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Found 10 results

  1. We will soon be returning to the Realm of Death for The Harrowmark Twisted Oak , A Warcry Campaign. My orruk sky-ship pirates will once more be swashbuckling their way through the dark and twisted forests. But beyond that, we has started putting plans together for something I have wanted to do for a few years now. In late 2020, or maybe early 2021, we are going to run an Age of Sigmar version of Rhossum Secundus (Google it! It was an astounding Inq28 game): A handful of ramshackle sky-ships will be duelling in the stormy skies over the endless malignant forests of the Harrowmark. It is very much influenced by John Blanche's Voodoo Forest book and a couple of his older paintings. This is something that I have included in the background of the Harrowmark for a number of years now, but we have never really been able to show it on the table top! That is going to change. We have not yet settled on a date, a rules-set or even an venue but all those things will coalesce in the next few months... As a result of this I have started painting the Rotmoon. I started this project back in April 2017 (!) so it is about time! So far it is just sprays, dry-brushing and washes but I hope to start detailing it soon... Sky-ship Navigation In the Mortal Realms, compasses are thaumaturgical, not magnetic. Thaumaturgical compasses now point to the centre of Shyish since the Necroquake. In Shyish, South is edgeward, i.e. towards Realm’s Edge where the magic is weakest, and North is coreward toward the Shyish Nadir, where magic is strongest. Face due north, and west is left, east to the right. The old maps of Shyish are now all wrong; the cardinal points and headings marked upon them are all reversed. The aerocartographers have a lot of work to do! Most ship’s captains have taken to simply writing on their old maps and charts, correcting the change by hand for the routes they need most. But this is a bad solution and adds an extra layer of complexity to an already complex and risky profession. ~~~ Many sky-ships sail over the Harrowmark using real winds as motive power, and the ethertides to provide the resistance needed to sail with the wind abeam or almost ahead. The winds are harness through conventional canvas sails for the most part. The wooden sky-ships float in the air through the use of dozens of minor magics, layer upon layer of interlaced spells, woven into the very timbers of the ship. The ship’s beams and planks are made from enchanted wood, though many have been repaired with more mundane timber (to the detriment of their sailing performance and characteristics). There are, of course, many other kinds of more exotic magics and technologies used to lift and propel sky-ships, such as the Aethergold endrins the Kharadron fleets employ and the squadrons of ethereal cavalry that lift the Soulblight vessels, but the more "mundane" and common Harrowmark ships do not have access to them.
  2. Welcome pirates, raiders, corsairs, freebooters, marauders, privateers, picaroons, rovers, and anyone seeking to be Truly Free! [This thread is the start of a narrative collaboration that anyone is welcome to join if you're interested in telling pirate-themed stories, with words or miniatures, in AoS] Ya see, there be many forces seeking to control the heart and mind of folk like us. Be it Sigmar by law or Slaanesh by obsession, they all seek to shackle our bodies and tame our spirits. Stories are told of great captains from long ago who had the whole of the 8 Realms at their disposal. In the rule of chaos we saw all opportunity snuffed...and in the God-King's push to "take-back" the realms, opportunities are opening back up. But mind you, if the Pantheon of Legend succeeds in gaining control, we will see our lively-hoods snuffed just the same. So what are folk like us to do to protect our freedom from the shackles of order or chaos? Why, this is the reason we invited you here.. Let us band together, and where mutually beneficial and agreeable, share in the pain and reward of this life we've chosen. What that means is up for discourse and democratic affairs. Some have suggested an accord or a code to create our community by. That's not to say you can't have a proclivity for one or more of the gods, we're not looking to bring down the ire of any of them. But if you have a greater commitment to your own self than anyone else, perhaps you'll find more like-minded confederates here. Our First Order is to find a place in the 8 realms that we might find safe harbor and could protect from the building of cities or the ruination of filth. Not your personal cove of safety, but someplace that could become the capital of our pirate coalition. If you're interested, do this for me: 1. Introduce yourself [your pirate captain or general] and your crew [share pictures] 2. Submit a location that you have visited in your travels across the 8 Realms and why you think it could serve this purpose. Please include any strategic advantages, natural or magical features, or aesthetics that would make it an ideal location. Looking forward to getting to know you and making the seas, skies and lands safe for mortals like us. - Crulg, Commander of the MÜHLE
