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  1. Ill just put that next to "Jimmy Space" for funny names. Still disagree on the Morathi thing, but I guess that is why we have opinions. Back on the Lumineth, I am excited about new models for the Underworlds game, it kind of gives me hope that whenever the other big chunk of lumineth gets revealed, it will have the parts that feel so missing in this army. Would love to see someone do a Lumineth army based on the River Temple that was "infected" by orruk ferocity from the battletome.
  2. I get loving villains, hell, I play Nagash, but even his character is much weaker in AoS than it used to be. Nagash is now more of a 'force of nature' than a being anymore. At least when he is displayed in most novels, his mind is far off, doing millions of things at once on grand scales, which kind of leaves him empty, personality wise. I kind of share the theory that he took out pieces of his own personality to "remake" the first three Mortarchs, because each of them kind of lines up with a facet that seems to be missing from Nagash's current personality. I get mad at Nagash's character sometimes as well, when he repeats the same old mistakes, but at least with Nagash, he has reformed so many times and gotten so powerful that he simply doesn't remember things anymore. Even stuff since the Age of Myth, it's like he has Diety level Alzheimers. It feels like Nagash's "character" is much weaker than it used to be, which is dissapointing. When it comes to villains, I actually love Arkhan. He balances out the "death death death" part of Nagash's personality with real patience. Especially in Soul Wars, he seems to understand the need for the other Realms to exist independently, at least for now. He knows everything eventually dies anyway, so there is no need to rush things, so he would rather work together to defeat Chaos. He misses the days when Nagash and Sigmar worked together to topple cosmic nonsense that neither of them could do alone, and used both their strengths to build a huge empire for both the living and the dead. That is the kind of villain I like. He is still more than happy to tear your soul out, but he has a vision that makes actual sense. His character has grown immensely since Warhammer fantasy, so he feels real, he shows growth and insight. With Morathi it just feels the same as it always does. You would think that being trapped by Slaanesh yourself would give you some insight into how stupid of an idea it would be to destabilize his prison and risk his escape. She just never learns anything, never grows as a character. Yea, she is more powerful and has her own army that she is NEARLY a god of, but her personality so far seems exactly the same. I would love for the new book to show some growth, I would love to change my mind about her. Tyrion and Teclis seem to be showing growth in the new Battletome, which is nice. Teclis is willing to admit that he needs guidance, so he communes with Celenarr, which offers him a new solution to save his people instead of forcing him to start over AGAIN. Tyrion seems much more patient than he used to, even staying Teclis' hand when it comes to killing the first Iodeneth off. Tyrion seems to have much more wisdom than he used to, and I would love to see what his bonding with the True Sun of Hysh resolves itself into. I guess for me, the weakest stories coming from GW are the ones where no one learns anything. I guess it makes sense that one of my favorite characters used to be a wretched noble son, who would gamble away his fortunes, and is now a patient, wise, but still amoral lich king who thinks on a cosmic scale.
  3. Just... freakin' Morathi. Her and Mannfred are my least favorite AoS characters. At least when the Skaven muck something up it is funny. But Morathi's perpetual "I'm going to take more than my fair share and ruin it for everyone" shtick got old a long time ago (like 5th edition Fantasy long time ago). This is just going to stall Teclis' advance in his new war, because he will have to choose between his crusade to stabilize the Realms and repairing/re-hiding the prison of Slaanesh (which I doubt will be possible). Another thought occurs, hopefully we don't have to wait for Slaanesh' now inevitable escape for Tyrion (and his entirely military complex) to get off his blind butt and do something.
  4. I decided to go a little old school on my narrative. Tossed this up on reddit earlier too. Vlad's spirit has returned from the depths of the underworlds, and reclaimed his old Mortarch title with his old name. I wanted to stay away from the 3+ ethereal cheese, and get as close to the other Dread Abyssal riding Mortarchs as I could, while staying as close as I could to his old ET rules. At 40DP (400 points) he would run well in most of the Legions of Nagash. In Legion of Sacrament, he would be casting at +2 to get his debuff cast easier, and I would run him with Mastery of Death (speed his army along) and Shroud of Darkness (-2 to hit with ranged at over 8"). In Legion of Blood he would have a -2 Bravery Aura, and I would probably run him with Soul-crushing Contempt to spike that up to a -3 if he kills a model in combat. In Legion of Night, I would run him with Terrifying Visage for a -2 Bravery aura, and the Shard of Night (-1 to hit from shooting attacks). He probably functions least efficiently in the Grant Host of Nagash, but I would run him with Ancient Strategist (reroll charges for units nearby), and Terrorgheist Mantle to capitalize on bravery de-buffs. They way he used to play in Warhammer Fantasy, you wanted to get him stuck in, cleaving heavy units apart, and debuff the enemy with his superior magic . I tried to keep that similar here, but with the added benefit that he finally has his own Dread Abyssal, named "Ignavest, Feaster of Cowards". He obviously wont be anything competitive, but I miss being able to field my Mortarch of Shadows, and this gives me that outlet. Next I am planning on making some 20DP range acolytes that worship Vashanesh, and I want to see what I can do with these rules to make a cheaper hero that works well in tandem with my reborn Mortarch. I will eventually make a converted model for him, might even put Mannfred on foot on Vashanesh's base in chains, as an example to others, lol.
