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  1. So with the bug push into Ghur this edition, does anyone think we're going to be seeing more Ghur specific units popping up in other armies? For example, we've got the new beast hunter angel for Stormcast, and the Vengorian Lord and the Mother of Nightmares are either from Ghur or heavily influenced from there in Soulblight. So are we going to see these narrative nods in other armies?
  2. Welcome back! Here is your razor so you may shave and rejoin polite society!
  3. If Tyrion gets his own army I will jump on that so hard I will wind up singlehandedly raising GW's stockprice!
  4. There's also an idea that's been floating around that several of our rules seem janky because our book was written to be future proof with 3E in mind. We could see a dramatic upheaval in the new edition. I stick to my previous advice, now is a time to enjoy the hobby aspect with the models you like, because we'll be going back to the drawing board for list building when 3E drops. I actually kinda feel bad for the new Gravelords book. They're almost better just waiting the next month or so before collecting to get a better idea of how things are going to shift.
  5. I like Mallus Darblade as much as the next elf, but he kinda got vaporized by the Sword of Khaine. Even daemons don't come back from that.
  6. @Jefferson Skarsnik That's what we've been told, but the Pit of Cathartia is a unique bridge between the two Realms. If Tyrion could find a safe path through, it would probably shift the balance of power toward Hysh, while also disrupting Malerion's plans. I could see Ellathor and Ellania being Tyrion and Teclis' proxies if they still can't physically pass through. That said, I would totally be down for Tyrion being shown as a blind Jedi Blademaster!
  7. @Athrawes Having read the story now, it sounds as though they are setting Tyriona and Malerion up in opposition of each other. Even the offering for negotiations that Malerion mentions sounds more like a stalling tactic to prevent Tyrion and Teclis from delving too deeply into whatever he is planning with Morathi. On the one hand, I do think it's interesting that they kind of imply that only Tyrion can stop Malerion, since some of Teclis' followers also secretly follow Malerion. On the other hand, this is kind of a bummer in that we've seen their fight several times before. I found their s
  8. This is why we need Tyrion. He'd sort his brother out!
  9. Yeesh, the number of people taking Teclis is unreal, and that was before he got his new spell lore to play with. If anything, he might be even more if an auto-include in a tournament list because he is just too much of a toolbox now to not have. I'm glad to see Eltharion getting some love though. He is just too awesome of a model to not see use!
  10. @Scorch The Twins were always from Iliatha in their background. I'm glad that they changed the rules to reflect this, and took the Ymetrica keyword from Sevireth. I'd rather not have all of our special characters name locked to one Great Nation, especially when that particular nation only really helps Alarith models.
  11. @chosen_of_khaine Well, he is the angriest Wind Elementari after all.
  12. They also changed Ellathor and Ellania's keyword to Iliatha. Maybe GW does read this forum?!? 🤔
  13. They'll probably still be there for narrative play. Remember, the average player isn't as tournament hungry as some of us are. Most play in their garages and basements with just a couple close friends. Alternatively, if we get something similar to 40k's Crusade system, perhaps they'll be used in that. I'd like to maybe see something like the old Regiments of Renown return.
  14. I think Ymetrica as a subfaction needs a reworking. What it does right now is a little too restrictive, especially for what is supposed to be the flagship faction. There are ways you could incentivise playing Alarith in the subfaction while still encouraging other elements. The fact is Alarith need pretty heavy support, even when taken in Ymetrica.
  15. I'm not so sure he's fighting the Newborns though. It sounds like all of these events are happening at roughly the same time. And I'm not sure the aelves know about the Newborns yet, though they likely will after Kragnos. So what threat do they already know about that is worse than Nagash?
  16. So, now for the fun question. At this point, we almost know the shape of what's happening in BR Kragnos, and we know the players. The Slaaneshi Twins, Glutous, and Sigvald are on their way to attack Azyr, along with Kragnos and most of the Destruction faction. Nagash has been handily dealt with by massed laser beams. With that lead up, the question is: What is the greater foe that Tyrion is fighting? All of our traditional foes are currently accounted for, except for Malerion, who we have a sort of armed truce with. And frankly, I'd be upset if they had it be something as lazy a
  17. As a life long resident if the state of Maryland, I am duty bound to buy this crab related Warband. Now my only question is, "How does one paint Old Bay onto a crab?"
  18. @Tizianolol I would guess not for another week or two. They're a little preoccupied with Warhammer Fest at the moment, and then it will depend on the actual release date of SBGL.
  19. Technically there's a Sigvald book, though it is set in the Old World. They did one for a champion of each if the Choas gods, but the Sigvald was the best of the bunch.
  20. @Aren73 If it makes you feel any better, I feel your pain. I've been a high elf player for 25 years. I was beyond stoked when the initial Lumineth rumors came out.....until they stopped, and half the army were cow heads, with more named characters than not, and no warrior characters. I bought the initial box, but what little if the army there was, and the cow heads, killed my enthusiasm. Luckily, the second wave gave us models I do like, enough to ignore the parts that aren't for me. All I can say is, if there are parts you like, collect and paint those. And hold out hope they may add
  21. Then add Gordrakk and a Frostlord and you have the starting line-up for Destruction!
  22. This is why I have my best tantrum-throwing-pants on. They're light and stretchy so they don't tear when I'm kicking and thrashing about!
  23. @Tiberius501 After chiding you for your comments reguarding Eltharion and Grom, I deserve that.
  24. @Deakz28 Ha, I wish! I just have faith in Malerion's dastardly plans!
  25. @Deakz28 I predict that there will be absolute carnage with Kragnos, Kroak, the Slaaneshi Twins, Gordrakk, the Sylvanth, and the Stormcast beating the snot out each other.... ....and then in a brief snippet in the background we see Malerion say, "And that, Be'lakor, is how you do a 'Just As Planned.' "
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