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  1. The 6+ save comes first. It negates attacks. The 5++ comes after. This negates individual wounds that get through. Malakree beat me to it but yup!
  2. Also don't forget hand of gork(?) as a reposition tool. Teleporting a combat 😁wizard (arachnorok, hag) to where ever the optimal spot or onto the table quarter that is affected by light of the Badmoon. Between potential from big wizards and shroom you could bust peoples lines wide open. Lots of "trick shot" possibilities.
  3. You can in fact dispel your own endless spells. Then recast with a different wizard for better positioning. Works very well with multiple wizards using bomb spells ie, stormcast meteor, possibly mushroom of mork.
  4. Gors are on 32mm bases. That too far for bullgors with 1" reach to swing over. They would have to be spread pretty thin. Ungors with the 25mm bases would be the only shot at it consistently. The but it would still lack the relative safety of the enlighteneds reach.
  5. Yes, as many command points as they have generating a potential 0-2 attacks per command point for each melee profile for every Ironjawz unit within 15". It's swingy and usually all eggs in one basket deal.
  6. Viscous stranglethorns in general is good. Titanic fury has worked well for me. But I run at least two Ghorghons. I run all warherd for reference.
  7. For the God battalions I would be happy if we could just add other khorne marked units to our army. Ie Add a blood secrator and blood stoker alongside a brazen despoiler force o warherd and friends.
  8. In my lead up practice games I had been running hyish or Ulgu for my magic items lens/spell mirror for protection and mirrored cuirass /miasmic blade. But the defensive buffs were never enough. Any help With such low body count is good. But it seemed to be more diverting a trickle then any real stemming of the tide. When playing against people with endless spells I deployed in a large block keeping the gruntas as a wall. With my units placed a max coherence it was difficult for people to "fly" spells over individual units leaving the damage/debuff (ugh geminids) to usually fall on the Gore gruntas. After that I just hauled off out of their range and spent my endless spell moves pushing them to empty corners. The logic behind my battle shock focus was twofold. In my practice games leading up to the tourney I played quite a few games against armies that starting stacking some serious bravery penalties or could cause additional models to flee. It was annoying to lose a Brute to battleshock when you are bravery 8. And unlike the mortal wound difficulties I knew that I could make the battleshock phase almost a non entity. My second reason was that I made the magic item choices 5 minutes before list submission and I couldn't find anything else in shyish that jumped out at me. It paid off in spades though. In the sylvaneth game I had a single brute boss survive the battle shock round(rolled a 5 when I had lost 4 YaY skewer) then go on to bludgeon the melee hunters with +8 atks and rerolls the following turn when I Waaaghed. In the second game with the BCR I had another brute boss do the same b/c he was under the Gold toof radius. Didn't have to chance that 50/50 battle shock for losing 4. Again the following combat phase saw him chain a smashing and bashing off a wounded stone horn with +7 atks and rerolls to hit. Honestly it kept enemy units locked in place, and them dismissing a single brute as an annoyance, when they were in a position to gut them. The tzeentch player had spoke with my previous opponents and went out of his way to nuke off any free floating brute boss b/c of how they could turn the tides. Was a nice feeling going through 3 games and not losing a single model to battle shock.
  9. Just came off of a 30 man local tourney went 2/3 with the loss being on 11-9 places of power on top table to a tzeentch tzaangor and casters army. I ran Bloodtoofs Realms- shyish MBMK - Ethereal amulet + Prophet of the waagh 2 x chanter -Boss skewer 1x foot boss -Goldtoof 1 X fungoid shaman 3 X 5 brutes 2 x 3 gruntas Cogs I have to say complete immunity to Rend with rerolling 1 much of the time and the ability to reroll crucial Waaagh dice was absolutely devastating! Being able to stick my mug in just about anywhere shrug it off was Huge. With the big spikes in atks given by prophet (6-10 atks on 4 command points). Also the ability to squeeze out an extra atk later. Or reroll a crucial Waaagh when units were low, saw me clean through many a hairy situation. I'll post a summary of my Batreps later. The battle plans were randomized between rounds. My match ups were Game 1 - Border war - Onedrop sylvaneth army with a huge block of Melee Kurnoth hunters Game 2 - Places of Arcane power BCR 3 x stonehorn 2 x butcher 1 X thunder tusk Game 3 - Three places of power 2 x30 man blocks of tzaangors, small batch of dogs, gaunt summoner, tzaangor shaman and Fate weaver and spells.
  10. As stated above you can't just say they are icon bearers. So each model would have to be wysiwyg. You get 2 icons per box, that's alot to jump in before we know for sure how this mechanism will work for the foreseeable future.
  11. @sporadicMike, @BunkhouseBuster it does seems to come down to whether the MK is an auto include. @Malakree I am tempted to try a foot MB plus a few heroes and flood the table with a ton of MSU Brutes and Gore gruntas Mega Boss Banner Boss Grot Shaman Warchanter 5 x Brutes 5 x Brutes 5 x Brutes 5 x Brutes 5 x Brutes 10 x Brutes 3 X Gore Gruntas 3 X Gore Gruntas
  12. Has anyone tried out an Orruk Warboss with Waaagh banner? The 16" combat phase reroll 1's to wound seems mighty tasty.
  13. Is double Maw-krusha a thing? Just picked up another 2nd hand. Or is that too much of a points sink.
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