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  1. Hi guys I'm and old time skaven player and with the new battletome I'm in the list build mood What do you think about this list? The grey seer will have the skavenbrew and the +1casting and unbinding The main strategy is to buff the hell out of a monk unit (8attck per model reroll to hit and wound with all the prayers artifacts and CA) destroy everything is in his way meanwhile the catapults kills other targets Other suggestion for list building? I have every model of the range and I'm ready to unleash a vermintide upon my enemies yes-yes Pestilens2k.pdf
  2. Hi guys! i'm starting a flesh eater courts army for the incoming release of the BT. I have brought a Sart collecting boc and im waiting for my carrion empire to come. Do you have any suggestion on what to build first in order to have something good? I like horros but also flying dudes are interesting and i hate having a set of three just splitted up for building a hero. Also do you have any suggestion or ideas on flesh eater convertion? I would like to have some part of armour on my ghouls or even shields; what do you think? And if you have any picture show me for inspiration
  3. Into the skaven release again i think we will see new sculpt for eshin soon. There weren't showed in any photo or picture right now. Also the deathrunner from ST could be included in an eshin revamp. Really hope GW will do something for night runners, they look awful and old
  4. Man this is awesome, if its not going to happen a release like that your suggestion could be an awesome themed army. Also I think skaven will not have a huge realese but just new models for old units (skryre in particular) : they already have centerpiece models but maybe GW would expand the range and lore of eshin with some other realese in the far future. (tough as a skaven player for the last 10 years i would love a tons of new models but that is unrealistic)
  5. Oh god i feel so stupid right now hahahah Same as above hahaha
  6. I tought that was just the champion of the unit isn't it?
  7. What about thr gargant with the umbrella?? Could it be the new nightvault troll (ups troggoth sorry)?
  8. Maybe new fanatics are just melee grots with a lot of shrooms that give debuffs Hype train for the reveal btw
  9. Does anyone have the poster image of the xmas house from today's WhC page? (on mobile view is kinda stretched)
  10. Why fuetan makes them worse? 2 attacks on the warscroll benefit the reroll. Btw i have 3 fat sharky bois and i love them but never really want to field them in a tournament( aside one for the batallion) : Shark have 4 wound less 10 attacks less 2" slower and no great abilities (compared to the defensive eels) I think they need a warscroll buff or like the small KO ship a decrease in point cost
  11. You miss the fact that armies with a good save are nearly impossible to beat (eg. Stormcast with 2+ rerolling 1) and armies with a good shooting phase that can snipe yuur heroes and negate your buffs. But penstilens are ****** (dont know why its censored ; nothing bad btw) fun to play and a good exercise to learn how throw dice really fast to speed up games
  12. When I saw this i thoight that was some kind of checklist of current reworked armies (Beastman BT: Done. Tzaangor and tzeentch BT: Done. Skaven BT : not done bht rumors) or at least my heart thought so
  13. Alas I remeber the skaven one; Although the ratkin do not exist we all know yes-yes
  14. Skaven Skypirates vs GrotbagScuttlers sounds better (but i'd buy the undead pirate anyway)
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