have not updated the wording (correctly) of both mechanics as they are quite important and I imagine they can be the subject of heated discussion, especially in tournament. Hopefully the next FAQ will fix it, until then we ll have to pre-agree as you said.
  8. @King Taloren Thank you for your reply, apologies if it was not clear enough but no, there was no more wound to allocate to the unit, his bloodletters did the exact amount of wound required to kill all the models, there was no overkill. So If I follow you the Sequitor should not have been considered as slain at any moment but it would have simply ignore the last wound I had to allocate (which would have technicly kill but not overkill him)Therefore he should not have gained a bloodtithe point in this situation. Could you specify where it says Bloodtithe points only work if the unit is destroyed and completely removed from the table, I have a khorne army myself and the only thing it says in the battleotme is that you get a bloodtithe point when a unit is wiped out yet it does not say what wiped out means exactly (slain or slain and remove) sorry for insisting on wordings but my local group is quite competitive.
  9. Hey guys, I had a game with my stormcasts against my friend's khorne army where his bloodletters managed to kill all my sequistors but I did deny the final wound to allocate with the Cycle of the Storm ability from the lord arcanum, leaving one sequistor alive. My friend claimed that he should still get a bloodtithe point because the unit was technily slained if we look at the wording in Cycle of the storm ability: It implies that the model is considered slain before being prevented to be removed so I conceded and let him have the bloodtithe point because the last sequistor of the unit was indeed slain by the last wound (and thus the unit before the Cycle of the Storm ability takes effect. However I have read the designers'commentary where it says: It implies that a model could stop from being slain, which means that in the previous situation the bloodtithe point should not have been counted as the model was prevented to be considered slain (and as such the unit) but simply ignore the last wound to be allocated. It seems to me there are two different vision of Cycle of the Storm out there at the moment but I don't know which one should be considered. What do you guys think ? What would you have done in my situation ?
  10. Can't agree more, that's why I have stopped letting myself being hyped for new releases, plus by the time gw release a SC/battleforce, the errata and ghb would be out already.
  11. AOS is a young game and it still needs adjustment but gw are aware of this, we got a V2 afterall. However, from my short game experience, I feel that for most armies it will always makes much more sense to take a few specific units over most of the range. For exemple, evocators will always be a better choice than any other type of paladin, but because of it most SC lists look similar. It is even more obvious with Khorne's bataillions and now it gets even more limited with the recent changes. It seems to me that most lists are built around a few spammed units and/or a limited list of bataillons thus making games predictable and repetitive. Unfortunately, if you try sth out of the box, you will get penalised in game. Overall l have a growing impression that AOS is slowly turning into a clone list game, which is shame because of the amazing range they possess. Nonetheless I find that the latest beast of chaos has managed to avoid that trap so far, maybe we can except the same for the future releases ?
  12. Hello, I need to clear some space and thus decided to get rid of a lot of models but to avoid having too many posts I decided to regroup them here. Models are fully assembled unless specify I have also added a few notes on some list so please do read them. What you see on the pictures is what you get, some models are painted (finished and unfinished) others are just prime or unpainted. A few needs repair (read list). If you want a better look at a specific model, please let me know. Shipping not included. I will be using with First class Royal Mail, tracked for big packages. (if you prefer another shipping method, send me a pm). ------------------------------------------------------------- Nighthaunt 1 Lady Orlynder (banshee unglued, see picture) £18 1 Knight of Shrouds on foot £12 Nighthaunt endless spells £12 10 Hexwraiths (One has his weapon which keeps falling off, see picture) £20 6 spirit hosts (One spirit host has two ghost which keeps falling off, see picture) £16 Soulswars Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed, a Lord Executioner, a Guardian of Souls, Spirit Torment, 4 Grimghast Reapers (one has his weapong which keeps falling off, see picture), 5 Glaivewraith Stalkers, 20Chainrasp Horde) £40 4 Myrmourns banshees £5 4 Galivewraith Stalker £5 1 Battletome £17 1 Cairn Wraith £5 Warscrolls £5 Tempest of Souls Nighthaunt half still on sprue ( A Lord-Executioner, 4 Grimghast Reapers, 5 Glaivewraith Stalkers-10 Chainrasp Horde) + warscrolls from box. £20 hee (free) The whole at £165 (£10 off), without shipping +1 converted Carin Wraith (free)1 converted Tomb Banshee (free). (£276 RRP) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flesh Eater Courts 6 Crypt Horrors with one assembled as Crypt haunter courtier. 1 Ghoul king on Terrorgheist, was assembled but I dismantled part of it so I can ship it without breaking it. (see picture). One Terrogheist / Zombie dragon still on spure (with all the options). 40 Crypt Ghouls (10 are still on sprue) one ghoul leader was magnetised and can be placed on 25mm or 32mm base (included) so you can use him as a Crypt Ghast Courtier. £65 1 Varghulf Courtier assembled (resin). £17 Flesh Eater Courts battletome £17 The whole for £89 (£10 off), without shipping. (£147,50 RRP) Idoneth Deepkin : SOLD
  13. SOLD I would sell the whole lot for £155 ( £253.5 RPP) with shipping incuded (within the UK), I will consider selling separately in the future If I have not been given an offer. Now at £ 126.75 (half RRP) without shipping . 2 x Branchwych Drycha Hamadreth Tree revenant Spirit of Durthu 20 dryads 3 x Kurnoth hunters with bow Treelord ancient Battletome Warscroll 2 x Sylvaneth wyldwood
  14. And Daemonettes still have their smaller base meaning they will have a lot more models in combat. Considering their warscroll plus the new fiends warscroll I have difficulty seeing how this box will be balanced for khorne.
  15. Yep it's kind of depressing for khorne, especially because I have just finished painting 30 bloodletters 😂. An unmodified hit roll of 6 was expected but we could have imagined they would have something new on their warscroll to compensate ... Skullreapers may be the way to go now. Flesh Hounds are okey/meh-they still don't have rend- while the missile weapon from their leader make me wonder why gw did bother giving them a leader. Slaanesh got some love which is really good news (the fiends are amazing.).
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