  3. Since the releasing of the model of the Shipppwreck for the Idoneth deepkin I desired to bring it to my army and modify it to realize a lot of different projects. I describe some of such projects hereThen I'e started working on it. And I have to divide the projects in different parts that I'll post time by time cause otherways it would a bit too big in one shot (and it requires time to do the project too^^ The first part is related about the frontal part of the shipwreck. It's about magnetizing in the way to rpepare it for the crew and other options that I'll bring on the shipwreck too. And also to change the icon of the ship itself. All such works are better studied and done pefore to glue together the shipwreck, cause it's easier to manipulate and create the setting. Eventually I'd suggest you to use something like Patafix or tempoarasy fixing so to have a sight step by step of your advancing in the magnetizing. About the ship icon I used a refined version of what I've done with the Wight king on Chalicotherium that you can find in this forum itself. So here now it's the video about the first part of such project, I hope you enjoy it^^
  4. Adm'rul Kurgan Grimjaw and the Ironfang Pirate Fleet don't all come from one Realm so they don't like to be tied down to any location and always have one eye on the horizon in search of the next drink/loot/fight. The fleet is often scattered around the oceans and seas of the Mortal Realms. They have used Blackrock, in Ghur, as a base of operations and meeting point for many years (and if you believe the old Adm'rul, he says he was Pirate Prince for a while). Before that they also used an uncharted island chain known as Hell's Teef, somewhere in the Sea of Serpents. Adm'rul Kurgan is a veteran of a hundred campaigns in every corner of the Realms: from the steaming jungles of Ghyran to the ruined cities of the Hysh; he has burned ports along the Rotwater Blight, raided the islands of Okkam’s Reach in Ulgu, besieged fortresses in the Endless Desert, endured the perpetual snowstorms and barren wastes of the Silverglades in Chamon, battled on the rivers in the heart of the Jade Kingdoms, looted the Baneskull Islands of Shyish and engaged all manner of foes on land and sea. All the while stealing anything that wasn't nailed down, and having a go with a claw-hammer at anything that was. He and Da Ironfangs are always ready to run away from whatever the world throws at them! Adm'rul Kurgan Grimjaw, Orruk Ironjawz Megaboss The Cleavermaws, Orruk Buccaneers of Ghur, led by Kap'n Mogrum Da Butcha, with his first mate Mr Sludga and Navigator-Shaman Lost Uzzog. The Rotmoons, Swashbuckling Orruk Privateers of Chamon, Led by Kapitan Alunzo da Leeva, with Explorer-Shaman El Doctoro. The Chimeras, Orruk Corsairs of Hysh, led by Kap'n Sinbag, with first mate Big Uluc and Mystic-Shaman Weird Khaaan. The Four Pounders, Ogor Leadbelchers Da Wreckers, Fellwater Troggoths led by Trollumbus. Grapeshot, the Rumguzzler Gargant.
  5. Hi there! After having stop collecting/painting/playing Warhammer for a long, long time, I got back into the game, now Age of Sigmar, with a new project. I wanted to create a pirate themed death army. Since I started, GW has released LoN and Nighthaunt, so I think this amy is more alive than ever and I'm super excited. Also, I tend to follow the old saying: if your painting skills are not the best, convert the rest! (?) The army is led, most of the time, by Arkhan the 'Hook': Also, when I saw the new Nighthaunts, I inmediately wanted to create pirate versions of their heroes. I think Lady Olynder works pretty well as a grieving widow or something like that, but Kurdoss Valentian needed a bit of a change... Behold! Captain Valentian, the Pirate King! Next is a Morghast and part time Mourngul. Though, considering the theme, it needed to change a little bit... I'll try to upload more pics with some of my conversions I've made. P.S. The miniatures might look better on the pics than on real life!
