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  1. That lack of speed is the thing that really gets me. Every list I've tried to build almost always starts off with a unit of 10 Dawnriders. I think they're utility to put pressure on the enemy is just too unique and necessary.
  2. I think another thing to consider is going to be the changes in the upcoming GHB. The new matched play scenarios are also going to shake things up a bit.
  3. @Chumphammer Looking good mate! I'm trying to waiting for the humidity to break a bit here so I can prime. We're currently sitting at 70%!
  4. @Maturin As an unscrupulous "la poste" employee I take exception to your statement! In all seriousness, very rarely does postal theft happen. We have internal postal inspectors who are very good and very thorough at their jobs.
  5. Life swarm is the one I think I most want to squeeze in. With so few models, I want that safety cushion, at least until I get more experience with the army.
  6. Nice work! I am in total awe of people who do conversion work. My preference is more toward the painting side. Speaking of, my new paints came in today!
  7. To chime in on the color scheme idea, I'm going to be doing as @Aloth_Corfiser said. The army I've wanted to make is based around Eltharion, so it's going to basically be a special forces unit of Vanari that he leads on surgical strikes, painted in Yvressian colors of old. But, as I decide to expand the army, I could see myself painting one Warden and one Sentinal unit in the color scheme of Syar, Iliatha, and Zaitrec. From there I would paint up the Ymetrica battalion, and suddenly I would have the Teclian Vanguard representing all four nations, with the core still being Eltharion's group.
  8. His spell casting may be those magic bolts he can fire from his hands. That would make him techincally an offensive spellcaster with out him having any spells.
  9. So to recap, he has exploding 6s on hits, and mortal wounds on wound rolls. With the potential for more damage against enemy heroes. With a whoping -3 rend on his Fangsword, and d3 damage on each weapon. That is some crazy melee damage.
  10. @LuminethMage You aren't totally wrong! And from a wonderful lore/nostalgia point of view, I love that they renamed his sword the Fangsword, even if the original was broken when he attemptes to save Alaithra.
  11. @Siegfried VII While it's true that he dies to Mortal Wounds, so does 99% of everything else in the game. It'll just be a matter of picking your targets, and giving the opponent enough threat saturation that they have to make difficult descisions of what they have to stop.
  12. @Sttufe Jealousy has always been an ugly color on your people. It's probably why you grow your beards so long to hide it....
  13. I like the look of the picks much more than the hammers. The picks look like they would punch through armor nicely!
  14. With Eltharion being as awespme as he is, what are the other hero choices going to be like? Even at 200pts, I'd say he is almost an auto-include. That's just a lot of damage potential packed in one spot, with descent survivability. I wonder if Teclis is going to get the same treatment?
  15. It's going to depend on what kind of spell list we get. If we get a teleport, and he has access to it himself, that would be the best possible scenario.
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