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  1. I'm excited. Going for my first Alcohol free event. Not sure Cardiff is the ideal setting.
  2. Same story. Probs can confirm on 28th tix still on sale then?
  3. If you're interested in the hobby and wanna see a tournament in action I would say go for it. So long as you're not interfering in the games or bugging people, but best to confirm with @Kaseliegth
  4. Put my name at the top of the list. Chris can go under me. (Wahey) x
  5. Set-Up isn't a move but the Lightning Strike special rule specifically states it is the units move for the turn. Thus the contention.
  6. TDK

    Lords of Chaos

    These are Unreal.
  7. Answer 2 is not correct; it is up for debate and Tournament Organizer discretion if you can land within' 3" of an enemy.
  8. Warrior Brotherhood. Boring; but that's the best way. You're relying on Dropping down and Nuking a unit of Snakes and creating "No-Fly" zones with your other units and shooting off the support characters while using your flexibility to control the objectives. They have to deploy defensively and castle up to prevent your alpha strike and this is to your advantage. You have set up as if you're going to get the double turn but also completely wipe a unit of Snakes in the turn you drop so you don't have more grown back in your face. If you're running a SCE list that sets up on the line you're gonna have problems as the snakes and gonna get into you; the only other piece of advise i can give is in the way you stagger your units: Liberators in front; Paladins (Protectors Behind) and Judicators in the back shooting you can phalanx forward; take the charge and nuke the rest - be really aware of the double pile in though as it can throw your whole game plan off. Non-Drop SCE lists will really struggle. Thankfully - keep in mind that the Tomb Kings are a rarity as they're no longer supported by GW model-wise; and the resell value on Ebay and such is massive. So thankfully not everyone can bandwagon them.
  9. I've used the Celestant on Dracoth to great effect.
  10. I'd actually forgo the 3rd Judicator unit to bulk your Prosecutors, for the same Points the damage output is better.
  11. I've considered this for my WB. However; the Sylvaneth heavy meta is a bit of a myth at the moment. Plus; often the models coming through the trees are your heavy hitting TLA and SOD; who will likely be healed up for your D3 Damage if you cannot cripple them in one turn. Honestly, You're still seeing a big spread of armies battling for the top spots and that, in my opinion is a healthy meta.
  12. Add me up Mark! Cheers Sam
  13. Not with a 700 Point Reinforcement pool; you can literally summon what you want and in Large Numbers due to Arkhan's +to Summoning Big units of Skellies and fast units of Hexwraiths can be really good and tactically flexible. The Problem is the rule of 1. I think the ideal pool sits at around 500ish points but I think you can legit compete maybe not Top Tier but they can do some work.
  14. TDK

    Soulblight Info

    I like this as a List: Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (440) General Trait: Ruler of the Night. Artifact: Sword of Unholy Power Isabella (80) Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror (220) 3x5 Blood Knights (780) Reinforcement Pool: 480 With a Pool like this you can do some really cool summoning tricks, whether you summon a Balewind Vortex with Isabella and summon out chaff, objective holding units or a unit or two of Morghast Harbingers who can deal a lot of Alpha Strike Damage. Further to this you could Auto Summon the big bad Mourngul and have 80 points to throw skellies onto an Objective late game. Obviously the Terror Provides you movement bonus and shenanigans and Isabella has some neat tricks. You could also potentially flood the board with Chaff and objective holders while your elite stuff romps around looking to put a hurting on the opponent. Obviously this list is very susceptible to Alpha strike/Mortal wound abuse; however deploy right and you could be on to a winner.
  15. Therein lies the problem though; people like to create a game term it justify a perceived interpretation of the rule. It is a movement action Isn't anything in the rules, it is a categorization that's been fabricated. Factually counting as a Move, means yes A) you cannot move anymore and B) you must adhere to movement rules (i.e the 3" Rule.) So over complication only furthers the discussion. This leads on to the next point: I don't think GW needs to touch it in the FAQ; it is pretty clear. In the lightning Strike rules you must adhere to Set-Up and Movement Rules. Also; pretty sure @Ben Johnson has gone on record to say that the within 3" comment was an oversight by the author of the piece and not how he actually played the list or his interpretations of the rule. You're treading that fine line by often mistaking an article (whether Youtube, Tactica on Wiki Pages or an article on the Warhammer Community Pages) for written rules and FAQ. That's the bigger risk of reputation, you're likely to fall down a rabbit hole citing Facebook response comments and Bar Chat with Gamesworkshop Employees as quotable rules.
  16. Just as a quick FYI guys; I've noticed people have been chatting about Dropping units with the lightning strike rule within 3" of enemy units using the Knight Azyros as a conduit for this. (Warrior Brotherhood ect,) That is not the case. You must remain outside of 3" (So 3.1 inches away) from opponent and cannot drop into combat and must still charge. While the FAQ, particularly "what is set-up" has been called into question and used a reason for you to be able to drop "into combat" without charging, the Lightning strike rule specifically states it counts as that units Move for the turn. Therefore, as it counts as a move you cannot end your move within 3" of an enemy unit or model. While this has been discussed and ruled both ways at tournaments and other events; I would highly recommend discussing with the TO if they rule this as a legal move or not. To my mind there is no discussion; you cannot drop into combat and must remain 3" away, despite me myself going on record and playing it the wrong way at events due to this confusion. @Nico I've not lost to Kunnin' Rukk with my Warrior Brotherhood. Sam
  17. Clearly states that you can use it to attack first; before the player who's turn it is gets to make an attack. So on your turn you would quicksilver - attack with Said Hero then as it is still your turn be able to activate a unit as normal.
  18. Are you playing Scenarios?
  19. TDK

    Facehammer GT Winning Lists

    Thanks bro! Means a lot! X Yeah I thought the @Facehammer crew did an outstanding job. It was a great advert for the scene as you said. We will def have to get a Grudge in!! X
  20. I (obviously) absolutely loved it. I tweeted this earlier, but the whole event - from the organisation, the streaming, the interviews and all of the media, the event packs, the staff, the atmosphere was inspired. The venue was amazing, highly recommended. It is legit now one of the staple events of the year and I truly believe it will go from strength to strength. A massive thanks to the Facehammer Team for putting on the event, you boys were top notch. I am chuffed to bits I was able to take the event out, so much so I got home yesterday as was so wired I didn't fall asleep until the early hours of the morning. Thanks to all of my opponents and thanks to all the bros who stayed up drinking with me! #Toptablebehaviour is a thing. The Champ x
  21. TDK

    Facehammer GT Winning Lists

    I wont go into it too much; each list has be specifically designed with the scenarios in mind. Two heroes aren't enough for 3 Places of power and you can't fit two Dracoths in the warrior brotherhood and have two units of 10 Paladins. The Skyborne list was developed for 3 Places of Power and to play against horde/mortal wound spam armies. The Dracoth in the Warrior brotherhood has to be used as a Pinning piece, when he dies your armies can be battleshocked off. The Azyros is used more like the Banner to drop an alpha strike. If you only have a single Azyros you really have to anchor in one place or drop defensively.
  22. TDK

    Facehammer GT Winning Lists

    Immune to battle shock. Decimators destroy hordes, two Dracoth Lords are nails, can spread where you drop and be 5" away from the opponent and attack in two different places and be 10" away from the Celestant for re-roll charges...list goes on.
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