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  1. It'll go on the normal base size, it's more or less the same length as the GW stonehorn, ignoring the horn overhang.
  2. Spent the last 2 days putting together this chonky boy. I love the stonehorn sculpt but think it looks wrong as a thunder tusk, I want the thunder tusk to be heavier set, less gorilla like. So I sawed the head of a wooly rhino toy and greenstuffed away to create my thunder tusk. Now I just need to paint him up.
  3. Celestant Prime, he's not super competitive but it's a beautiful model and can be good fun to play with for the turn or 2 before he gets wiped off the board.
  4. God I'm so down for this idea. Hey GW are you listening? Give me a badger team, the team I've needed all my life but never knew it.
  5. What army did your opponent play, what enemy units killed the veritsnt and libs?
  6. I dont see it that way, I see the rule being fundamentally broken its just tempered by dropping liberators who aren't much good. If that battalion included other units like evocators or was given to another team that was better it could actually be unplayable. With all that said I do think this battalion has uses just not the impossible magic drop 30 libs and win strat. I like the idea of dropping 10ish libs and 9 raptors onto a key objective and using gryphhounds as a screen for them. With the raptors further up the board than normal you can pick off key pieces that wouldn't normally be in range. Than try to translocate another block of libs onto an objective. Then bring some evos from the rear with more targeted shooting on the enemy, make them pick their targets, do they clear off the objectives and take hits from shooting and any hammer units or do they remove your threats while the libs sit back and score points?
  7. I might be missing a trick here but how would you get gavriel wholly within 12 of the unit? He can't be redeployed with the battalion and stormkeep means no scions, he isn't fast enough to run to them. Vexillor for a guaranteed teleport? But now on top of minimum 950 for the battalion your up to 1180 with gav and a vex just to charge 30 +1 libs? Seems more efficient to just play old stormcast and drop gav with 1k of evocators.
  8. 950 is the cheapest you can do (30 libs + another 5 libs) but you're right half your army has to sit within 12 of one squishy hero, if someone did this to my ogors I'd be ecstatic
  9. The more I think about the use of this battalion the more I think it's bad because IMO it's not going to be able to compete in a competitive setting, having so many points invested in a couple of units that can so easily be taken off the board in 1-2 rounds of combat by most good competitive lists doesn't compensate for the 1 round of board dominance you get. However in a casual setting I can't see this being anything but oppressive, like how aggrivated would you be if you turned up with a fun list just to have 30 liberators jammed in your first before the game starts completely ruining your chance to actually play out your armies rules and play out a normal game?
  10. Heroes are neave blacktalon (helmet or no helmet) Astreia Solbright (really cool kit) Knight incantor (both Soukstrike and mortal realms figs are female, no helmet) Units: Sequitors (helmetless options, unit leader is female in standard box) Etb sequitors (female leader, helmet less option) Sequitors from soulstrike (only 1 female fig, monopose, helmet only) Castigators (1 female fig, helmet) Soukstrike castigators (female leader, monopose, helmet only) Evocators (2 of 5 female, leader can be female, one of the coolest female figs in the game, helmetless options) Evocators on dracoline (female leader option, 1 of 3 female, helmetless option) Ballista (no helmet on female fig) Think that's all the options, good luck
  11. I painted up murgoth from the BOC underworlds warbands, boy is thicc
  12. From what I read here taking storm keeps means you don't get scions.
  13. Video here I'm excited for being able to add Cos units in, it won't be meta but for casual games extra options are always fun.
  14. Seraphon are exactly who I'm thinking of, when I said warrior chamber I don't meant to lock the units only to that chamber, just that the allegiance majorly benefits those units in much the way seraphon allegiances will keyword slann, skink, saurus or monster I'd like our allegiances to do the same thing. You can still bring your sacrosanct wizards but if you want a heavy spellcasting list then you want to be sacrosanct allegiance, if you want lots of libs and paladins then you want warrior etc.
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