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  1. The chance at extra CP, a 4+ ward, and a good warscroll spell on Torgillus does sound nice. His only weakness is that he isn’t a vampire, so doesn’t get to reroll his casts, but that isn’t a deal breaker. And agreed, 2 sets of two is Korsagi is the right choice if you want 4 (why not take more, lol), and avoids wasting a reinforcement point.
  2. Ok, I feel like bringing 4 Korsagi Nightgaurd along with Radukar the Wolf is something I have to try. Tanking wounds on a 2+, with a 5+ Ward, giving Radukar 16 spare wounds, and all delivered on a respectably killy profile? As a unit of 4 they avoid the new coherency issues, they have a reach of 2” anyway, so you can hide them behind 25mm skeletons or zombies…
  3. Seems she is in season, can’t wait to see your paint job!
  4. Nothing notable in Soulblight changed from their newest Battletome to 3.0. Their new book seemed to be designed with 3.0 in mind. I think Nagash came down from 975 to 970. You can take Radukar the Wolf by himself, but the rest still come in a bundle... stuff like that. Nothing else till the day 1 faqs.
  5. Avengorii VLoZD with Deathlance, Eye for an Eye, and casting Flaming Weapon can get his lance up to 6 damage on a charge. Requires a spell and getting injured, but it is fun to think about getting 18 wounds on just your lance on a charge. Back that up with all the Flaming Weapon buffed attacks from the Zombie Dragon, and you've got a good time, lol.
  6. Shame... according to Facehammer TV, it seems like Grand Alliances simply don't exist anymore. Expected the points increases almost across the board, but there were some clear winners and losers on the points adjustments for 3.0 launch day.
  7. I wonder how the "Troop vs Monster" distinction will work between Behemoths that are and are not battleline. If I remember correctly, usually when a Behemoth becomes battleline, it loses Behemoth. Would it then count as a Troop and specifically NOT a Monster, like in an Avengorii Dynasty list? That may require an FAQ, or it may be explained on another page. It would be interesting to be building an Avengorii list and be able to have Lauka Vai + 2 Zombie Dragons, and they would count as a Battle Regiment and be unable to count as a Line Breaker battalion. *Note that to be a Monster for this list, it is based on having the Behemoth rule, not the Monster keyword, which seems like a poor choice for clarity purposes, lol.
  8. Right, I knew they existed before but you got nothing for taking under strength units. You just lose the points. If they are specifically putting a limit of "Only 1 of each type of unit" can be undermanned, it sounds like they don't want you to abuse it... somehow? Which means there might be some benefit we haven't seen yet to being undermanned.
  9. Why? A unit of Skeletons can be upgraded to 30 in as small as a 1000 point game since they are battleline. If you want to do that to grave guard instead, just take a Wight King tax for your general, and they become battleline as well. In a 2000, you can take your 30 GG, and still have 2 reinforcements to take either 2 packs of 20 skellies, or another squad of 30 GG . It looks like you can still do some big swarms of things, you just have to pick one or two things to be swarms. This only limits you to 2 packs of 30 GG in a 2000 point game. That isn't actually too bad imo.
  10. Any word on if under strength units will cost an appropriate amount of less points? Otherwise, benefits of doing this are escaping me.
  11. Necromancer is still a great pick, mostly just because Danse Macabre is still important, especially if you are bringing along Grave Guard. And now there are more universal command abilities for him to use. I like Radukar the Beast, but after playing undead for... nearly 20 years, I have grown very accustom to all my vampires being spellcasters, and I just find it weird that 3 of the named Vyrkos are not spellcasters, despite their allegiance ability, lol. He definitely is a heavy hitter though, and bringing along so many free wolves as part of your cost is admittedly pretty sweet.
  12. The Mortarchs are big winners. Heroes and Monsters, respectable stat lines (Especially the 3+ saves), becoming "additional generals" in their own legions (which protects your extra CP). Mannfred got his escape pod and Neferata can heal d6 wounds. If the "reinforcement" rumors are true, then they are more survivable fighting MSU instead of deathstar blobs. Because of that, Legion of Blood Neferata+VLoZDw/Soulbound Garments will be my first test when 3.0 drops in full. They both dive with some dire wolves or Black Knight missiles for MW, Neferata protects the whole block with Twilight's allure, maybe even succeeds at Mystic Shield and Dark Mist to give either her or the VLoZD that sweet Super Ethereal save. Lauka Vai and the Vengorian will also be good for the same reason , easily buffable with being Heroes+Monsters, and an Extra General. Belladama Volga may not be a Monster, but she may be an auto-take for a lot of lists that aren't even Vyrkos. Being an extra general, one of our few 2 cast wizards (the only cheap one), and that wolf creating spell is a hard counter for the "Unleash Hell" that is spooky for us.
  13. Look at Nagash. 880 to 975 with no warscroll changes in Soulblight. Assuming he doesn’t increase again in 3.0, hopefully they pre-changed him, knowing he would benefit from Hero and Monster changes.
  14. Ugh... and before anyone wastes their own time checking if monsters help against Unleash Hell, I already did. Monstrous Rampages trigger at the end of the Charge Phase. Unleash Hell triggers at the end of a Charge Move (not in the combat phase). So Roar WON'T protect us from getting shot on the charge. Hopefully these generic CA's can only be used once per phase/turn or something. I expect a lot of armies to have a dedicated "line breaker" unit in the next edition. Something either with enough wounds to tank the blow, or a great save/shrug to absorb the Unleash Hell so the rest of the army can charge without too much trouble.
  15. True. The foundations are there in theory. I will probably test a Bravery list when 3.0 drops. -1 or 2 Bravery from Reanimated Horrors, -1 Soul Crushing Contempt on a hero... throw in a Soulscream Bridge or Horrorghast and you have even the highest Bravery down to 5 or 6, and then they lose an additional D3 fleeing models off of Legion of Blood's Immortal Majesty.
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