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  1. Here's an adventure to get you started: https://www.reddit.com/r/AgeOfSigmarRPG/comments/gq66m9/adventure_fetid_fields_and_foul_yields_available/ "Crops on the field grow foul, grain on the field becomes black and inedible and fruit on the trees withers away before it gets ripe. The citizens of the city are afraid of a looming famine. The Soulbound have been sent out to investigate if it’s the Plague Lord’s doing and must stop the threat." Aimed for a beginner group of 4 characters and written as an easy introduction to the setting and Soulbound rules with Novice GMs in mind. This is unofficial Fan Content using the “Warhammer Age of Sigmar Roleplay: Soulbound” System created by Cubicle 7. The adventure features: Adventure format in "Convention style" formating including read aloud passages Recommended Short-term goals for starting players Tipps how to scale all encounter making them harder or easier Page references for rules terms Maps as extra download files Custom creatures in the Appendix New magic items"
  2. Someone explain to me please why the Chainrasp ability is supposed to be better than the universal "Onslaught" which has no requirements.
  3. If an effect "Halves the movement characteristic", does it affect the total distance of run and charge distances as well?
  4. How do you pay with points according to the GHB2018 for the Endless Spells? Once per spell and then you can summon it as often as you can? Or for each Spell model (even if they are the identical type)?
  5. What's the GW email to ask AOS rules question to be added to their FAQ? Something something aosfaq@gw???.co.uk ?
  6. > At the end of each turn, you will lose as many models as it takes to return that unit to coherency. Some monsters and snipers can pick certain models. So if such a monster destroys a model of a unit which is a long row, then you would lose the half of the unit also. I like it. The most common way to cheat with broken coherency at the moment is for respawning units like the summonable undead units. You would leave a single model within 9" of a graveyard while respawning new models around your opponent's models close to remaining undead models... and any losses you would pick form the middle area even though there will be a huge gap eventually. A most welcome change!
  7. Allies don't profit from allegiance abilities. The army clearly defines which models can be part of it. i.a. If you play "Legion of Night", Legion of Blood"... they only cover warscrolls in this book. This clearly defines which warscrolls are part of that allegiance. This means any ghouls, FW's Mourngul and the new harbinger "Kendrek, Knight of Shrouds" don't profit from "Deathless Minions".
  8. Is there a fan-made Path to Glory table for "Wood Elves" in the internet realm ? Couldn't find one... Thanks!
  9. 1. Do I have to fix a broken unit coherency when respawning summonable models to a unit? 2. Is there a distance limit where I can set up new models relative to the undead hero?
  10. I like it. Amazing artwork! Some players are not willing to go through the whole document. So I feel it's mostly for the RM I'd also like to see an additional cheat sheet page which can be used as a single page handout for players. It could cover: How to get renown, what renown is good for. How to get warband rating, and what it's good for. How to find relics. What are relics are good for. And the example how an excel record could look like.
  11. I backed it. Also got the 3D huts and the plastic trees. They will make great large base decorations and terrain pieces.
  12. The visual showing her sitting on a throne does not show her with wings. I enhanced the pic a bit: More likely someone is standing behind her. Notice the roman/greek style chair which goes along with the first video.
  13. "Up to half of the unit can be armed with ...bell". From a review blog which has been provided a copy by GW (not a leak!): Warscroll Do you round the number up or down? So in a 3 model unit, 2 will have the bell? And a unit of 1 model will have the bell, too? If you round up then having a couple of single model units makes more sense since each of them applies their Virulent Discharge to their neighboring unit, right?
  14. Now the only other reveal which can happen in the next 6 days could be if the GUO can be built in three different poses and/or different characters (like Kairos+ a generic demon birdy or like one of the 3 big Khorne demons)
  15. The video was quite a time and money investment. This was the highlight of the day. No need to water it down with an extra single mini reveal.
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