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  1. Many Thanks to all. I was looking for some restriction that does not allow it to be done.
  2. Tzaangors, tzaangors enlightened, skyfires are cheaper in beast of chaos battletome than tzeentch battletome. That´s why i have that question.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a question. Can I include in a disciples of tzeentch army a unit of tzaangors enlightened as a coalition unit? Thank you very much to all.
  4. If I tell you, you won´t read it again. But... Be´lakor must be general in Legion of the First Prince. And you can´t choose comand trait for belakor because is a unique miniature.
  5. I think, maybe pink horrors are the best, because, they shooting, split in blue horrors, and with the legion of the first prince, you can return pink horrors. It's my opinion. 😊
  6. Q: Sometimes a keyword will be listed in its singular form in one place and its plural form in another. Are the plural and singular forms both considered to be different keywords? For example, are the Bloodletter keyword and the Bloodletters keyword different keywords? A: No. The singular and plural forms of a keyword are synonymous for rules purposes. I don't know if this faq can help. But when i read it, I thought we can return the slain models. Thanks to all for the answers
  7. OOOhhh. Bad. I thought that as they have the keyword bloodletter, daemonette, etc. It could be done. Many thanks
  8. First, Thanks for create this forum. i have a question about "the shadow legion" command ability. Can we return slains models to bloodcrushers, seekers...? Or only battleline like bloodletters, pink horrors, daemonettes? Thanks.
  9. Thank you so much. very apreciate for your answer
  10. Hello. I Have a question about Gift of Change. If I make 5 Mortal Wounds to a unit with 1W Models, (Kairic, Stabbas...) How many Chaos Spawns can I put into play? I think I can only one. Thanks in advantage.
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