  5. So far we are stuck with our 2 non-combat mages. Our only hope in the short term is the Anvil of Apotheosis, and the rumor that it can be used in Pitched battle if your opponent agrees. From the rules they have already shown, you can make a combat Aelf, which will inherit the <Lumineth Realm Lord> keyword, and through that the Nation keywords. Unfortunately, I have doubts that they will be able to give your hero a <Vanari>, <Cathallar>, or <Alarith> keyword, so the synergies will end at just having the LRL and Great Nation keywords & rules. This will work out in my meta, my group already house rules some things once in a while and loves kitbashed heroes and such, but this will not be a good solution for anyone in a more competitive meta, or tournaments, who I doubt will allow the Anvil of Apotheosis rules. For everyone else, our only hope is that eventually(tm) we will get the other 60% of the army that the lore teases us with, including Close Combat Heroes, Artillery, Chariots, Sky Temple ( Fox Spirit, Skirmish Calvary, Flying Mage), River Temple (River Spirit, Light Skirmish Infantry, River Mage), and the Zenith Temple (Sun/Phoenix Spirit, Aelves made of Light who I expect will be heroes due to their rarity, supposedly there are literally only a handful), and Tyrion himself. So yea... while what is out looks really cool, I still can't shake the tidal wave of disappointment by the limitations of this release.
  6. Wow... if that is true, that will be really interesting. I know there are some High Elves on Dragons that don't have a home that would love to be included in the Realm Lords through the Anvil of Apotheosis. My group already house rules a couple things, and I actually think it wont be hard for us to work in the new Anvil Rules. We aren't very competitive, so it is no skin off our backs.
  7. No cavalry hero, no melee hero outside Eltharion, only Iodeneth as allies, no aelven inclusion, weird forced battleline choices... I hope the translations reveal some saving graces for the Lumieth.
  8. Man... wide chances of -1 to hit, elites that ignore -1 rend, and every unit is a wizard? Man, Tzeentch Eternal Conflagration builds should just stay home for that match up. These guys are looking very strong, but they are looking possibly very "brittle" with their builds, with their lack of unit diversity. I mean, at this point there are more variations of the Primaris Lieutenants than there are separate Lumineth units. I have to wait to make a final call for what battalions or ally modifications come out with the battletome. I am hoping they have a CoS similar ability to bring along a limited amount of other Aelf units. Very very strong, very very cool, just not quite what I was hoping for.
  9. Agreed, at this point I find myself not actually wanting to start an OBR army anytime soon. I like the LoN style of overwhelming an opponent with numbers vs the specialist units of OBR. They would be shooting themselves in the foot if they sequestered Arkhan or Nagash into OBR.
  10. I think I would settle for a Seraphon-esque rework of our book by the end if the year (early 2021 because if the virus?). I wouldn’t mind new kits, but I would much rather a polish job on the rules we have (integrating Legion of Grief properly, fixing the broken battalions, making each legion more characterful like Dolinarus suggested above), and then maybe a terrain piece/upgrade our graveyards to full terrain. I don’t think LoN needs too much, just a re-work in the wake of a lot of power creep to reset our synergies.
  11. Kind of why I am looking forward to a new Tyrion. Besides his illicit love affair with Alarielle, his character was just Elf Hercules. Proud, strong, prone to bouts of rage if challenged, etc. I’m hoping in AoS his character has evolved. It gives me hope that it was Tyrion who convinced Teclis to spare the Iodeneth when Teclis wanted to commit genocide, against Tyrion’s old habit of “use profound force against anyone who disagrees with me”. Also kind of looking forward to the ally opportunities between Aelf factions that I am hoping to see. Would love to see Tyrion/Teclis able to field phoenix guard alongside their own forces.
  12. Be careful what you say about their water creatures, there is still the Temple of the River to reveal... lol
  13. Funny that you keep bringing up the KoS “cow” face. I always thought it was more “goat” like, to play into the more baphomet style. Difference in opinion I suppose. In any case, if the argument is that no one can use cows because one army has cows, then CoS can’t have pheonixes because Tzeentch already called dibs on fire and birds. Nasgash, Sigmar, and Gorkamorka have to get rid of all their skull iconography because Khorne was here first. Nurgle and Nagash have to go into a custody hearing over who zombies will visit on weekends. Sounds a bit silly to me.
  14. That was my assumption. Lumineth now just needs models for the River, Zenith, and Sky “Temples”, and it will feel like a full range. Using the reveal today as a template, each “temple” could have; 1 Hero (Mage?)+ 1 Aelf Unit + 1 Spirit Looking forward to seeing the possibilities. I’m hoping Tyrion’s Sun Spirit partner is the firstborn of the Ur-Phoenix or something. On the downside, dragon’s are looking less and less likely.
  15. Not going to lie, my favorite rumor/wishlist so far is for a Sons of Behemat vs. Lumineth box. Since GW seem to be on a battlebox bender lately, i would drop money on one or two of those in a heartbeat.
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