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  1. Welcome! Love your videos 🙂 looking forward to seeing what's coming up next. I spend a lot of time at work or at home painting watching AoS content so it's great to see more creators!
  2. I don't mind artifacts because there are ways to get more but being stuck with a specific command trait means most of the time I don't even read the faction command traits as almost none of them (outside of a few exceptions) are good enough to turn down an army wide buff. Maybe if we could buy a command trait or something I'd mind less but it kills a section of list building for me.
  3. Hi everyone. I have never played KO before but are looking at them for my next army since this book added the one thing I have been waiting for. Frigates as battleline. The list I was looking at was. 2 ironclads 3 frigates Beyond that I'm not sure what hero I should run to support them. I have 230 points left to throw around but don't know which heroes support the skyvessels best. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated. 🙂 (PS. I know it's not a competitive list I just really want to paint a bunch of the boats 😄)
  4. I've done really well locally with a monster mash Boulderhead list. 2 FLoSH with 2 SHBR and 2 TTBR has gone really well for me. 4 blood vultures + the snowballs snipe heroes and the impact hits get a lot of work done.
  5. I would take a Stardrake that actually has some teeth 😄
  6. The double turn makes me think more than in 40k. I play both systems a lot and I feel like I require a lot less foresight in 40k. The fact that the turns follow a set pattern means I look one turn into the future and that's it. Everything is expected and there is less agency. I'm good at running statistics in my head and it means I can come up with a decent average for how many shots at what strengths and AP is required to eliminate every one of my opponents units then it's just a matter of target priority to minimize return fire. I can set up crazy Gambit turns where I over extend greatly with only a very small danger things won't go to plan. The double turn makes me play safer and more conservatively. I can't rely on knowing the turn order and I need to think on wether it's better for me to go first or second each round. I always plan to be double turned if I go first and often give up the first double turn if I win the roll off so that way later in the game I have the option to take one when it is more advantageous for me. Its fun for me but I can understand why it's not for everyone.
  7. It comes down to what aspects of the game you enjoy. I find positioning, thinking ahead and trying to predict my opponent and strategizing during my opponents turn to be fun. For some the most fun is pushing plastic and rolling dice. For the latter it will not be an enjoyable experience to watch your opponent move twice and get to pick who to fight with first two turns back to back. If that is the case, play without it. House rule it for your friends or LGS, but to remove an element that requires additional foresight and planning at a competitive level would be frustrating to me. Making sure I buff the right units and knowing those buffs will carry through a double turn, placing screens, forcing awkward pile ins, knowing what I am and am not willing to extend with and use, what spells to dispell and command abilities to activate, who do I fight with first, where should move an endless spell, if I put it in the right place it could even force my opponent to take second even if they win the roll off. The game actually has a fair amount of player agency even on your opponents turn and if a player is not paying attention to it they are missing a large part of the strategy to the game. I definitely understand that is not fun for everyone but I do see it as a core mechanic to the game's strategy.
  8. I've seen a lot of posts on this and figured I'd add my two cents. I will say I enjoy the double turn. I have found it makes me think 2 turns ahead and keeps me from over extending resources. That being said I think the first double turn in a game should cost a command point. I appreciate the strength in the double turn and think there should be a small cost involved. It would mean players looking for the double turn would have to bank a cp in order to pull it off and make it a little less of an automatic thing. There could be other mechanics or costs to make it more of a choice more of the time too like relocation orb's 1vs3 points that help make it more of a mixed decision vs how it stands currently where it's 9/10ish better to take the double.
  9. My local meta is pretty casual but I bring a bunch of different armies based on how I'm feeling. I'm known locally for constantly changing my list and army. If I'm busy that week I bring FEC or BCR: low model count. If I'm going for fun I bring Nurgle or SCE: both fun but struggle in some matchups If I want to win I bring Skaven or Khorne: a mix of net building and my own flair. And my Sylvaneth stay in their box because they make me sad. I wish I had fun with them but pretty to look at.
  10. Yes you can still charge after teleporting!
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