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  1. The retributors need 2 more models to make a full unit of 5. What you have left comes to 880 points so adding another hero like an incantor or something like a Ballista would fit nicely. Alternatively you can play the Lord celestant as Vandus Hammerhand (I'm assuming based on models you have the starter set) which takes your army to 940 or 990 with an extra command point. Neither team is overly strong. they both lack real firepower but you can certainly play enjoyable games with them especially if your opponent has a basic non meta team. Also if your opponent is nice they should just let you play with the retributors anyway, may as well play with what you have while you're learning to play the team, once you've got some games under your belt you will know what you want to add next.
  2. I like some uniformity in the right unit, judicators are very uniform and I really like that look on them, they look like they are doing the whole 'ready, aim, loose' thing which fits the aesthetic of brainwashed zombie super soldiers. The namarti on the other hand fit the more aggressive chaotic, dynamic posing as they look like a raiding party fighting more as individuals within a group.
  3. I think we need to draw the distinction between being negative and being critical, I'm overwhelmingly positive about AoS but I'm still critical of the game and it's many foibles, I started a thread the other day about our most disappointing units in game, its a fairly critical thread but one I would call largely positive because its lighthearted and people mostly asking for more not less. I think also, with the way a forum space functions it will always lean more critical and more negative because there are only so many "everything's great" posts you can make but infinite complaints. For what it's worth I find the AoS WhatsApp groups far more positive and less critical, they are far more focused on the hobby aspect.
  4. Honestly ogors was the first team that came to mind for me or fyreslayers (although they are very samey)
  5. I agree, the last few pages have left me genuinely sad at some of the opinions offered on people of various races as well as the perception of those on welfare.
  6. Watched the vids the next day, was great, few technical issues to iron out but some solid games and the presentation is wonderful.
  7. Look, using cufflinks as your example of a stable business model might not be the best idea when most cufflink brands are diversifying into other accessories and in particular women's accessories as the number of men buying cufflinks is decreasing year on year, largely because there are no new customers coming into the business.
  8. Personally I think decimators are still good, they are the most situational of all the paladins but as a result the unit with the strongest trick, they are still pretty good at cutting through armies with high model counts. One of the last game I played with them I got a unit of 5 into battle with a full unit of chainrasp. I play with 2 maces and still managed a ludicrous 45 attacks from 3 guys.
  9. Retributors are such cool looking models, I really hope they rework some warscrolls in the next tome.
  10. Yeh I wish retributors were better but they kind of highlight why I think prosecutors are so bad. Retributors are designed correctly they just do their job badly, add 1 extra attack on their warscroll and they suddenly feel about right. Prosecutors are designed, I feel, to be completely different to the look they give off. They are mini celestant primes and I want them to hit like mini celestant primes. Give them 5 or 6 attacks each, make them do mortals on the charge, give them exploding 6s and keep their other rules, make them closer to 200 points or even more and then they feel the way they look.
  11. Oh god yeh I was looking at that warscroll the other day, its awful. Such nice models too.
  12. What unit disappoints you the most? Which unit looks like it should be a world beater but hits like a pillow? What character is terrifying in lore but terrifyingly easy to kill in game? What units rules looked amazing on paper but just don't work on the table? What monster looks terrifying but only from the shelf? So tell me what unit do you find the most disappointing? Mine has to be Stormcast Prosecutors. I had to reread the battletome multiple times when I first saw the unit was 90 points, I thought maybe they'd be 90 each. To me they look like the elite troops in an already elite army, I wanted them to essentially be the valkyrie from god of war but they're just not, they aren't scary and don't serve much purpose. I'd love to see them reworked and turned into some super elite cavalry, have them hit as hard as any unit in the game but still be fragile, the ultimate glass cannons that move at the speed of lightning.
  13. No but a room full of straight white men are probably going to write less diverse characters than a room with mixed race, gender etc.
  14. This model lives in my nightmares 🤣 I do actually doubt GW would design a model this fetishised, for all my criticism of the company I still adore their model designs. I'm in a weird place here where my ignorance of the lore (I know basics like spawning pools and the slann dreaming the seraphon into reality) actually improves the experience as I always thought of the seraphon as being completely asexual and agendered hence my preference for just fixing the lore. Which is sad because knowing and investing more in the lore should improve the experience. Having said that I'm totally on board with the idea raised way earlier in this thread suggesting gendered seraphon. Skinks are male, sauras are female. would be really cool to make a different type of sexual dimorphism from human, giving the faction a different feel
  15. I had a feeling it was going to be a pronoun issue. That's disappointing, I do wonder if that is a weird holdover from the old Lizardmen faction. Either way it's bad writing, if your written lore is that these creatures are asexual then they should be written as such, it's basically the same as writing a story about vandus hammerhand (for example) and constantly using female pronouns. I do personally still feel that it is a lore issue that needs fixing rather than female seraphon models, as I feel if you code a female seraphon you are now implying all others are male (plus I'm a little worried they'd just stick b r e a s t s* on a lizard) but I respect where you're coming from. *I can't believe that word is banned by the filter
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