  6. Now recruiting for a Piratey Tale of X Gamers! A TALE OF PIRATEY GAMERS Avast Ye Land Lubbers and hark to my words. Tis' but one frontier untamed, one force that none can yet call their own! To the skies with Ye, to the great rolling storms, fight the thunder gods... ride the hurricanes, and all the bounty Ye could wish for shall be yours! What is it? Quite simply this is a new set of rules and scenarios designed to be used alongside the Age of Sigmar skirmish rules to represent the various crews of Sky Pirates clashing across the realms for loot, booty and pride (also some bragging rights). You get all the fun and action that comes with skirmish games alongside splendour of unique skyships gaining traits, equipment and reknown as your campaign progresses. With a low model count this is the perfect chance to personalise every model to make sure your motley crew is unlike any other, and their flagship is one worthy to be noted down in the chronicles of the realms. Whats the aim? Over 3-4 months players would plan, convert, paint and base up their own unique sky faring warband, sharing progress and photos aswell as hints and tips with each other and working on their warbands backstory. When every warband is completed players will then meet up at Warhammer World for a day of games against each other to decide once and for all who owns the skies of the realms. Sky... Pirates? Thats right, pirates in the sky. The Kharadon are not alone in their mastery of skyfaring technologies though perhaps they are the most experienced. Many a crew of crooks and thieves have taken to the sky either through stolen vessels, magical means, tethered beasts or their own ingenuity and technologies. Crews gather from all races and allegiances from the Steamclad ships of the Freeguild Privateers, choking the clouds with great plumes of industrial smoke to the ethereal ghost ships that ride in on a haunting moonlit night to claim the souls of the dead. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination so why not explore the darker side of the realm. Sky pirates profit from trade unencumbered by tariffs from petty empires down below, they can run goods without clashing in territorial disputes or having their buisness interupted by war and blockades. Most importantly they can steal, pillage and plunder with no lawmen able to give pursuit as they disappear once more into the clouds. Sign me up! Our tale of piratey gamers is quite simple, the aim is to make a crew using the Age of Sigmar skirmish rules totalling 30 reknown with one vitally important difference, there are NO ALLEGIANCE RESTRICTIONS, that right none. You may select scrolls from any grand alliance that match the model you intend to convert, this way you have access to hundreds of unique warscrolls to make a crew that perfectly represents your theme. Every model must adequetly represent the warscroll (no using that grot as an ogre) and the weapons within but beyond this let your creative instincts go wild. Suggested warscrolls: Grot with Crossbow (freeguild crossbowman scroll) Old mercenary (Greatsword) Assassin (Shadowblade) Vulture (Aetherwing) etc Make sure to select a captain for your band of rogues, feel free to get creative with the modelling and background as the captain defines the personality of your pirate crew and their missions going forward. In addition to this unique crew you get to build a unique looking ship to carry your crew into battle and bear their plunder away, this is a great chance to make something truly unique looking that fits the theme of your crew. From a floating temple of the slaan to the steam tank inspired ships of the freeguild to the beautifully ornate and deadly Daughters of Khaine moongliders every ship is unique. For the purposes of gameplay all ships start off using the warscroll for the Kharadron frigate and therefore weapons should be loosely representative (giant crossbow for skyhook etc) and vessels should approximately match in size. Give me ideas! Freeguild Privateers – A warband of ex-military mercanaries in well maintained but clearly dated armour, blackpowder and blades form the bulk of their military. Their ship is an old kharadron hull with massive smoke stacks tended by many deckhands as they funnel coal to keep it in motion. The captain is a wizened old engineer disillusioned with the military seeking to claim his fortune for retirement. Murderlust Sirens – A floating testament to khaines might, this sleek vessel outruns many others in the skies with its razorsharp bladelike form. Mounting its own cauldron of blood and held aloft by ethereal mists it is tended by Daughters of Khaine with wicked spears to pluck victims from the ground or fend of boarders. Harpies cling to the side of the hull to be carried into battle. Wyrdstone Barge – A bizare mirriad of technologies from the Clan Skyre powered by slaves running frantically in wheels whilst their slavers laugh maniacly, this ship often rides in on the storm with lightning rods across its hull powering the lethal lighning cannon on its prow. Globadiers cast poison winds onto unsuspecting victims below whilst stormvermin prepare to pillage and kill. Slaan temple Grotrigger Looted Barge Ghost Ship And more! So what now? Sign up to our Tale of Piratey gamers and select a theme that fits your concept, then start work on the crew. By the end of the first month aim to get 3-5 unique crew members finished (not the captain), these unique models should convey the theme of your ship and each can tell their own unique story. On month two we'll look at captains and their own murderous backstory. PLOGS: Mine (Grot Sky Pirates) - CHARLOTTE - Clan Skyre Storm Riders (PLOG TO FOLLOW)
