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  1. Hey, So I want my next army to be pink.. like a unicorn pink! I want it very majestic with a mix of white, light blue and bright pink. But I don't know what would be the best army for this, I know stormcast would look great but I already have a stormcast army so that's off the table. I really want Khorne but I don't see that looking too good in bright pink. There's a couple of faction that I think could look decent, sylvaneth maybe to be themed like blossom trees? And also daughters or Khaine with pink hair and details. The other thing that makes this hard is I actually want the army to be good and playable, DoK doesn't seem too strong and theirs not much to choose from, Sylvaneth is decent but still not a lot to choose from. Anyway, it would be great to hear your recommendations maybe even with examples? Thanks! P.s Here's where I got the inspiration from, the stormcast army in this video -
  2. It doesn't have to be TOO small, just really bored of 40x units of battle line. I prefer to have slightly fewer but bigger/more detailed models I can spend more time individually on. Just I have a gloomspite army right now with 120+ models which are getting really boring and time consuming to paint. After like 5 grots I've had enough... not 60! But yeah it doesn't have to be as small as 15 but just smaller.
  3. Ok so this is a weird question and kinda hard to explain. But I'm looking for factions that have small but strong numbers, I have too many huge hordes of battlelines and I like less. For example, the Troggoths have Rockgut Troggoths as their battle line (Unit of 3) and Skaven have Stormfiends. It's kind of hard to explain but I'm bored of using like 60 grots and would prefer much smaller, strong and cooler looking armies, especially battlelines. What factions have this or just any army examples? Thanks!
  4. I tried doing some Grots, and these were my best results... along with m two worth. Also I find it super frustrating getting the right amount of paint, I either have way too much or literally nothing will be coming off my brush.
  5. I don't think you have enough battlelines, do you? Only 2x Squigs herds. Also, I think 3 mangler squigs is a bit overkill, I'd add more boingrots and another squig herd instead of one of the manglers!Maybe some grots?
  6. I’m very new to it, and I have a dry brush it just feels like either there isn’t enough paint or there’s too much. I’ve watched a few videos with Duncan but I’ll try to watch some more and start with my 60 Grots, thanks!
  7. I’m trying to dry brush and it just isn’t going well, it looks so sloppy, this happens when I try to layer too. The lines are just much too thick, what am I doing wrong?!
  8. I’m trying to dry brush my loonking with dawnstone but it just looks so sloppy. Please someone tell me what I’m doing wrong!
  9. Hey, few questions for my army, is totem of the spider god worth having since it's what the bad moon does anyway if you're lucky enough to be in it? Should I change the artefact or maybe even give one to my Loonboos instead of my arachnarok? Also what's better, Scuttletide and Cauldron or Mork's mighty mushroom? (Could replace Cauldron with another endless spell up to 60 points like the Malevolent Moon.) One last thing, in my army I'm going to have two x7 units of squig heard simply to have 3 battlelines, what should I use these for? I assume they won't do much damage, should I use them as objective holders maybe? Thank in advance!
  10. Thanks, I've gone with scuttling terrors because you can shoot aswell!
  11. Thank you so much! Helps alot, what's the difference between the artefacts and like The hand of gork and great green spite? Also without the artefact does this make my loonboss useless? Should I keep him?
  12. Ahh, sorry, this is my first ever army as I'm new to warhammer so I'm still quite unsure about them things!
  13. Yes sorry I meant 6, i do have another 6 squigs... and yeah just checked it's moonclan only rip. Still good for squigs I guess? And what do you mean second artefact?
  14. Hey, I've finally finished with my army and need opinions on it, here it is as of now- Allegiance: DestructionLeaders Skragrott - General - The great green spite Fungoid cave-shaman - Hand of Gork Loonboss - Spiteful Prodder Webspinner shaman (On Arachnarok spider) - Totem of the Spider god - Venomous Spiderlings Battleline60 x Stabbas 7 x Squig HerdUnits x5 Loonsmasha Fanatics x10 Boingrot Bounderz x6 Sneaky Snufflers x6 Sneaky Snufflers x10 Spider Riders x5 Sporesplatter Fanatics Endless Spells Mork's Mighty Mushroom Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 175 So here's my thinking, the Stabbas are the bulk of my army, I can buff them with a unit of sneaky snufflers and the Sporesplatters to get them to 3 attacks each, I'll put the spore splatters in front of a hero to protect them from long range shooting, my Loonsmasha's will be in either the Stabbas or a unit of sneaky snufflers to protect them... I'll just have to see what works best from playing. My Boingrot's could be hand of gork'd behind the enemy or on an objective. The Arachnarok spider and spider riders will stick together, the shaman, giving the riders the 5+ mortal wounds buff. Imagine venom of the spider gods, totem of the spider gods and the snufflers buff... that's a lot of damage! As for the other sneaky snufflers, they could buff the spider riders for some mortals wounds or just be a backup for the Stabbas, maybe I've heard the 2D6 can be worth it? I've chosen the great green spite, spiteful prodder, and venomous spiderlings to add some more mortal wound output. Mork's Mushroom will hopefully add to board control and is just a good endless spell. Oh, and the 7 squig herd is just because I bought them, love Squigs and had 80 points left over! Everything is basically already bought and built apart from the Sporesplatter's and one unit of sneaky snufflers. The only downside I can see is maybe there are not enough 'tanks' apart from the Arachnarok, could maybe get rid of a few things for a mangler? Also, there could be too many supports. Would love to see your guys opinions and what you would change!
  15. Hey, this is probably in the wrong place, but its the only forum I use Is there any rules about having too many points, like say we're playing a 2000 points game and I have 2030 points, what happens? Is there a handicap I would get? And if it is allowed to go over, what's the maximum points you would be able to go over? Asking because I want to fit another unit of Boingrots in but 30 point short! Thanks!
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