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  1. Would really like a hero standing on top of a manta ray - powerful melee think light of eltharion on a manta ray or powerful caster on top of the manta ray, maybe the manta ray is the powerful caster, - perhaps a combo of both for a new hero then some endless spells water focussed - think they could be awesome looking like lore of the deeps magic in tw:wh2 Then elite akhelian foot troops, heavy armoured slow moving but can teleport during flood tide, the tide can lift them up move them a long distance....Would open some nice combos with reverse tide/ normal tide and feutan. having elite infantry may be The best way to move away / provide a new option from the elite cav in eels. Beyond this there’s still so much creative scope for deepkin - think kraken, poisedon type giant, crabs, water based dinosaurs? got to hope there will be a second ‘wave’ of releases at some point the design space is huge.
  2. People should stop Hoping for what they would like, it’s clear GW going for something slightly different - for me it’s not great but that’s ok. GW has a good range of models that are decent and no doubt we all have a big plastic back log! i think we have seen the majority of the launch now I feel we get the usual cycle on rules like with chambers, but this has been marketed wrong especially with the ridiculous cow wraith knight and teclis model - alongside the poor trickle of info. Generally people are collecting elves for the elves not a creature with some guy jumping off the back of it and a cow. it could have been simple - basic range they ve shown us, archers, horses, mono pose spears - Eltharion, lord of the wraiths aka wraith guard 40k +Titan Not a cow version ( imagine a larger eltharion), aspect warriors swords, magic, range, flying. Teclis single model without derp face Leaping off the side of the base ,aka nagash, Tyrion on flying warped malhandir, aka Archaon. complete launch range loadout = 3 x basic Troops 4 x aspect lords 4 x aspect kits tyrion teclis 1 x wraith knight 1 x wraith unit 3 x generic heroes 17 kits - 3 battle line, 3 large models, 4 aspect lords, 5 specialist troops and 3 generic heroes. That’s a big release that will get people to buy into the big charcs, If they were better models than this teclis, and then build excitement to purchase further chambers/aspects being developed. maybe even forego the wraiths and reduce the launch to 14 kits This allows us to specialise - each aspect gets developed with 2 kits plus large model / hero - then you could have wraiths, if held back at release, also making 5 more ‘chambers’ to release GW could have everyone on the hook with the army, while allowing us to play elves how we like excited for further development on that play style with a better result for us and for them financially Right now Imagine painting/practicing painting on your general elf troops to build up to painting that teclis/creature model or a cow? when really you wanted to play elves with magic, swords or flying or arrows? Not hammers and cows throwing them into melee orc style! GW - thanks for saving me money!
  3. Honestly disappointed with this release. teclis in my opinion is the worst modern charc Model in AOS. the face is terrible, the pose is...You buy teclis and get a random creature, with an elf (that’s supposed to be a god) that is less than 3 times the size as the beast and not even Center of the whole piece. its like teclis is the herald rather than the prince on this model....Syll'Esske: The Vengeful Allegiance except the on teclis model the scaling and position are even worse - teclis should be the centre of a teclis model... the composition is just wrong. then when your eyes finally get to the part that’s supposed to be the model you see teclis’ face. It could be the paint job - but it’s awful compare it to the art... I don’t know why they did this. imagine they released gulliman jumping off the side of a new larger imp knight, hanging off a model that is dominating the whole piece.... with a base so large you can’t ever make teclis the centrepiece and play with it? the spears are not next gen models either, looks like mono pose with a choice of spear 40 or 45 degrees - less dynamic that when this was rank and file (which they would fit nicely into) The Light of Eltharion, fantastic model, and horses are nice though. i can’t get over the things mentioned so will be saving money and praying they don’t gimp Tyrion Face, model and his elves.
  4. Yeah it will do, but should look good it s only a final highlight though and should just go over the top of about 50% of the ulthuan highlight - you still want ulthuan grey visible on about 50% of the areas you ve highlighted so you can see that colour ‘blend’ into the white. Shouldn’t be too time consuming, only small touch’s of pure white no need to make the highlight white line smaller than the ulthuan, can just run over it as mentioned above, so easier this way and don’t need to damage your eyes or concentrate to much! i would mix white with lahmian medium and draw your brush over the ulthuan edge highlight then remove the brush at the point you want the white pigment to settle, small amounts of pigment/paint on brush - should create a blended light grey to white highlight. Also some reflection points on the armour. On smaller edges/angles you may want to add dots of white where two ‘lines’ of the ulthuan grey meet - at the angles. give it a go To build up even more contrast you can do the same with apothecary white but draw the pigment for the light areas into the shadow’d area. if you want to increAse the depth of the shadows further then you could add a light blue to the apothecary white and repeat for a cooler tone in the shadows or use a grey instead of the light blue for a mid toned white, creamy colour instead for warmer white. hope this helps and you like the results if you choose to give it a go
  5. Looks really good, perhaps use both ulthuan grey and white highlights? ulthuan around all edge highlights and white edge highlights on more prominent edges? should give a ‘dull’ highlight and brighter highlight on sharper edges or points you want to draw attention to. effectively makes a transition of highlights on the armour edges it should add more contrast and make things ‘pop’ more, which I think you are trying to go for?
  6. Yeah like mentioned he ll replace some heavy hitting slow melee units. If it’s to common then they ll nerf him. It’s not great for the game but Shows they are brave they in some of the warsrcolls. Its not the end all - let’s see what happens i personally think it’s ridiculous though - will draw attention to the model - then maybe nerf
  7. Yeah :s Think this definition will dictate if we are talking about kiting the model or lose in combat to it or actually being able to take it on. if it’s going to be able to handle those abilities, ie down to 1 damage of the total, you ll see some of those units points in lists replaced by this chap.
  8. Ok so it’s not so bad - same goes for the eels. If He’s not attacking first, one attack phase could melt him still in melee. For less points if you are choosing to attack first in a vacuum. just make sure you attack him first... Not too op. thematic for a legend - will pick up and enjoy painting reason I asked was that the ability is one ability with multiple single mw’s thanks
  9. Hey guys just wondering how his reduce to 1 damage ability would work. If you attack him with say, 10 evocators or are in range of lightning arc- average of 10 mw’s would each go through as it’s 1 dmg per success as listed or is the 10 reduced to 1? if latter then it’s ridiculously strong, former and it’s not so bad... he ll 3+ all but 3-4 on average and with a some shooting before likely drop.
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