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  1. @Acid_Nine Heh, glad I wasn't the one to say it first, but I agree. I think this is a case of GW wanting people to like these new concept uniys, so they're the heroes who save the Lumineth a good 70% if the time (the other 25% being Teclis, and then 5% to Eltharion). As someone who almost dropped the army as soon as it came out, I'm not really a fan. No offense to our Alarith bretheren, and I don't begrudge them a chance to shine. It just seems a shame that they did little to highlight the newer units that came out. Even Tyrion's right hand Lord Regent mostly just.....rallied the Alarith.
  2. @El Syf He definitely survives, but there's a small little caption that he sacrificed his steed to Alarielle's Spear.
  3. So this is a bit of a sidetrack from the new Blood Knights. I just finished reading BR: Teclis last night, and an interesting detail stuck out to me. While I realize that all things come back with necromancy, they go out of their way with each of the Mortarchs to point out that their mounts are destroyed. Is this a potential harbinger of new Mortarch models?
  4. @Ganigumo That starter set, combined with the Elf Ranger model from Warhammer Quest, is what started my hobby life! I would nostalgia buy that in a minute!
  5. @GrimDork That's how it works. Which is why I would have rather had them have a rule that prevents them from gaining a subfaction keyword, especially since most of them aren't from Ymetrica. Anyway, on a more positive note, just finished reading through BR: Teclis! The characters I wound up enjoying the most were Manfred and the Twins. I liked Manfred for being Manfred, and his "whelp, I tried everyone! Now I'm gonna go stab someone in the back..." nature. But I really liked how the Twins worked into the story, especially with their short story tie-in. I would buy the hell out of no
  6. I agree. If anything, I think they should have made those characters not able to interact with subfactions. It would be basically the same thing, and make the characters feel more like heroes of the Lumineth over all, and not like Ymetrica is the only nation that produces heroes.
  7. Yeah, that was kind if my assessment as well. In the end, I went with the Bladelord battalion because it also affects the Twins if they're part of the battalion. I then treat the larger unit of Bladelords as ablative wounds for the Twins, while the smaller unit gets teleported to help the Loremaster. From there, shennannigans abound. That's the plan anyway.....
  8. Do you think the Lance battalion would be better? Although if some of the rumors about 3E are true, we might not have to worry about battalions in competitive play anymore.
  9. Anyone have any thoughts on the Twins? I realize Teclis + Loremaster + Sentinels in Syar is probably going to be The List still, but I was looking at something like this for competitive play: ++ **Pitched Battle** 2,000 (Order - Lumineth) [2,000pts] ++ + Leader + Hurakan Windmage [120pts]: 0. Waystone, 6. Transporting Vortex Scinari Loreseeker [160pts] Vanari Lord Regent [150pts]: 0. Burning Gaze, 1. Syari Pommel, 4. Ethereal Blessing, General + Battleline + Vanari Auralan Sentinels [140pts]: 1. Speed of Hysh, 10 Vanari Auralan Sentinels Vanari Aural
  10. @Gecktron Ha ha great minds think alike! That was easily the first connection I made when reading the new material! I totally agree!
  11. Heh, not going to lie, this now influences how I intend to paint them as well. Lyrior and Sevireth in particular are going to have unique paint schemes. This is one of the reasons I held off painting any Lumineth once I found out the new book was coming out.
  12. @Aelfric Thanks again! And I will definitely post pics, but it may have to wait a while, money depending. At the moment I have the original collection box and one unit of Sentinels. I will admit I found it hard to get inspired after the original release, but the second release has rekindled my interest. I've played Eltharion since WHFB 5th edition, so I'm planning on doing one of each of the Vanari units in the old colors of Yvresse, and then as I build from there I'll be adding the different nations' colors into the scheme. Something interesting I just noticed after finally ge
  13. @Aelfric That does help, thanks for the ideas! Would a metalic color by itself be enough to unify do you think, allowing me to change armor styles?
  14. So I have a hobby question for everyone. Back in the day I painted my High Elf army to match the various different provinces of Ulthuan, each unit tying in to which province they were most iconic in. I tied the entire scheme in with copious amounts of white paint and matching bases. Now that we have more countries to choose from, I want to replicate this with the Lumineth. Outside of the models tied to Ymetrica specifically, which unit would you put where, what do you think would be a good unifying color, and would matching bases still work, considering how different each countr
  15. Do they give a good reason as to why Tyrion's second in command is specifically in Ymetrica? I get that Ymetrica is kind if the default region for the Lumineth, but why would you tie such a character to a region that seems almost counter to how the unit functions? This is a really baffling design decision to me.
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