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  1. Played my first game of 3.0 today vs my wife's NH. Really enjoyed it, new changes seemed to work really well. Tried out a few things: Stardrake with 5+ ward and a castellant buff was unkillable for a fairly low rend army and although the combat profile still feels lacklustre flying the drake out into the middle of the opposition and just biting out key models (side not ate a Knight of shrouds) and putting out mortal wounds while being a genuine decision point felt nice. I ran 3 ballistas and a lordinator in a grand battery to mixed results, they struggled against an unrendab
  2. Hey guys new video up, love to hear what you think. what other videos you would like to see? different factions or even different topics? SLAAAAAANESH http:// https://youtu.be/TyODVgx_SiA
  3. For sure it's always been our choice what size we play on but i won't be surpised if tournaments, clubs etc. move to the smaller board format.
  4. They said official board size for AoS is being brought in line with 40K (60x44 from memory) for matched play. Larger boards are still ok and in reality we all play on whatever size table we have.
  5. They just confirmed boards are getting smaller
  6. good to see stormcast foot heroes are as useless in a fight in trailers as they are in actual games.
  7. I disagree with this point, I don't believe stormcast become less relateable by losing part of themselves. Yes you can say they aren't completely relateable becuae of their superhuman reforging but then that would be true of many major Marvel/DC heroes yet people have no problem relating to them. The stormcast losing parts of themselves through reforging may not be something we do specifically but I can understand, empathise and frankly be terrified of the concept especially. Also people to lose parts of themselves, dementia/alzheimers exists, brain injuries, mental illness and traumatic exper
  8. I saw the suggestion for that rule earlier but in my mind the coach needs to be a powerful buff piece not a transport piece. As well, with the rules id like to see on it, a teleport would make them worse as the ideal position with it's buffs would be center board touching as many units as possible. Teleporting into the corner to steal objectives or facilitate a charge takes those powerful buffs, you have to pay points for, away from the majority of the army but that's strictly talking about the rules i wrote and adding the teleport rules to the current coach would be a nice buff. a
  9. I actually had a swing at it's warscroll, thoughts?
  10. I think when if they re-write the Black Coach warscroll they should just look at what they did with the IDK leviadon, a powerful support piece that create a strong buff within a bubble (obvs not +1 save for NH) that is also able to do plenty of damage in combat if you get it into the right matchups.
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