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  1. I wasnt expecting anything stormcast except the one special character we got. Honestly we don't need anymore models, we need new usable rules for the ones we have.
  2. "In addition, at the end of your movement phase, you can pick any friendly LIBERATORS units that did not move and were not set up in that phase and say they will stand fast. If you do so, until your next movement phase, you can add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made by those units, and you can add 1 to save rolls for attacks that target those units."
  3. Skaven are the army that always jumps to mind first. I'd like to be able to buya unit of skyre acolytes and not sell my house to fund it before hand. I absolutely agree on BOC as well, Grashrak despoilers are such great sculpts and stand in stark contrast to the odd anatomy of the old models
  4. This is something I've been thinking about as being a great quality of life change. I'd even go as far as to say the team that drops first gets to choose to rerooll their roll for first turn, that's gives them a 66% chance of winning, good odds but not good enough to base your entire list on for a 5 game tournament? It feels like there is a fine line between rewarding clever list building verse punishing armies with subpar battalions.
  5. That's a pretty ludicrous reasoning and patently unfair to those of us that prefer the double turn. No one ever uses it as a reason to play? Of course not, imagine trying to convince your friends to play a game and leading with "sometimes you get to go twice" rather than showing off the minis and the armies. That's like trying to sell a beautiful suit and starting by talking about the buttons. The double turn informs the structure of this game, how you move how you plan, how you build your army etc. So when those of us who like the double turn sell the game we sell the strategy, the need to think 3 steps ahead as well as the chance for the whole game to turn on its head based on some good/bad luck and simply framing that as fanboys just accepting whatever GW tells us is spurious. I mean just look at my posting history I'm heavily critical of most everything GW but I play AoS for 2 reasons, I like the models and I like the game play (which includes the rules) it's not that I wouldn't tweak some things here and there but I love the core of this game. If you don't like the core of this game I'm genuinely curious why you play it?
  6. Honestly I feel like if you want the double turn removed AoS is not for you, it's a core mechanic of the game and one that separates it from other similar games, I do agree however with the sentiment that more can be done to balance it, more battle plans like the blades edge that add layers to the turn mechanic would be very welcome. I'd also love to see changes to the way first turn is decided, I like there being a benefit for teams that set up first as it adds an extra layer to list building but I'd prefer it to be something along the lines of a roll off to determine order with first to setup getting plus one or option to reroll. Feel like removing the absolute certainty of deciding turn order for teams that set up first removes some of the power from 1 drop power shooting lists.
  7. Just bumping this in case anyone knows the answer
  8. I'm certain that's something from the new WH Quest, some kind of warewoolf esque monster climbing over Gothic architecture, presumably to go with all the critters and keys I'm assuming are also a part of the game.
  9. I mean that analogy doesn't work at all does it? The concept of purchasing a game and expecting the rules to come with it is very different to purchasing a car and expecting other services and other resources to be included, no one expects to get the paint with their models do they? I'd say a better analogy is, imagine you went to the store and bought a box set of Monopoly, you take it home and open it up. There's dice, a board, cards etc. and a single page of basic rules. To get the full rules you need to buy another book, there have also been changes made to balance the game and make it fairer which are in another book. Now who's at fault here? I'm sure different people on this forum will have different opinions, should you buy a game and expect everything to come as one, especially when they haven't for a long time? Probably not but should a game, especially one as expensive as warhammer pay wall it's own rules, probably not. Now wether AoS is a game system designed to facilitate the sale of models or the models are designed to serve the game is debatable (and probably a little of both) but it's hard to defend the current costing of the rules in this game when a players may need to purchase 5-6 books (approx $250 aud) to play their army which already cost anywhere from $450 to $1200 for 2k points when those books can be invalidated in 6 months.
  10. Quick question for some reason I can't find the answer, with stormkeep patrol battalion ability (or any other abilities that let unit or units be setup or moved after setup is finished) what comes first? Deciding turn order or the movement of the units? I assume you move the battalion first then decide who's turn it is but I can't seem to find any confirmation.
  11. I'd love to see an update for Prosecutors, they look to me like they should be the most elite of units, instead they're basically scouting/screening units. I'd like to see them become something like this. Around 270 points for 3.
  12. So I finished my conversion of a stonehorn. Found a 2nd hand thundertusk on ebay for super cheap but couldn't find a replacement stone horn head so I made my own using the thundertusk head. It took me like 2 weeks of sculpting, changing, green stuffing, sanding, cutting and filing to get it in the right place (although I could have probably done a little more sanding) and then an evening painting the horns and finding and trying new techniques (I've not painted anything like this before). Then when that was done I converted a spare glutton with various parts and green stuff into my very own Frost Lord, very pleased with the results. Tried to get some decent photos of him, got one with my kit bashed thundertusk for good measure
  13. My wife bought me zarbags gitz and a freaking Morathi the mad woman Also painted this Christmas boy
  14. Not at all, it's an inherit weakness of large monsters that in a game about capturing objectives they aren't very good at capturing objectives so the only reason to play them is if they provide some other use ie as a bully unit or buff piece. So buff the other monsters than, don't nerf one of the only ones worth their points But he doesn't, he does 42% less damage than 320 points of unbuffed free guild greats words, 32% less than 280points of unbuffed hammerers and 30% less damage than 260 points of unbuffed dreadscythe harridans and no one even uses them because they're a sub par combat unit in a sub par combat army (sorry NH fans I hope your new book arrives soon). You can feel free to go compare it to a bunch of other infantry units in the game and you will find almost all will beat the leviadon on average damage. Hell I purposely didn't pick the best combat units. Go matchbit up to DoK or Ironjawz. I'm not sure how you decided to just remove 140 points from a unit then call it under costed, the aura is not worth 140 (the battlesmith is more than just his aura and I've no idea which seraphon character you're referring to) But like I said the problem isn't the leviadon it's the book, a +1 save aura is nice but not game breaking, however it being in an army with a unit that can ignore rend, is automatically in cover the first turn and if closest has to be shot at allowing the rest of the army to move forward safely to attack first for the entirety of battle round 3 where their other elite cavellry receive a bonus for charging and can gain a ton of extra attacks from the command ability from an already good hero who also now can make all units near him - 1 to hit. But yeh the turtle is the problem.
  15. Nah the leviadon is fine, it's priced correctly. its damage output when it charges is comparable to an ubuffed 5 man evocators unit (pictured) which is 130 points cheaper. Yes the leviadon has other benefits (+1 aura, High save) but it also has all the drawbacks of a behemoth and vital counts as only 1 model for objectives. On top of that I compared with evocators because on top of similar damage they have a spell/unbind and count as 4 more models and critically based on average damage a charging leviadon would not be able to claim an objective from evocators however charging evos would almost always take an objective from a leviadon. What does this all mean? Not much other than comparing individual warscrolls is pointless and the leviadon is so strong because the IDK book is broken but I'd hardly call the Leviadon the problem, if anything it's more indication that GW are finally getting monsters right. And as for the comparison to the black dragon, the black dragon is a terrible warscroll and indicative of the issues with older monster warscrolls being underpowered and again comparing warscrolls never works. Hell if you want to compare warscrolls did you know castigators are better than skinks? They average almost double the damage at minimum sizes.
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