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  1. I'm excited. Going for my first Alcohol free event. Not sure Cardiff is the ideal setting.
  2. Same story. Probs can confirm on 28th tix still on sale then?
  3. If you're interested in the hobby and wanna see a tournament in action I would say go for it. So long as you're not interfering in the games or bugging people, but best to confirm with @Kaseliegth
  4. Put my name at the top of the list. Chris can go under me. (Wahey) x
  5. Set-Up isn't a move but the Lightning Strike special rule specifically states it is the units move for the turn. Thus the contention.
  6. TDK

    Lords of Chaos

    These are Unreal.
  7. Answer 2 is not correct; it is up for debate and Tournament Organizer discretion if you can land within' 3" of an enemy.
  8. Warrior Brotherhood. Boring; but that's the best way. You're relying on Dropping down and Nuking a unit of Snakes and creating "No-Fly" zones with your other units and shooting off the support characters while using your flexibility to control the objectives. They have to deploy defensively and castle up to prevent your alpha strike and this is to your advantage. You have set up as if you're going to get the double turn but also completely wipe a unit of Snakes in the turn you drop so you don't have more grown back in your face. If you're running a SCE list that sets up on the
  9. I've used the Celestant on Dracoth to great effect.
  10. I'd actually forgo the 3rd Judicator unit to bulk your Prosecutors, for the same Points the damage output is better.
  11. I've considered this for my WB. However; the Sylvaneth heavy meta is a bit of a myth at the moment. Plus; often the models coming through the trees are your heavy hitting TLA and SOD; who will likely be healed up for your D3 Damage if you cannot cripple them in one turn. Honestly, You're still seeing a big spread of armies battling for the top spots and that, in my opinion is a healthy meta.
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