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  1. To be fair, these numbers were much lower before and GW has been putting a lot of effort to add more female characters to the game for the past 3+ years or so to adapt to new social norms. Give it more time I would say :).
  2. Just a fair word of warning: Just because Underworlds is getting a Seraphon release does not guarantee any other Serephon releases XD. Us Skaven Players have learned that the hard way (ignoring the bombardier).
  3. Something about AOS has always felt off to me. I suppose I prefer a more LOTR-esque feel to fantasy.
  4. Also, maybe there used to be a time when varnishes were of inferior quality and gloss was better, but thats not the case anymore nowadays =]. Now if they could only revolutionize the spray varnishes to function in all conditions... Frosting is the most annoying miniature painting thing ever XD.
  5. Biochemist here and I've put varnishes under some stress tests. Gloss varnish being stronger is a myth that has been around for a long time. The only benefit of gloss varnish is that its easy to see if you covered every spot on a model before applying the matt varnish, which again, makes it easy to spot if you covered everything with gloss varnish first. I do find that matte varnish sometimes covers poorly on gloss since it slightly dissolves the gloss layer, so nowadays I just go straight to matte varnish and use a giant brush to cover large areas quickly and evenly, especially areas that are likely to be touched a lot. On top of that, I haven't found much of a difference between 1 or multiple layers of varnish. My go-to brand right now for durability is Army painter's anti shine brush on varnish, however Vallejo does well as well. You can get the same varnish from art stores at larger volumes, but it'll cost more than a small bottle, so I just stick with hobby varnishes for now. Army painter's varnish does sometimes leave a slightly rough/bubbly texture when it dries in crevices, which isn't optimal, so make sure you don't get build up or varnish foam anywhere.
  6. Hey all, as some of you may know, I have a (somewhat) growing MTG youtube community over at https://youtube.com/KuganeGaming However, currently I'm starting to consider to do some Warhammer videos, mainly Age of Sigmar. The thing I am considering the most is painting tutorials, does any of you have any suggestions what I could add? =] I have considered battlereports in a similar fashion that I handle the magic footage, but with Covid being a thing, I have no idea how to properly set that. Either way! Any tips would be appreciated^^. Perhaps I could stick with Warhammer video games, lol.
  7. Is it too late for pirate vampires though? On a side note, glad the new warband finally discovered that walking barefoot on a battlefield full of spikes and debris may not be a good plan. Kind of wonder whats up with GW and making bald bare chest, bare feet miniatures XD
  8. And then to top it all off, finding out that the ugliest giant variant is the go-to competitive option rules-wise.
  9. I thought i saw it on the arm of the pictured gargant. Check his wrist.
  10. Personally i would prefer new chapters that are represented with a chapter colour, a head and shoulder swap. Not thrilled to buy yet another series of new minis if it comes to that, lol.
  11. Its time to start sculpting your own out of green stuff. Or... toilet paper rolls. Both equally valuable.
  12. Barring some psychotic people, I don't think many people wish this type of harm upon themselves or others. So I don't think blame or responsibility should lie with them. Diseases happen, and with the way our population density and globalization keeps increasing, we are going to face more outbreaks like this, many could even be worse than Corona. What I feel is slightly rediculous is the fact that all of this could have been avoided if people practiced some proper hygiene. Also, acting before infections start, not after, would have been a huge help to avoid all this. If the quarantine started globally the moment they started seeing it spread to other countries, the disease could have been contained much easier. Yet, the majority just stood by waiting for stuff to get serious before taking any proper action.
  13. At times like this I wish games like warhammer underworlds wasnt locked behind a pay wall. I think GW really missed the mark in an era of F2P games where people can buy the cards/stuff they need ingame. Especially now in the whole quarantine.
  14. I had very bad results using on corax and grey seer myself, so seems the wraithbone is almost a must for these. I didnt for this model, but lahmian medium 1:9 ratio helps me more than contrast medium for proper flow.
