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  1. I wonder if the Bugman teaser references some kind of anniversary model like we've seen with the White Dwarf
  2. Ahh I see, thanks. I was worried it would be more like Underworld, as I haven't had any experience with the WarCry stuff yet!
  3. How would the WarCry warbands work in practice as a battleline troop? The different base sizes and loadouts could be annoying, especially at higher numbers. Will they give them all 1 generic attack, or will we have to start rolling seperate attacks for individual models (like the ogre in Iron Golems)? I hope that isn't the case.
  4. Does anybody know of any good Anglo-Saxon/Viking style kits that scale well with AoS? I really want to make an Anglo-Saxon themed freeguild project but it is hard finding out what scales look good, particularly with the fantasy sized weapons.
  5. Haven't this thread this slow in a long time! Anyone had any ideas about the missing WarCry warbands? Really hoping it gives us some new Chaos Warriors.
  6. Personally I'm over the moon with the Cities announcement! What kept me (and others I know) away from AoS for a long while was the lack of a mortal human faction. I can definitely see myself coming up with endless possibilities for cultures, armies, cities etc. with this tome!
  7. That's fair. I think if they do bring back a TKish army, the lore and themes will be updated to fit with the mortal realms. But there is so much infinite space and possibilities in the realms they can easily fit some of the old and better sculpts into the lore. If they're releasing lots of ancient and forgotten stuff from the Stormvaults, they can pretty much make whatever they want come out of them!
  8. I'd also like some new kits, though I think there are lots of great old ones in there. I'd be interested to know why you don't think the Egyptian theme fits in the mortal realms? A lot of the new scenery has a kind of 'Egyptian' style to it, and Nagash has a giant black pyramid!
  9. Ahh I see. How do these gods work in AoS lore, then? They just never died or have been reborn somehow?
  10. I just read the free story 'Cursed Waters' that came out recently and came across this interesting bit. When the undead force attack on the lake, the dead appear to pray to someone/something: I haven't heard of a deity with that name in any of the lore I've read so far, have any of you? This would seem to confirm the existence of possible minor deities tied to specific cultures of Free Peoples. I also wonder if "Mordda" is at all connected to the old world god "Morr". Anyone know more about these minor deities in lore? EDIT: Oops! Just after posting this I found a bit of a writeup that does indeed flesh out the god a bit more in the context of Forbidden Power. However, I'm super interested that these different cultures of people have minor gods they worship. It potentially gives us loads of options to personally theme our own armies and cultures by giving them minor gods to worship.
  11. To me it seems like GW are hinting at Teclis' aelves. Along with the mention of Teclis in the new box, the Gloomspite story mentions an aelf who talks about battle between light and dark: "Clutching his loonblade tight once more, and trying to avoid looking at the distinctly aelven face upon the mushroom’s twisted stalk, Snaggit ignored the mildew rapidly forming across his squig-leather boots as he warily shuffled closer. All the while the face upon the stalk babbled and drooled silently, swollen tongue lolling out. Eventually it did speak, though, the words soft and almost musical. ‘Across the void aetheric, Under light of crooked moons, The heavenly vaults break open, To reveal their greatest boons.’ ‘The dead and the damned search the darkness, Making war with the hateful light, But the Clammy Hand reaches out o’er all, Seeking treasures of the Bad Moon’s might!’"
  12. Might be too early to say, but how is everyone's possible list building going? I'm struggling, as I want to field so many of these amazing new models but also want some synergy! I'm currently thinking: Loonboss on Mangler (300) (General) Loonking (220) Loonboss (70) Fungoid Shaman (90) Stabbas x 60 (360) Stabbas (or Shootas) x 20 (130) Sneaky Snufflers (70) Loonsmasha Fanatics (140) Spore Fanatics (130) Squig Hoppers (180) Boingrot Bounders (200) 1940 points My biggest struggle was with the battleline; do I take the Loonking as general, have his ability and 40, 20, 20 stabbas for battleline or take the boss mangler and have less grot units and a hopper battle line? I'm thinking the Snufflers and Spore fanatics for the buffs on the 60 grot unit, Loonsmasha fanatics for punching power, Boingrot bounders for a nice charge and hoppers for mobility/battleline. I know I have some points left over for something! Be happy to hear your critiques/opinions!
  13. Does anybody have any good guesses on what size base the new Mangler will be on? I've heard 100mm about but I'm not so sure.
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