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  1. Sorry I've not been able to move more of the narrative along! Busy at work and my limited hobby time has been on terrain - The new mercenary rules is really good news for my pirate army being fully table legal! Keep up the posting, these guys are all looking amazing. I'd love to use some of these pictures to invite twitter and facebook to come join us...I'll ask directly for permission and it's cool if you want to say no
  2. Crulg: Greetings Baronness *picking a piece of rat from between his sparse teeth with his longknife* I can appreciate you're nobility. The call to be truly free is heeded by all kinds - and i imagine that I'll come to judge your crew by more than the aether blowin' out of yer stacks.
  3. Crulg: This is quite the tale, an if'n I wasn't tryin' to earn some trus' at the moment, i'da memorized that image and been off by now. But if what you're source be tellin ya is true, a treasure like this could be a great pot to fund this expedition and, from the sounds of it, stock us for whatever war awaits us when we reach da promise land. Crulg: I appreciate that you sense the stature of my leadership. However, unless you's enlistin' on my crew, I ain't noone's boss. Men and women of our ilk often require a leader to 'elp dem reach their full potential...but my crew'd overthrow me first whiff that i wasn't keepin der best interest at heart. Maybe someday we need sombody to bureaucrat this coalition we be startin'...but i personally think that'd be the worst way to die. Thank ya all the same.
  4. Hey Man! Love your lore up above. If that's the limit of what you can contribute here, it's plenty. (But maybe you just do one pirate warband and loan them out to one of the crews?)
  5. Crulg: Welcome Shroudlord, Many of our kind may be a bit superstitious about facin' the dead...maybe it's our nature to ignore even the idea of dyin'. There may be some sense in facein' it head on. Thank you for the contribution of Tenebrus to our list of prospective destinations.
  6. Great question man! Do you have a favorite chaos god? Dark Oath vikings could be cool on some bone ship. Also, they don't have to be water or air based, they could be land based raiders if you can imagine something unique in AoS. Loving these @Nacnudllah!
  7. Crugl: Aye admire yer enthusiasm, but wit da exception of Kurgan, I dunno that we got the da forces ready to travel and den capture the location if it already be settled. I know others on der way, and I be obliged to wait to increase our odds of success. Plus, I ain't knowin if I fully trus' any of yoo yet to endeavor on such a monumental task. As for da locations, some of dees ideas be cool, but what do ye really know about each location. Scoutin' might be a better next step, perhaps we each send a trusted hand to join an expeditionary crew to go out together an' see what we're in for... Stonemonk: @Theroozle Let's give some more time for people to jump in and share ideas and build armies, imagine gathering supplies and crew for such a big adventure. I'd also like to build a bit of drama up to the point of arriving at the new location. Imagine this is our first movie with 3 acts and the final act is arriving at the island.
  8. Crulg: Well met to ya all an impressed ya heedin' da call. Admiral Kurgan, your reputation precedes ya. Some of me captains tell yer tails to rile da crew up before an encounter. Sailfin, ya fair ******, that set of skylands you mentioned would indeed be a formidable location, though da smashin to da ground may disrupt some commerce. But take a second look if you think it be right for our needs. Loonkaptin Zagrukk the Shroom Shark mentioned da Tripple Stabba also known as Dead Man's Trident...if it's got a name, do many others know about it. Da shape alone makes it intrigin'. May need to send some scouts and learn more about it. I'm certain Admiral Kurgan and Kapitan Alunzo have seen places that'd make our toes curl, but I welcome your ideas sirs. Waiting on mah senior staff to get back to dock and i'll introduce 'em.
