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  1. I'm more than a little torn on these rules being used. I ran an event and many players forgot them or occasionally remembered them. A few used them in their games and tried to keep them in mind. As a first run they seemed to not slow the game too much? Right now I see them as an added hurdle to play time. If they are included in a pack, I can see picking an effect for the round (to avoid things like a 6" range). in a three round game if you use all the spells that is 21 spells people will need to learn? In a GT that would go as high as 42 spells (some needing to know 49 in a few situations.) One realm for an event was an interesting variation introduced by Chris Tomlin. Then each round is a different effect. That would cut down on the things to know, but may encourage TO's to avoid some of the realms, Banishment used every game or the need for two extra monsters. I do love the idea and the rules for the Realms. The are very cool, but I question them being used in a competitive play. Unless everyone is using them at most events the learning curve will slow the game down, in a situation where you have a limited time. Some of the effects will push army writing to exclude/enhance choices at events. Lastly, the full use of the realm spells strengthen armies with a lot of casters. I'd love to know what will happen at events and the levels these rules will be use to.
  2. Why would you have to use the Realm Rules if those events do? You can run your event anyway you want. I’ve read packs that use the rules, use modified versions, or have avoided them entirely. I would like to see a world where people run the event that they want and people go to the events that sound good to them.
  3. Sarkazim Im with you when it come to any universal adoption or a set of mission. Each RTT and each GT should feel different and challange its players in defferent ways. It sounds like your enviorment is much like like my own, where most everyone only plays the ITC missions. Fostering that kind of community is certinlynot my goal. I want to go to different events and see new takes on the game I love. the FLG guys regularly say run your event your way. Many I have run include soft scores, strait missions, sideboards, you name it. I don't think there is any one right way to host an event i'd like them to all look and feel different. I'm looking at coping the Warhammer World "Heats" for an evet and then the "Skull of Thrones" event, especially sence I have little chance of making it to WW.
  4. If the added objectives have no chance to trup the Battleplan Win, then they have little to no point in the game. My personal opinion based or GT's from Warhammer Fanticy Battles. Much like the problems in 8th and previous editions where if extras were added to a GT, and they usually were, they were at best 200 out of 2600+ points that could be earned on the table. Most players ignored them and just killed their opponents army, general, and took banners to get the points. The base matched play Battleplans stand well on their own. The objectives were borrowed from lots of other games, the reason to add them is to try to shake up the meta and give divers armies a better chance on the tables. This is the same reasoning that many events give for mixing in extra objectives or writing their own battleplans. Also the idea is to help split the field without using Points Killed. I don't know how far Denver is from you but they ran a GT, First Blood, and the guys involved are already planning another. It sound like they are shooting for bi-anual event?
  5. I'm sorry to hear your having some reservations about the event. The event is going to be huge and will just keep building, weather I'm involved or not. I've enjoyed reading the thoughts people have put forward here. I'm always looking at trying to build and support the AoS scene here in my area. Where abouts are you from? There are a number of strong clubs arround and a number of people trying to build up the AoS scene all arround The Southwest.
  6. I wanted to field a similar battalion but if Sneek Attack only moves units on the board it seriously neuters an alpha strike list which the battalion needs if it hopes to work. That's just is disappointing if it's true.
  7. Is there a link to a pack or am I writing one? On warhammer Weekly it sounded like there would be guidelines. Or did I miss it in the stream of comments.
  8. Is there anyone in San Diego that is hosting an event? if not I'll do it
  9. GW's Warhammer World has used several methods for army selections. With the GHB I've only seen them use one list or a sideboard. I'm not sure how they have handled summoning though. I know their LVO pack summoned were from the unfielded pool. So, two approved by GW. The only reason one would need a standard set up is for some kind is "Heat" mathches like GW is running this year. As they are doing eliminations for a finals match between 'the best, of the best'. Then maybe a standard would be fine. If there is a set of ITC rules for tournaments even they encourage you to alter the pack to fit your style of event. Those scores are added to the totals for the year. IMO a good player/hobby guy shines under any curcomstances. As for finding out who is the best! What hogwash. We use dice to play, skill and list matches may improve success, but we have all had that game where despite the odds, won or lost by dice rolls.
  10. Having run, and played in events with one list, two list and sideboards for force construction. It gives each event a different feel. Several shows and TO's have suggested senecio tweeks at events to favor varied builds to keep lists fresh and players on there toes at events. I'm not a fan of concealing battleplans for tounaments, giving a list larger than the event will use, yes. Events should have different set ups to fit their purpose. One list at around 1000 to attract new players or as a stage in an escalation league. A two list system to adjust to battleplans. Sideboards to match your opponent on the field. I see format as the key, not list builds. As for summoning, I don't think you loose the power of it when the event uses sideboards. You have a pool you can choose from to fit what is happening in the game at the moment. Also they can be placed around the table in adventagous ways. This is not to say that at some point in the future a flaw may arise with one of these systems, but for now I've not seen an issue.
  11. Wow that was a lot to read. I'm glad to see that an event I went to generated so much response. I can't make it to AdeptiCon so I'm glad I made it to LVO. It was an amazing event. The whole weekend was a blast. I can't wait till next year!
  12. 30 paired choppas 30 choppy and shield 20 bows Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. After the Dec. FAQ I've been assuming that the Greenskinz Big Mod is now defunct now? My planned list was LEADERS Orruk Warboss (140) Orruk Warboss (140) Orruk Great Shaman (140) UNITS 30 x Orruks (300) - Battleline 30 x Orruks (300) - Battleline 20 x Orruks (200) - Battleline 10 x Orruk Boarboys (200) - Greenskinz Battleline MONSTERS Rogue Idol (480) BATTALIONS Greenskinz BigMob (100) WOUNDS: 127 TOTAL POINTS: 2000 / 2000 it it seems that the FAQ this no longer works. In a previous tournament it did fairly well. With one win, a close loss(one point in boarder war), and a minor loss. Am I right in thinking this list is currently illegal?
  14. Event Title: Dicehammer SoCal AoS GT Event Author: ScottR Calendar: Events USA Event Date: 07/08/2017 10:30 AM to 07/09/2017 06:00 PM Details for the event will be posted at the link below. http://www.socalaos.com/event/dicehammer-socal-gt/ Dicehammer SoCal AoS GT
  15. ScottR

    Dicehammer SoCal AoS GT

    Details for the event will be posted at the link below. http://www.socalaos.com/event/dicehammer-socal-gt/
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