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  1. Truly love the Doomwheel model, but they're so weak in my opinion. Even when overcharging and no debuffs (on a support character your probably will get -1 to hit from look at sir) you will do on average 5 damage on a 5+. That's cutting way too close for 150 points, while their small support character will cost alot less. Sure, you could put MMWP on them and send them on a carnage, and it'll do 9 damage in the same situation. But, that's average, it's so swingy you could do alot less or alot more. Even though Laser Cannon Deathsentence are random when overcharging, it'll feel very good when you roll a 1 or a 2 and do 12 MW's, or you could roll a 6... blow yourself up, and do 1-2 MW in return 🤣 , but different role ofcourse. Jezzails are also very poorly, especially if you compare them to the Stormcast variant which can shoot twice and has more range and they got a price reduction.
  2. So, how did you all attach your Akhelian Guard? I've heard the normal flying stick base is fragile as hell.
  3. Yes, prices are crazy and it has for sure thought about my spending. I've started 2 years ago, and such I've only had 2 price increase (including the one coming up) and even before I thought the prices were a bit steep. Luckily, I've got relative "cheap" armies, namely Skaven (cheap, but I currently have most of the range, though kitbashed quite alot), FEC (spam a few SC and a few boxes of flayers) and Tzeentch (also quite old). Now, in the case of Tzeentch, I pay 40 euro's for 20 Kairic Acolytes, expensive but I can live with that because you get 20 clanrats for 30 euro which are quite old, so fair. I've recently started thinking about collecting another army, and my only interest is with Idoneth, Daughters and Sisters of Battle. Now, they're insane price wise because they're new(ish). I'm a player that likes options, so I don't just buy 1 list, no I buy the whole range. Daughters I would want 14 boxes of Witch Aelves, 45 euro a box! Insane how steep the price is. So, I'm scouring 2nd hand sites to collect those armies and buying the models from an online retailer for 15% off. Shame for the store, but my money isn't infinite and even if it was I'd think twice about spending it.
  4. So, question that's been asked before probably, but I couldn't find it elsewhere. Volturnos' ability "Supreme Lord of Tides" doesn't specify when you use it, if I'm correct a FAQ sorted that out that when it doesn't say, it's in the hero phase. However, is that YOUR hero phase, or just any hero phase. Basically, the question is, when can I use the command ability and in my turn, or either (during High Tide ofcourse).
  5. Seraphon has exactly the same issues and strenghts as us, and I'm quite sure they're more broken than Changehost ever was. Both have the issue that they have low cost shooting that need buffs to shine, however in the case of Seraphon they are much tankier and cost less points. If they'd increase the point value of flamers it wouldn't do the warscroll justice. I could see a point increase on pink horrors, 50 wounds is nothing to shrug off. However, 50 wounds with the current meta is nothing with such a low save. I'd rather see them buff the other half of the book, the "friendly" stuff. Because currently the way I see it, only the daemon side is worth the points and by Tzeentch I do love me some Kairic Acolytes!
  6. It's still the year of the rat, so hope is good! But we'll probably get point bumps for all Verminlords and Stormfiends, and they'll lower the cost of something like... warpgrinders. On another note, last time I played Skaven was with 2x 40 clanrats and 1x 40 stormvermin against Ironjawz. It wasn't fun, the power creep is so intense, 6 boars ripped through 40 clanrats like they were nothing. I remember the time my opponent was all, "f*ck me, I have to grind through 40 of those?".
  7. I've bought couple of those sets 2nd hand aswell, but, nothing stopping GW from boxing them in a start collecting right, as the sprues aren't mixed High Elf / Skaven? Could use one too, as we only have a Pestilens SC.