  7. Hello! I'm new to AoS, and since it is beginning to get traction here in my gaming club in Brazil I decided to make an army, and Kharadron Overlords was the winner! Love Dwarves (duardin now), Pirates and Steampunk goodies, so this was an easy choice... But things are not so simple... I love to do fully converted armies, having done 5 for 40k (Nurgle CSM, Cthulhu/Deep sea diver inspired Chaos, SW 13th Company, Squats full of tanks, Skryre Skaven full of whacky machines), having never delved much into Fantasy before, but as said above, the new "steampunk" look and the concept of "everything goes/your imagination is the limit" in the Mortal Realms was the last straw... Thus here comes my idea, based on many "hints" on the Kharadron army book: a bunch of Kharadron pirates/mercenaries, not aligned to any skyport (even Morhar was too much "strict to the code" for them), based on some sort of Pirate Town in the realm of Chamon, and like Mos Esley spaceport from Star Wars, "a wretched hive of scum and villainy". The idea will evolve into an army composed mostly of sky faring vessels and boats, with different races manning different ships, fully converted and scratchbuilt... Allegiance wise, I'm aiming for an Order or Tempest Eye alliance (from Firestorm), as using the Kharadron one I will be too much restricted modelwise. Please also bear in mind that the goal for the list was not to be overly competitive, and it will rely a lot on "count as" troops/units, our gaming group here is very welcoming to that an they love my crazy conversions... So far my ideas are running around the following: - Kharadron Overlords Ironclad, crewed by 20 Arkanaut Company with 6 skyhooks, those will be the "real" duardin/KOs, albeit with a piratey twist; - Skaven "Frigate", crewed by 10 "Skaven Company" with 3 skyhooks (warpstone based). Plan to use the Bloodbowl skavens and some others - Orruk "Frigate" (Grotbag Scuttlers from the KO book?), crewed by 10 'Orruk/Goblin Krumpany" with 3 skypikes. Plan to use 40k Flashgitz, as they have a piratey look to them, and some goblins from many kits - Knight Venator, converted from a Girocopter with a skyhook to count as the starfate arrow, with endrins (ballons) also instead of the rotor blades, for a more Kharadron look & feel - Skaven Girocopters, converted from the central part of the skaven Doomwheel I would love to hear from the community what are your "visions" on how the ships from different races would look like... and which units could be used as a "count as" for this army... Orruk/Goblin full of scrap metal and parts, skaven with whacky technologies, like warplightning cannons instead of a sky cannons on the frigate, with warpstone tech instead of aether gold? I'm even thinking of a lean skyship, Drakkar like, full of flamethrowers for a "Drakeseer" count as... So, what do you think? It is a very ambitious project, and will require a lot of bits and different kits, but could look good if pulled well (hopefully)... Best Regards AJ
  8. A while back, before I decided that warhammer wasn't the game for me anymore (some point after 7th was released). I decided that I wanted to make a small force of skaven with a pirate theme. and given the way that my younger self was, I would collect the miniatures, then flit from project to project without really starting anything or seeing it through. so I moved on to mordheim, then got my heroquest figures mostly painted, then my AHQ figures (which I still have a bunch to finish) and the pirates got put on the back burner for the better part of a decade. then Age of Sigmar was released, and I've been reinspired. I actually managed to get my giant rat ogre painted (use as either chaos giant, or hell pit abomination) a friend of mine bought me some storm fiends, the first of which has been converted with a pair of "broadsiders" The first miniature who really got rescued from the lead mountain for this project specifically, was my captain. it was at that point, that I decided I needed to pick a clan, and firm up the theme a bit. I felt it stood to reason that a seafairing clan like clan Skurvey would be in essence, the clan Skyre of the Sea. and Sleekit would be more akin to clan moulder. as much as I relish the idea of giant mutant crabs as hellpit abomonations, I kind of felt the warmachine angle would give it a more cohesive feel. so with this in mind, my doomflayer was painted. I wasn't a big fan of the miniature, so I pretty much used it as a test piece, I wasn't disappointed with the results either. More bases, more machines despite the fact I only have a handful of models painted for this force currently, I felt I couldn't really get away with not having a ship. and a stroke of luck find in a charity shop means I now have one (I think it's an old playmobil one, but it cost a couple of quid, so I'm not complaining) after I stripped down the decks a bit, and removed that cat figurehead, I gave my lustrian pestilens force a test run in there. if I can get a suitably sized ships wheel, I'll be laughing. but for now, the whole thing is having a bit of a restructure I have to note, I have no idea what I am aiming for here, but I also had the thought that I may not get too many nautical battles going with AoS, and even with a charming centerpiece like this, I would be better to give it more versatility, so my plan is to make it an amphibious ship, land and sea. rolling up a beach and through whatever lies ahead. Still plenty of structure work to do, but I tried a couple of doomwheel wheels for size, I think I have settled on getting some laser cut to size now. I wonder how this will stack up next to an empire land ship. -=R286=-
  9. Dez

    Ahoy thar, Mateys!