  9. Well Met, Crulg, I'll admit that I didn't quite get the idea of this when you shared it with me, but when I've mentioned it to others in our line of work, I've seen more interest than distrust...though a fair share of distrust too. The last moon cycle en route to the 8th Wonder, do you remember that chain of skyslands shaped like teeth that chomped down on the mainland. It didn't seem like they were anchored to one location, so could be hard to find again. But if there's someway to understand how or why they act like they do, they could be easy to defend. Ahdor "Sailfin" Anspear, Admiral of the Kingfisher hunting crew, former officer in the Excelsis naval fleet. (40k Drukhari + AoS = counts as Dru-kharidron Overlords)
  10. Welcome pirates, raiders, corsairs, freebooters, marauders, privateers, picaroons, rovers, and anyone seeking to be Truly Free! [This thread is the start of a narrative collaboration that anyone is welcome to join if you're interested in telling pirate-themed stories, with words or miniatures, in AoS] Ya see, there be many forces seeking to control the heart and mind of folk like us. Be it Sigmar by law or Slaanesh by obsession, they all seek to shackle our bodies and tame our spirits. Stories are told of great captains from long ago who had the whole of the 8 Realms at their disposal. In the rule of chaos we saw all opportunity snuffed...and in the God-King's push to "take-back" the realms, opportunities are opening back up. But mind you, if the Pantheon of Legend succeeds in gaining control, we will see our lively-hoods snuffed just the same. So what are folk like us to do to protect our freedom from the shackles of order or chaos? Why, this is the reason we invited you here.. Let us band together, and where mutually beneficial and agreeable, share in the pain and reward of this life we've chosen. What that means is up for discourse and democratic affairs. Some have suggested an accord or a code to create our community by. That's not to say you can't have a proclivity for one or more of the gods, we're not looking to bring down the ire of any of them. But if you have a greater commitment to your own self than anyone else, perhaps you'll find more like-minded confederates here. Our First Order is to find a place in the 8 realms that we might find safe harbor and could protect from the building of cities or the ruination of filth. Not your personal cove of safety, but someplace that could become the capital of our pirate coalition. If you're interested, do this for me: 1. Introduce yourself [your pirate captain or general] and your crew [share pictures] 2. Submit a location that you have visited in your travels across the 8 Realms and why you think it could serve this purpose. Please include any strategic advantages, natural or magical features, or aesthetics that would make it an ideal location. Looking forward to getting to know you and making the seas, skies and lands safe for mortals like us. - Crulg, Commander of the MÜHLE
  11. Those are some great ideas @Cèsar de Quart I like the aggressive nature of that castle design. Are you going to give it a go? What I like about stucco and rock in some places is that it makes the whole thing feel impossible. Perhaps it requires magic to keep the stucco from cracking. Or there's realmstone in the grout that keeps the rocks from breaking. Or some aether chemical from Azyr that makes everything a bit lighter than normal so the legs can support it. This is another line your personally have to make. How much do you rely on believability and how much do you embrace impossibility.
  12. I think the conversation of 'what is too far' is exactly where the fun of this particular army build sits. A lot of the 40k stuff is sci-fantasy. It's not high-tech. Where it gets high-tech or even modern - weapons, vehicles (tanks) - it starts breaking the believability of this build. Kharadron Overlords has done a lot to push this boundary. But I'm less worried about it looking 40k as opposed to other sci fi or modern. Also, this line will be subjective to the builder, but perhaps we can discuss bits that go too far or not far enough as we see them. That brings me to my show and tell for today. My first sketch of a cogfort idea. per the conversation above, there'd be a mix of newer materials like sheet metal and rivets where mechanical functionality is required, but stone, timber and stucco where it's not. Magical elements, black powder elements, scientific elements...all blending together. An interesting idea about forts, back in the "old west" of the US. You might have fortifications and guns etc, but did you have enough ammo, or black powder, or food, or aether materials, or runes etc. So this drawing might have 4 arcane spires, but not enough wizards to work them all. There may be repairs in progress on two of the side cannon lifts...so we can use those for this battle.
  13. Loving this WIP @Oath Stoned, and all the inspiration here. Had some great conversations on Twitter with a few others (some on here some not) about building a Cog fort army. Eager to toss around some ideas and get feedback, see what others are doing. I put together some test models some weeks back and got around to some test paint this last week. Really excited by the results and where the ideas are coming from. Put together a blog post on my start and where i'm going next. https://www.themortalrealms.com/stonemonkgamer/2018/7/2/starting-a-cog-fort-free-peoples-army And some pics
  14. Not running pure Gutbusters to start, but wanting to use it as the core. Starting with 2 Butchers but might go to 3 or 4 - a big Arcane Mess Hall of ogor wizards - healing on cast or unbind, healing other units, buffing units, and casting endless spells on top of that, unbinding like a boss, and like foot of gork you want voracious maw to work!. Just wish there was some way to buff their magic. 2 Tyrants seem fun - one to take on heroes the other to take on hordes... 9 Ironguts in a single pack, bullied by the tyrant 2x 3 Ogor ("bulls") msu units (chaff chaff chaff chaff) and 20 moonclan grots with bows for battleline shooting. I need to branch out for some variety and don't have enough pure gutbuster converted up to do 2k. Hoping to add a gitmob doomdiver for some artillary. Also throwing in a Huskard on Thundertusk for some more shooting...also getting a durable monster in there. Any suggestions? throw me some shade for doing mixed?
  15. tough to find balance while staying true to the spirit of the rule... What if I suggested something more drastic...once per game, full range, shining light blinds the foes, debuffing the units within range for -1 to hit. It's no longer damage dealing spell but has AoE and can effect the battle dramatically -Eric
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