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  1. So this Kruel boy is not part of the Underworld warband nor the gutzripa boxset 🤔 ?
  2. I really like how this Stormcast looks like Uther from Wacraft 3
  3. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/09/10/the-stormcast-eternals-bring-immense-range-and-lots-of-gryphs-to-the-tabletop-with-these-warscrolls/ 12W and 3+ save on the chariot !
  4. Physical for now, I have noticed that two of my local GW stores had no SC BoC on their shelves - their dedicated space next to the other chaos Scs is now occupied by other products. One of the store manager told me that they have been told to remove the BoC scs from store and send them back.
  5. Current BoC start collecting box is being removed from GW store! 👀
  6. What is the Slaaneshian ritual to summon a keeper of rumours for Age of Sigmar ? We know a lot about what's coming for 40k but nothing regarding AoS 🙁
  7. I doubt that the 40K ork medecine is more effective than Lumineth, however It is way more creative
  8. So the pandemic only affects AoS products right ?
  9. Damn, Vile Transference on a mega gargant is mental
  10. I only play and paint Age of Sigmar and I don't see anything in it for me, there is no AoS app, all animation but one are set in 40K and the first battle report teased is 40K. Tbf I have the impression that it has all been about 40K since the release of Dominion.
  11. If you want to see the new Dracoth profile for yourself : https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/5671 Imo it does not guarantee that it is the actual profile that we'll see in the bt.
  12. It's fine on elite unit like SCE, the casting roll is quite high and the range is short. I'd be more concern if I was playing CoS.
  13. I find the amount of 40k stuff being released or teased at the moment is already quite distracting 😂. I kinda see how a road map would be beneficial: You give enough time to your customers to let them save money for the stuff they want, and you don't end up with a lot of stock sitting around after a release. It also you help in keeping a control over the hype so you make sure it's not going down.
  14. Has @Whitefang confirmed that KruelBoys won't get anything else?
  15. An army of dragon ?! 😍 Looks like I'm gonna need a bigger display cabinet.
  16. It sounds like bataillons and rules for matched play in general not just for Sons.
  17. I used to be an optimistic player like you, but then I took Hedonites of Slaanesh 2.0 in the knee.
  18. So it looks like we are not going to see hobgrots riding wolves alongside the Kruel Boys. Gosh I wonder, which other army could they be released with ?
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