  8. Been using that tool for all my armies since you told me about it and it's just such a huge eye opener haha But, I've had the "pleasure" playing against Seraphon with quite some frustration. It's going to get a hefty point increase on their skink heroes and salamanders, no way around it. Jezzails do quite poor, as you can't really hit anything because they're small and can just hide behind a terrain piece easily. In fact, I've begun dropping the Jezzails all together even though I really like em, but they just don't seem to pull their weight most of the times. Also, I'm rather fond of the emergency MMWP, the command trait Deranged Inventor, giving just the rerolling hit to the Stormfiends and Spark already helps enormously. An extra vigordust wasn't all that much damage increase, but hey, it helps! It's always my back-up plan, just in case MMWP doesn't come through. Shame Arch-Warlocks and Engineers are so fragile, hopefully we'll get a better version later on which has protection of the horned rat (I'd kill for a Skryre Verminlord with a giant rocket or something, or a mounted Warlock on a Doomwheel, please GW read this)
  9. I must be missing something, how would you try the gnawbomb trick? Probably requires skitterleap as the other options are all the end of movement? 2x 6 Stormfiends sound great on the table, but without any buff they're just terrible for the points... Didn't get a chance to listen to the podcast but any way it's viable I'm in 😄
  10. Having played HPA extensively the last few months, I'm leaning towards Thanquol aswell, it's not only his clearing he brings but also the WLV. Armies played against are Ogors, Seraphon (****** that army), Fyreslayers and DoK. That's 3 very meta lists there where Thanquol with 4 flamers will just do incredible, 50/50 is not worth it in my opinion, you don't really want him in melee as even with 50/50 loadout he will do on average 8 damage unbracketed on a 4+ (with all melee profiles, just the 2 braziers will do 4 dmg on average). Also, HPA's horde clearing is targetted within 3", a big unit will not catch all units, where Thanquol has a higher chance of doing that. Also, Thanquol is a leader and can scurry away in combat! I've also tried a big unit of acolytes multiple times, and while they have a high damage potential they are so fragile and a have a HUGE footprint. I'm leaning towards going back to Stormfiends. Something like: Leaders Thanquol on Boneripper (400) - 4 Warpfire Braziers Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (240) Warlock Engineer (100) Battleline 20 x Clanrats (120) 20 x Clanrats (120) 20 x Clanrats (120) Units 40 x Plague Monks (280) 6 x Stormfiends (520) Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs Warp Lightning Vortex (100) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 167
  11. Thanks for replying and taking the time, for my lists I am running them as competetive as they get. Skaven is usually 9 jezzails, 6 stormfiends or 30 acolytes, hellpit abomination, the works. Tzeentch I've tried changehost which was no use as I could not damage his two bastiladons, can not do mortal wounds because my spell range is only 18" and with slann's +2 to dispell it gets really hard to do that. I've also tried guild of summoners and I could just not get any threats going there. FEC actually had the best chance against coalesced, as flayers just do 1 dmg or a mortal wound. Ofcourse it's limited in the amount of games we can have, and he tries another list each time (which is what I would do with a new book). And yea, you're right with it's an "honest" army, no real tricks, but the stuff they have access too is so easy to do, if CP was a limitation to buff everything but there's not really. Especially considering their point cost (which is something that can be fixed ofcourse). Let's just keep it out of my army sucks or Seraphon is OP, that's not my intention, I just want to level the playing field and I am unable to find any weaknesses besides the leaders who buff. EDIT: One of this lists
  12. Maybe an odd question on a Seraphon forum which is usually about how to win with something, but me and a friend play regulary and I just find the new book way too good and quite unbeatable. There are few weaknesses and some units just seem way too cheap. This is not a complaint about how good the book is, but more about how can I counter Seraphon or how even play against them. We both play competetively, if that adds anything. My armies are: Skaven, FEC, Tzeentch and Idoneth, and I can't win with either unless he makes a "fun" list which still makes me nearly unable to beat him. It's not even the rule that he does more damage against Chaos, which is in a competetive setting really absurd. A unit of 3 Salamanders can destroy literally any unit (in coalesced run/shoot, starborn he can just teleport 3 units in my face), Skinks in Starborn fully buffed who can shoot any unit of the board when they get charged AND retreat. Bastiladons who can shoot twice with +1 to hit and with accross the board who don't take damage from anything with rend, CP regen for days, and to go on. With Coalesced many of my attacks become useless as they do 2 dmg, now 1 dmg which means I can't clear a unit. A unit with 10 knights that have 6 buffs(!) that just cost CP or point and buff that will just annihilate everything with 3D6 movement + 4 to charge. It all feels so good. So, then I thought, the heroes buff so I should target them, which would be a tactic but they're so easy to hide and Slanns are nigh unkillable with a unit of guard. Now I don't want to give up, since it's absurd that my 4 armies can't deal with his, what am I doing wrong? Is the book too good?
  13. Go a few pages back, it was discussed and concluded with proof out of the rulebook that this list is indeed valid. Battallion units not in upper-case get checked by their title, the subtext is ignored (which convienently is "on Royal Terrorgheist")
  14. My experience, ZD has a place but gheists are so much better, especially without a rider. Most lists have 2 terrorgheists + flayers/ghouls, rarely you see a GKoZD. If you were to try full gristlegore, you'd also not play any ZD's. So, I'd go 1 ZD and 3 gheists, but that's just my opinion
  15. I agree, Ahriman also feels out of place with his armour and is an iconic 40k piece. My proxy was originally Theddra Skull-scryer, added the halberd from Phoenix Guard and the head comes from Chaos Knights. There's a Kairic Acolyte shield on her back, for rules fluff. Disc was 3d printed by a friend of mine.
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