  15. Purple? I did the skin with guilliman on wraith bone on this miniature, but can't seem to notice the purple. Do you have a bad pot perhaps?
  16. Guilliman flesh has hit and misses. It looks ok on small faces and applied thinly, basically human infantry. It worked out decently on my ogor tyrant's face as well, so happily slapped it onto the gluttons their body. I regret it because it just pools up in deep recesses without a proper way to control it. Its ok for tabletop standard, but damn, lol.
  17. As long as you dont use bright colours, orange, yellow, etc, most reds and browns go really well on a grey > white highlighted undercoat. I also tried white undercoat, cover whole mini with basillicum grey before you apply other colours for much richer shadows. It works decently, but I prefer the first method. It creates something along the lines of left side model. The right side model was a corax white prime, no highlights and just adding contrast.
  18. If you cant do it by looking at it, one way is to screenshot it and open it in paint and sample random areas to see what colour it is. I havent checked for the ruins, just guessing there are some purples in there :P. I am sure if you sample the highlights you will find just that. also, i have had decent results using very small ammounts of texture paint to add weathering to buildings and vehicles. I use make up sponges that i rip apart and kind of dry "sponge" blend some texture around here and there. Do it on a test piece first though since adding too much of it can just make it look way too messy instead
  19. Doing a grey like standard mechanicus, drybrushing it quite roughly and focus on the edges with your highlight colour, probably an off white in this case maybe celestra grey. Cover it all in a 9:1 mix black templar:lahmian medium. After that add sand texture here and there and I personally like to weather stuff by very lightly and very dry drybrushing with tyrant skull or the likes. This step is extremely easy to mess up and look unnatural. The less on your brush the better. Finally, after all that is done. There may be some powder all over your model from drybrushing. I tend to use a 1:1 mix of lahmian and aggrax earthshade to "wash" the dusting away where i don't want it to be. Also the aggrax adds some earth tones where needed. In your case however that may be a desired effect though to have some light dusting here and there. Also when i google conan exiles ruins... those ruins seem to almost have a slight purple tint to them. Maybe mess around mixing a tiny hit of purples into your black templar?
  20. Competitive-wise, Ironguts are much stronger than mournfang in damage output. I would suggest keeping the two handed weapons of your mournfang and pick up 1 or 2 extra units of gluttons and kitbash the weapons onto there to turn them into ironguts. The leftover mournfang bits can still be built using glutton leftover bits and some cutting to create 1-handed variations mournfang for friendly games. Edit: Also frostlord on stonehorns are stronger than huskards. Somebody did all the calculations on this forum a few weeks ago. So dont glue your huskard and create both a frostlord and huskard so you can swap them around in the future if rules change. They sit on the stonehorn quite stable anyways without glue. Lastly, I think 2 frostlords on stonehorns are superior to a huskard + beastriders in general.
  21. Well, even if we had warbands similar to the sepulchral guard, in the case of Eshin, 1 assassin,1 gutter runner and 6 or 7 nightrunners would already create enough variation in poses to just use then as counts-as units. I would gladly splurge 100 to 200 euro on 60 or so eshin friends. In fact if Spiteclaw had more models in the box I would have even used those. A part of me still hopes existing warbands that have been powercrept get an update in the form of new cards and a few extra models or something.
  22. I actually put my skaven purchases on hold until Eshin gets proper support. Its the year of the rat, so I have my fingers crossed for a big Skaven release wave.
  23. You are right. I really wonder how they plan to fill those blanks honestly. They are on the right track I think though. Like in magic the gathering they have all the different planes that each have their own theme, laws of physics and such to it, but they are all very distinctly based around "real" places, myths, legends and stories. Nostalgia and familiarity can do wonders I suppose. Time will tell :D. Very much so, lol. Either way its getting off topic anyways. I hope the old world thing they are working on caters to that itch if AOS wont. XD
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