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  1. Those are some great ideas @Cèsar de Quart I like the aggressive nature of that castle design. Are you going to give it a go? What I like about stucco and rock in some places is that it makes the whole thing feel impossible. Perhaps it requires magic to keep the stucco from cracking. Or there's realmstone in the grout that keeps the rocks from breaking. Or some aether chemical from Azyr that makes everything a bit lighter than normal so the legs can support it. This is another line your personally have to make. How much do you rely on believability and how much do you embrace impossibility.
  2. I think the conversation of 'what is too far' is exactly where the fun of this particular army build sits. A lot of the 40k stuff is sci-fantasy. It's not high-tech. Where it gets high-tech or even modern - weapons, vehicles (tanks) - it starts breaking the believability of this build. Kharadron Overlords has done a lot to push this boundary. But I'm less worried about it looking 40k as opposed to other sci fi or modern. Also, this line will be subjective to the builder, but perhaps we can discuss bits that go too far or not far enough as we see them. That brings me to my show and tell for today. My first sketch of a cogfort idea. per the conversation above, there'd be a mix of newer materials like sheet metal and rivets where mechanical functionality is required, but stone, timber and stucco where it's not. Magical elements, black powder elements, scientific elements...all blending together. An interesting idea about forts, back in the "old west" of the US. You might have fortifications and guns etc, but did you have enough ammo, or black powder, or food, or aether materials, or runes etc. So this drawing might have 4 arcane spires, but not enough wizards to work them all. There may be repairs in progress on two of the side cannon lifts...so we can use those for this battle.
  3. Loving this WIP @Oath Stoned, and all the inspiration here. Had some great conversations on Twitter with a few others (some on here some not) about building a Cog fort army. Eager to toss around some ideas and get feedback, see what others are doing. I put together some test models some weeks back and got around to some test paint this last week. Really excited by the results and where the ideas are coming from. Put together a blog post on my start and where i'm going next. https://www.themortalrealms.com/stonemonkgamer/2018/7/2/starting-a-cog-fort-free-peoples-army And some pics
  4. StoneMonk

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    Not running pure Gutbusters to start, but wanting to use it as the core. Starting with 2 Butchers but might go to 3 or 4 - a big Arcane Mess Hall of ogor wizards - healing on cast or unbind, healing other units, buffing units, and casting endless spells on top of that, unbinding like a boss, and like foot of gork you want voracious maw to work!. Just wish there was some way to buff their magic. 2 Tyrants seem fun - one to take on heroes the other to take on hordes... 9 Ironguts in a single pack, bullied by the tyrant 2x 3 Ogor ("bulls") msu units (chaff chaff chaff chaff) and 20 moonclan grots with bows for battleline shooting. I need to branch out for some variety and don't have enough pure gutbuster converted up to do 2k. Hoping to add a gitmob doomdiver for some artillary. Also throwing in a Huskard on Thundertusk for some more shooting...also getting a durable monster in there. Any suggestions? throw me some shade for doing mixed?
  5. StoneMonk

    Magic Question in Skirmish

    tough to find balance while staying true to the spirit of the rule... What if I suggested something more drastic...once per game, full range, shining light blinds the foes, debuffing the units within range for -1 to hit. It's no longer damage dealing spell but has AoE and can effect the battle dramatically -Eric
  6. StoneMonk

    Magic Question in Skirmish

    Yeah, grouping is pretty important in skirmish. If you want to win fights, having multiple units together in a combat is key. So this deters this which I don't hate... Given that skirimish often has more scatter terrain another fix could be to require line of sight?
  7. StoneMonk

    Magic Question in Skirmish

    There aren't a ton of 'all units within' spells so limiting them does make sense at first glance. I like the idea of once per game. You could also halve the range? I'll think on this some more.
  8. StoneMonk

    Skirmish in AoS 2.0

    yeah there are definitely a few things i'd love to see reworked, summoning being one of them...but that will be difficult given all the different ways armies summon. it's not just a warscroll thing now. That said, I think you could implement Look Out Sir as a house rule that requires 3 friendly models within 3" and take out the 'a unit' wording.
  9. StoneMonk

    Skirmish in AoS 2.0

    I think I agree with everything you guys have said. Having a chance to look back at the skirmish rules, it doesn’t ‘add-on’ a lot of rules and the ones it clarifies still work. That said, there are new rules that, with current knowledge, aren’t compatible. 1. Look out Sir states proximity to a unit with 3+ models in it. So this either needs a tweak or it’s left out because of the wording which could be intentional and good. 2. Summoning would still be gone. 3. Endless spells would be OP but that’s the book skirmish gets addressed so that seems thoughtful. 4. Everything else seems compatible at first blush. thats spell hunter idea was in one of the articles and caught my attention too. I suggested it could be a wizard class in upcoming AoSrpg. Such a compelling idea. thanks guys.
  10. StoneMonk