    I'm going to be making a Barak-Mhornar Fleet, and I couldn't be more excited. That's saying something for an excitable gamer! Since we had heard rumors of a Dwarf Blimp back in 8th Edition I'd been saving money to start The Fleet. I've also threatened to sell all my armies if they brought back Squats to 40k, but that may turn out to be an idle threat So I've got the vision for Barak-Mhornar, the Pirate City. My Fleet will be focussed on the art and trade of Brewing, with a secret itinerary: Find the keys to the recipe of the fabled Bugman's Best. Often thought lost to the 8 Winds, they've returned time and again after years of being gone. Always different, always changed...and always with holds full of bewildering riches. One image really struck me when released, the image of the Ships with tentacles coming up from below: So I'll be be doing a bit of sculpting of tentacles and barnacles and other interesting items. I think I'm also going to go a step further and make the ships look really lived in and Piratical, with scary symbols and skulls adapted from real pirate fleets. I'm also going to go really deep and dark with the colors, and use different sources of light (Aethergold and blue/green lenses, purples). I'm also going to try and make some sort of cloud basing, and I've got ideas for that already. So here is my progress so far. I've almost built all of the Arkanaut Company and one Frigate. I've got a lot of basing and sculpting to do. The most fun part, is I'm trying to get it done by May 21st for a doubles tournament! Painted and ready to play. I've found a couple ways to convert Light Skyhooks. You can use the tips of the Skyspikes as well as Skyhooks from the Frigates. I then converted a 'SkyPike' from the bits left over.
  10. “Pirates? What d’ye be askin’ about pirates for, lad? If them navy lads hear ye saying such things they’ll be haulin’ you off to meet the rope, don’t ye know? “Hm? Not frightened? Fine. I can tell ye about pirates. Sail the seas of Ghur as long as I have and ye’ll learn plenty of things them high and mighty Azyrites don’t tell you. Lean in close, boy. I don’t want to be overheard by one o’ them damned Witch Hunters. “Ain’t just Chaos that infests the Seafangs. Don’t know how them pirates did it, but they survived the long dark before his great golden gloriousness deigned to show hisself. No, no, you’re gettin’ the wrong idea, boy. They ain’t fallen to Chaos. Just the opposite. Them scoundrels’ll fight anyone who crosses their bows; merchants, daemons, Stormcast, it don’t matter to them. They live how they want – no law, no rule, no gods, none of it. Nothin’ matters to ‘em, save what they can take with a pistol and keep with a cutlass. “Oh, plenty have tried to stop ‘em. But them pirate lads is like quicksilver in your hands, see? Anyone gets close they cut and run, off to another hideaway. Must be hundreds of islands in the Seafangs, and not even the dark gods could hold ‘em all. Thing is, Sigmar likes his ships big with lots of cannon, but them pirates is smart – they use fast little things, ships ye’ll never catch, ships that’ll be on yer before ye can blink. Why in blazes do ye think Sigmar’s Navy has so many ships patrollin’ the trade routes? “Careful, lad. I see that glint in yer eye. Might sound better than living ‘ere under the eyes of the Witch Hunters, but it’s a hard life, and make no mistake… them pirates is cruel. Vicious. Sail out into the realm o’ beasts and ye’d do well to always keep one eye on the horizon…” - overheard in a tavern by the Excelsis docks I posted this over in the AoS28 thread, but for the sake of keeping things all in one place I figured I'd give my pirates a thread of their own I actually first built a Mordheim pirate warband about six years ago - built and painted in about a week, they had no mould lines removed, thick, flat paintjobs and were pretty much just stock Empire Militia. So naturally I wanted to go back and redo them in a way that not only looked better but also actually looked like pirates! My greenstuff skills aren't amazing but I'm happy with how they're shaping up. Here's the ship's second mate on the left and a slightly overweight crewman on the right: More ambitious than the rest of the crew was the Captain - I had an image of a "gentleman pirate" in my head that required a fair bit of green stuff work to achieve. Lots of pics of this guy since the angles of the model make him fairly difficult to photograph: That's about all for now. There are another four crewmen in the early stages of painting but beyond that I'm going to need to buy some flagellants for more suitably ragged bodies and some pistoliers for more, well, pistols
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