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  1. Its a pretty extensive editing error, throughout the book...
  2. So Malerion is a Chaos God? who saw that? So new Chaos Aelves incoming!
  3. I know that one drop is very appealing. I have not found the Stampede or Squigalanche to be very reliable or effective. Stampede is sill too random and the 6" pile in is very situational and dependent on the moon. Since you are not running Skragrott the moon abilities will often disappoint and can't be counted on to be there when you need them. I'd consider taking a Fungoid Cave Shaman with the Arachnacauldron and possibly a Balewind Vortex. Squig Lure and Hand of Gork are far more reliable than the Battalions for managing movement and he can get you an occasional additional command point to give you more opportunities to max you run at 6".
  4. A vocal few. I win plenty with my KO. I really just want endless spells for them. Though I could easily see dispossessed getting folded in to give them line troops too. They don’t have a way to weather blobs and that hurts. Let them shoot from their boats just like the novels, that would be a game changer too.
  5. I like the Tectonic Studios movement trays. They have linear, skirmish and pile in movement trays. I use the skirmish regularly and have been eying some 10 unit pile in trays for the stabbas.
  6. Apply salt... Battletome Gloomspite Gitz $40 Gloomspite Gitz Squig Hoppers $50 Gloomspite Gitz Squig Herd $45 Gloomspite Gitz Fanatics $40 Gloomspite Gitz Grots $35 Gloomspite Gitz Scragrott the Loonking $35 Gloomspite Gitz Bad Moon Loonshrine $60 Gloomspite Gitz Endless Spells $35 Gloomspite Gitz Warscroll Cards $15 Gloomspite Gitz Dice $30
  7. Personally I don’t think they are very good when compared to other factions. I only ever take one with Arcane Corrasion to snipe characters.
  8. They also had the need to sit in tight ranks for WFB...
  9. Akhelian Corp is great, really the only one I ever play. Fuethan + High tide, + Allopex + Supreme Lord of Tides makes Allopex look too cheap. You also need to commit to using them, one alone is meh.
  10. Volturnus warlord Tidecaster + balewind vortex + steelshell pearl (arcane corrasion) soulscryer 10 Thralls 10 Thralls 10 Reavers 3 Morrsarr 3 Ishlaen 2 Allopex Leviadon Akhelian Corp Lots of flexibility, lots of killing power, lots of shooting, lots of mobility, cover around the Leviadon, that reroll in the Corp, just solid. This is my go to when I have no clue what missions I will be playing or we are playing with the open play deck. I’ve also found that my opponents have a lot of fun most games as well and that makes the game more fun for me. My all eel list with the Eidolon gets lots of frowny faces ☹️.
  11. I use two Allopex and am considering a third. I always feel that the people that say they are not good have never played with one. I particularly enjoy using them to outflank with a soulscryer and Reavers. That squad has assasinated a large number of heroes using the almost auto charge rolls, my biggest kill to date is a charge kill on Arkan the Black. The one reroll a phase you can get on the Leviadon with the Akhalian Corp is also quite great, and requires an Allopex.
  12. I have been playing Fuethan with the Akhelian Corp, Volturnos and an Aspect of the Sea. Love me some sea turtle Dune style. Plus I really enjoy the Allopex. If I’ve got room for the Soul Scryer, outflanking them is always my strategy. I’ve killed Arkhan, Brokk, Blood thirsters and more on the charge from the flank with two Allopex’.
  13. I have, exactly one time, taken out Morathi on Turn 2 with Arcane corrosion and no transformation. While she’s a beast I find the Melusai build with the movement shenanigans and the mortal wound ridiculousness far more difficult to deal with. I’m still surprised we don’t see that build win every tournament. Thank god for objective based scenarios.
  14. I’m about a dozen games in now and getting better at playing ID. It’s all about high tide. Now that many of my opponents have figured that out it’s getting significantly harder to keep winning. I imagine that’s part of the 8th spot.
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