    Skirmish in AoS 2.0

    Wow the Soul Wars preview was hot on Twitter today. My Question, did you notice that they mentioned "Skirmish at Realms Edge" with the Malign Sorcery book? It would seem entirely possible that current skirmish ruleset would need to get some updates to match 2.0. I've not given much thought yet to whether all the new rules work well with skirmish. Look out sir could would need to be modified to 3 or more units/models. Shooting works. Command points is really interesting...hero warbands anyone? So I wonder if this is a brand new skirmish ruleset (inside Malign Sorcery rather than GHB18 is curious) or if it's simply a set of campaign battleplans and add-ons. Specifically mentioned hunting down rogue endless spells... What do you think?
  11. Hey All, sorry I've not had more developed on this. Before Adepticon i was working on finishing up my Death army and since then I've been working on designing a Narrative event for the Mid-west USA.
  12. Expanding Expansions for the Expansion!I have 2 ideas for the next couple Renown or Ruin pages. One is about using maps (how to navigate space), the other is about politics (how groups react to each other in that space). I put up a poll on twitter thinking it would help me focus on one over the other...but it came out a dead tie. Thought i'd put the question to you lot and see if this community had any interests. Happy to explain more if you have questions. Or if you have other ideas for pushing RoR further, i'm all ears. You can respond here, which i'll be more likely to hear. And you can vote on the poll i posted to the Skirmish Facebook Page.
  13. Looking forward to taking a look at this. Love the idea of creating “questlines” great idea.
  14. Thanks for the feedback Amurayi! I'm glad you like the artwork. Before I respond in detail, I am planning on creating videos for all aspects of this document which may be easier to send to players to get them up to speed. Yes, this document is first and foremost for the RM. The RM has a lot of responsibility so I definitely wanted this document to speak to the them first and foremost. I tried to keep it pretty short and to the point, that said, I never asked my players to read any of this, I just introduced it little by little through our games. There is a cheat sheet with all of the current dice tables on Page 4. It shares all the ways to get renown, the mechanics for finding relics and what you can do with the relics. It also provides some Roleplay encouragement. Again, this is intended for the RM so they can instruct the players what they need to do and when. Take a look at this again and read from a player PoV...would printing out just this page for players help them out? The excel sheet I use looks identical to the Warband Journal on the last two pages. Just 4 columns. The only difference would be that the left two columns would each have a sum formula at the bottom. I did not think that would be helpful as a written instruction, but I am planning on sharing my google spreadsheet layout and use in an upcoming video.
  15. Thanks man. I'm glad you dig the layout and design and it was worth a bit more effort for 1.0 release. Renown level is the least fleshed out as my players are just getting their warbands close to 50 renown. This is referring to the overall amount of renown a hero has gained and at 50 renown they gain some additional benefits. Hexes - This has to do with the map add-on that i'm working on next. I use hexes but it could be other measurements of distance using a campaign map from one of the books. It'll affect how far their renown reaches from their basecamp. I don't have mechanics yet for how this affects them, but as a RM if they become more widely known it will influence how opposing factions (NPC factions) may respond either in deference or aggression. Relics - Heroes start off able to carry 2 Relics while followers can carry 1. At 50 Renown a hero can carry 3 Relics. Quests - I could see Quests being moved over to the Renown heading. I put them in Roleplay as they are up to the RM to come up with and spawn from NPCs and the like. But that could easily fit in the Renown Section. Warband Rating - a Player's warband rating is the renown value of the hero + followers + relics the player is fielding. They may have 40 Renown, but until they get to a place of respite they cannot recruit, so they're only fielding a warband with a rating of 35. NPC Warbands - for battleplans I try and bring an opposing force equal to the sum of my player's combined warband rating. There are so many variables in skirmish that I don't get too caught up on balance but take what's fun to play and narrative for my story. So yes the NPC warbands can be whatever the RM desires. Respite Warbands - When crafting the Grim Exchange, I wanted to set up some warbands to tell some of the story of that area. You can see by the warband rating how much strength the stormcast have there. This could be repeated for any section of a map, or any number of locations. Moving forward any actual battleplan or respite sheet will be suggestions for the RM, but as you'd expect, they're free to change as they need. I appreciate hte questions @Thundercake I hope i was able to answer them. It's certainly giving me some more ideas for the first FAQ