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  1. I couldn’t disagree more. The core problem is competitive organized tournament players, who make up the majority of the vocal internet active community but only make up a small portion of the customer base and fraction of all games played. For the rest of us, the books are optional and make the game more fun and the background and flavor of each army more rich. The narrative campaign books were always intended to be extra and not essential. The only thing stopping someone from playing from a single codex or battletome is themselves. Blame tournament players for wanting to use the unbalanced narrative rules to gain the min/max advantage and the organizers for agreeing to it to keep attendance up. I hope there is another Wrath of the Everchosen style campaign book coming soon. How about another Necroquake style box of spells for everyone and a campaign book and rules for everyone. Those are great, keep them coming. .
  2. Just passing on this rumor I got from my FLGS based on discussions with his distributor... preorder dates, apply salt liberally Psychic Awakening: Engine of War obviously pre-order 5/29 Lumineth 6/6 Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider 6/20 Sons of Behamat 7/4 9th ed 7/18 Psychic Awakening: Pariah August Necron release August AoS campaign book August (like Wrath of the Everchosen)
  3. As a Bretonian player, I just want to be able to lance charge again with modern rules. 8th Ed is creaky and complex, and End Times is just crazy unbalanced. Lance charges, they are coming back!
  4. Horus Heresy/30K popularity (during 8th / Alan Bligh specifically) demonstrates that a good narrative is critical for successful sales and can offset miniature diversity. GW has captured that narrative magic in AoS giving them more creative freedom on the miniature side. Please bring on Giants that can be added to any army! Bring on beasts that can be added to an entire Grand Alliance. And keep driving an interesting and engaging narrative. More Aelves on their way; Tyrion and Malerion's moment are approaching.
  5. Khorne demons have endless spells. Nothing is impossible.
  6. I think something along the lines of a shaman would make sense. Think Ork Shaman as reference, with the priest keyword. Rather than a traditional spell caster. But who really knows? They might finally be pushing towards the D&D style with realms driving the different gargant races. Azyr gargants throw lightning, Aqshy gargants spit lava I don't see why they shouldnt get something equivalent to endless spells too. A base covered with fleeing villagers that blocks movement, line of sight and reduces leadership. A base covered with rolling boulders that moves in a single direction, doing mortal wounds, until it leaves the table. Sky's the limit really.
  7. Chaos Knights with the Vampire shield/banner upgrades look really good. Maybe throw in a few after market vampire heads to taste. Ive seen the Black Knight mounts used for the Blood Knighs horses, with the Maurader bodies and Vampire upgrades too. That is a bit closer to the price of the Blood Knights though. I have a set of Metal Blood Knights and honestly the models are all kinds of garbage. Customization is way better.
  8. Squigs are single use. You charge with them, do a lot of damage, then you want them to run away to bravery and do mortal wounds. Don't worry about their bravery or waste a CP on them for inspiring presence. If you are getting shot before getting into combat you might be missing the more critical items for a squig army, boss on cave squig and boss on mangler, that should be higher target priority.
  9. Got a 2K game in over the weekend, tried a completely new list. Barak-Zilfin, Admiral, Navigator, Endrinmaster in Drigible, 2x3 Riggers, 2x Frigates, 2x Arkanauts 1x Thunderers (all rifles) Opponent was playing the new slaves. A max company of Warriors then all Cavalary. He was also playing the summoning battalion with 4 heroes. I left one Arkanaut company on the objective in my deployment zone then had the rest of the troops garrison the boats. I lined up refused flank to my right. He deployed cav heavy to his left to counter my refused flank, leaving his warriors and three heroes on his back objective. Turn 1 he moved all his cav forward to get in a turn two charge on my boats. My turn one I flew high with my boats and started my plan of crushing him from his weak flank. I ended up loosing but more due to distance and too effective shooting. I needed to make an easy charge on turn 5 to jump on an object to win. I split fire so I would just grind down his cavalry but I accidentally shot them off the board :(, immediate loss for me. Winning unit: my backfield arkanaut company sitting on the objective. They lasted until turn 4 and let me just roll up his backfield and shoot his army to death. At the end of the game the only unit I lost was that one arkanaut company. I did loose a few models in other units but I was still 100% combat effective and my Frigates ended at full wounds. The new battletome is all kinds of fun. Skyvessels finally feel right. Garrisoned, they are so good. Charging with my Frigate full of arkanauts with skypikes feels sooo good now, with riggers following up to throw on more pain and heal the boat. Thats what it should have always been like!
  10. KO not using magic is hilarious... after all what exactly is Aether Gold they use for their Skyvessels? I'm pretty sure its magic. I would have thought they could come up with some Aethermatic constructions that no one else can use. Like OB soul linked spells or Khorne prayers, where even after you "cast" them, they are not something you opponent can use or interact with. A magic siphon that kills other spells, make the (now worthless) Drillbill buzz around the board, an auto repair machine for sky vessels, an emergency collapsible hot air balloon that can pull a hero or squad up in the air out of trouble... possibilities are endless. But, clearly GW has different plans for KO. Hopefully this tome makes them uber popular and we get to see more / expanded units in the future.
  11. The problem I am experiencing with the other skyports is that, without a heavy investment in navigators, I am conceding the magic phase. Against DoK, Heedonites, Tzeentch and Gitz in my local meta, conceding that phase of the game is causing losses. I have not played other magic heavy lists, but I suspect that will be the same. I generally play Zilfin and have been putting navigators on each frigate for the counter. Sadly that pushes me to just play thunderers in the Frigates, with some ground slogging Arkanauts to hold objectives. Having to play three Navigators, for me, is not fun. I have played Nar once with an Ironclad bomb against Heedonites. Every hero getting a dispel, plus thunderers as battleline, was perfect for playing heroes I wanted for command ability synergy while still being able to counter the magic phase. I can see a couple of options with Thryng, but then you loose overall army movement on those dispelling heroes/units. Thats not the army I want to play so I haven't tried it yet.
  12. Glue them in place or use third party options. Magnet baron has a nice option. I glued them in place for Frigates and replaced the Ironclad with a brass rod for strength. I use BF so glued in place works perfectly for their foam. Honestly as bad as they are, I think the warden/rigger (primaris marine too!) flying stands are absolute garbage, making the boat stands not that bad in comparison.
  13. I think Barak-nar is best, with Thunderers battleline and the ability to counter opponents magic game. I can't see why anyone wouldnt take an Ironclad, max to 20 thunderers and supporting characters/relics, regardless of house. Its too much shooting/fighting with a small footprint, high armor, stupid mobility and lots of wounds. Add in boat repair and gunhauler support to taste and just frustrate your opponent as you bounce around shooting, repelling boarders, tanking wounds and healing back to full, rinse repeat. Gunhaulers are possibly the new hotness for there support of hitchers and tanking wounds for all other boats. Someone needs to come up with a sound viable strategy for Khemists. They look like hot trash and an unnecessary tax to cast a single endless spell. I honestly thought the Navigator got to use spell in a bottle at first read, since they can dispel. Now that I know better I'm all around disappointed. All warden/rigger armies are very narrative and would be fun. Nice to see them get a battleline option everyone can use. Why did they nerf Brokk? Not like he was seeing much table time as it was, now I am guessing less.
  14. The battletome says you can start a unit in garrison on a boat...
  15. Pointy hat Aelves will be showcased at LVO in three weeks...
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