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  1. His spell casting may be those magic bolts he can fire from his hands. That would make him techincally an offensive spellcaster with out him having any spells.
  2. So to recap, he has exploding 6s on hits, and mortal wounds on wound rolls. With the potential for more damage against enemy heroes. With a whoping -3 rend on his Fangsword, and d3 damage on each weapon. That is some crazy melee damage.
  3. @LuminethMage You aren't totally wrong! And from a wonderful lore/nostalgia point of view, I love that they renamed his sword the Fangsword, even if the original was broken when he attemptes to save Alaithra.
  4. @Siegfried VII While it's true that he dies to Mortal Wounds, so does 99% of everything else in the game. It'll just be a matter of picking your targets, and giving the opponent enough threat saturation that they have to make difficult descisions of what they have to stop.
  5. @Sttufe Jealousy has always been an ugly color on your people. It's probably why you grow your beards so long to hide it....
  6. I like the look of the picks much more than the hammers. The picks look like they would punch through armor nicely!
  7. With Eltharion being as awespme as he is, what are the other hero choices going to be like? Even at 200pts, I'd say he is almost an auto-include. That's just a lot of damage potential packed in one spot, with descent survivability. I wonder if Teclis is going to get the same treatment?
  8. It's going to depend on what kind of spell list we get. If we get a teleport, and he has access to it himself, that would be the best possible scenario.
  9. That's a more defensive use of him than I was invisioning. I saw him more as a character assassin. It's kind of hidden in there, but they said that "he's a skilled duellist, increasing his damage when he fights enemy heroes." It also makes me question the play style of the army. Are we a pinpoint precision army, or are we a counter-punch army?
  10. I think the main thing to consider with him is going to be a delivery system. He's still a foot hero sadly, though he'll probably have movement 6. I think we're going to need a good battalion to go with him, too. As awesome as he is, we'll need an artifact or two for certain scenarios.
  11. Doesn't matter. THIS is the high elf character I wanted. Eltharion is probably going to be my starting point for every army I build!
  12. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/05/08/see-the-light-of-elthariongw-homepage-post-2/ 2+ to hit with both weapons! What?!?
  13. So after a long think in the shower, two questions have popped into my head that I wanted to explore. Question #1: Does anyone else feel as though GW has no idea what they want to do with Tyrion? I think this is partly to blame from both the setting in general and with the Stormcast in particular. In the Old World, there was no "main character." You could argue that the Empire was the main faction, but Karl Franz was by no means the focus of WHFB. I think that was one of the things that makes that setting so popular. No matter where your personal allegience lay, you had heroes and villains of equal stature to each other in each faction. In AoS, however, Sigmar is front and center, as he should be in a setting with his own name on it. But with that single subtle shift, it forced Sigmar to have a very specific, heroic faction. And that faction could best be described as the Lightning Paladin Dragon faction. And the funny thing is that that, minus the Lightning part, is actually kind of what Tyrion was with the high elves in the old world. He was the Knightly Heroic character of the setting, outside of the not-King Arthur Brettonian character. So ultimately I think this one shift in the setting has been a big reason why they seem to be cloaking Tyrion in so much mystery. Because they don't know what they want to do with him themselves. They are starting to try and do the Blind Sword Sage with him, but I imagine they still aren't too sure where to go. I suspect this is why we got Teclis instead. Question 2: Which of the Twins was the more popular character, especially before End Times? And the reason I specify before End Times is because I feel Teclis' actions during that period tend to give him a bit more of a bad wrap than he deserves. In my own experience I found that more people liked the character of Tyrion than they did of Teclis, but I believe Teclis saw more actual table top use than Tyrion did. Does anyone else think this fact may have also influenced GW picking Teclis over Tyrion? If you made it through my wall of text, you have my thanks. This post is a bit of me uncorking my brain after eight straight days at work.
  14. That could be interesting. After all, how do you kill a shard of light? I also think he'll probably have the ethereal rule.
  15. Man, if he gets that, maybe with movement 6" as well, he'd be a fairly descent assassin! Now imagine his spell is some sort of movement buff or teleport...
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