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  1. Nope. "Once per turn, at the end of your movement phase, if any friendly units with this ability are on the battlefield" Once per turn "if any" , not per imperitant. Edit: I'm answering this assuming you mean drop multiple per turn. You can definitely drop multiple per game.
  2. I've always thought a souls like would be perfect, you already have an in universe reason for a stormcast to continue coming back over and over upon death.
  3. Yep, warscrolls and battletome overwrite core rules unless otherwise notes
  4. Boulderhead should be fine as it specifically gives ever hero a mount trait, it's non Boulderhead lists that are the problem as it's tough to get more than 1 enhancement.
  5. Hi guy's im creating just a central thread to post up my new videos rather than just creating a new one everytime, i think that's more forum friendly. Please feedback anything you would like to see on the channel, all constructive criticism taken and im happy to explore any ideas you have. Thanks New video on IDK:
  6. We'll never know but I'd be interested to see what effect scalpers had on this launch. At least where I am stores and GW really cracked down on scalpers with most places I saw limiting stock to 1 or 2 and since I've barely seen anyone selling models from the sets, I wonder if effectively reducing scalpers hurt the first weekend sale push? I'm not saying it's a bad thing because those of us who wanted the set got it but I do wonder about the long term effects.
  7. Played my first game of 3.0 today vs my wife's NH. Really enjoyed it, new changes seemed to work really well. Tried out a few things: Stardrake with 5+ ward and a castellant buff was unkillable for a fairly low rend army and although the combat profile still feels lacklustre flying the drake out into the middle of the opposition and just biting out key models (side not ate a Knight of shrouds) and putting out mortal wounds while being a genuine decision point felt nice. I ran 3 ballistas and a lordinator in a grand battery to mixed results, they struggled against an unrendable opponent even with some good rolls but held space in the center of the board preventing some key charges at time for fear of 2 lots of shooting. Tried the vortex but it got dispelled the following turn everytime, endless spells are going to be strong and our current lack of bonuses for dispelling could really hurt us vs strong magic teams.
  8. Hey guys new video up, love to hear what you think. what other videos you would like to see? different factions or even different topics? SLAAAAAANESH http:// https://youtu.be/TyODVgx_SiA
  9. For sure it's always been our choice what size we play on but i won't be surpised if tournaments, clubs etc. move to the smaller board format.
  10. They said official board size for AoS is being brought in line with 40K (60x44 from memory) for matched play. Larger boards are still ok and in reality we all play on whatever size table we have.
  11. They just confirmed boards are getting smaller
  12. good to see stormcast foot heroes are as useless in a fight in trailers as they are in actual games.
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