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  1. I believe Seraphon can ally with both Sylvaneth and Stormcast. I think Sylvaneth is largely useless outside of maybe creating a forest to ping with the terrain piece. All their buffs are "Sylvaneth". I'm not super familiar with Stormcast warscrolls, but some of their heroes got auras/buffs that just say "friendly units" and not keyworded to Stormcast specifically. Maybe theres some in there. For Seraphon specific Im fairly certain there is nothing for non-Saurus from listening to a couple of battletome reviews/looking at warscrolls.
  2. I'm new to Seraphon (been waiting for the tome for a while) and I'm really inclined to try this type of playstyle. I just can't help but to feel a bit hestitant to buy and build towards this list prior to the FAQ due to how strong the Serpent Staff ability is on Skinks. Do you think there is any chance it might be FAQ'd to melee damage only?
  3. 3x Celestial Deliverance + Comet's Call + Terrain feature = Very much dead support heroes. Doesn't have to be a turn 1 move. I think at least a unit of 3 sallies is gonna be huge in every list. -2 rend both on the shooting and in melee is pretty big vs Mortek Guard etc.
  4. Think it was a very successful podcast and I found it really interesting to hear from people that have tested and played with the army prior to the release. Would certainly like to listen to more in the future.
  5. The artefacts being meh doesnt look like that big of a deal since you will usually have the subfaction specific ones and for a second slot I think Aetherquartz Brooch would be amazing with the amount of CAs between the various heroes. Even the standard reroll 1s to X/Y/Z wont be too bad. Im really bummed about Saurus Guard - They look much better than Warriors due to the extra armor, but I agree they seem kinda meh. The Eternity Warden was a perfect hero to beef up the Guard, but no. Slaan used to be a requirement in every army, but I could see armies skip out on him now, especially coalesced with a focus on Saurus. If you build for magic the Slaan can be good I think. You can get up to +3 casting and rerolling casts, which is honestly quite powerful. The Slaan spell lore looks weak, but the true power comes from a couple of bound Endless Spells. Between the terrain piece, Comet's Call and some endless spells you really have some options to chip away at important lower wound support heroes. In general most warscrolls look really weak on their own, and they heavily rely on being juiced up with a combination of buffs. I think the army looks great, but you are gonna lose if you just push everything across the table while focusing buffs on 1 unit and letting the opponent pick his fights with non-buffed stuff.
  6. Yep that's totally a fair point. I personally don't fight vs armies with stuff that can specifcally remove a single model very often - In fact I can't remember the last time I did. OBR usually wont shoot against my 10 man Ardboyz. But if you experience it, you can totally go with 2 banners. In regards to our talk about Mighty Destroyers, I found the FAQ confirming that you can run in the hero phase. MD says "... That unit must make a normal move.." hence you can use it on a unit of Ardboyz or whatever in the hero phase and declare that you run, and you can obviously run again in the following movement phase. Makes us a lot better at grabbing objectives. Running in the hero phase will obviously prevent you from charging though.
  7. Yes, you can move Aetherwings into combat with a unit that is about to charge, effectively shutting it down as they will now be in combat and cant charge. Depending on how the opponent has placed his unit, you can put an Aetherwing behind the unit and force him to pile-in away from your dudes, assuming the movement allows it. As the FAQ says, any "normal move" means you need to respect the 3" away from enemy heroes. As soon as it is a random D6 move, you don't have to respect the 3" and can put the units into combat. Aetherwings are really insane against combat focused armies and super undervalued by many SC players.
  8. So personally I always liked the idea of Thunderquake and wanted to run something similar in the new book. I was curious what the new shooting will be like for the bigger dinos and the razordon vs salamandar. From what I can tell, the only ways to buff shooting is through the Skink Priest CA that gives +1 to hit for a SKINK unit. If you take the Thunder Lizard host you can spend a CP to shoot twice with a Bastilladon, which would effectively just double the damage output. The Skink Starpriest has a passive ability where you pick a unit and on unmodified 6s to wound you deal 1 MW in addition to any damage. It is really minor for the bigger stuff and it is best used on big groups of Skinks tbh. With Bastilladon from the old book and for the Razordon I have assumed 7 average attacks from 2D6 profiles. The Salamandars are looking really awesome, although they only have 12" range compared to the 18" from Razordons. The Bastilladon is also holding up fairly reasonable compared to the old book considering you can potentially shoot twice, though it now degrades, it shouldnt be that big of a deal the first couple of rounds if they arent in the front. 40 skinks seem rather insane, especially in the starborne fang of sotek host where you get a CA to use at the end of the opponent's charge phase, which allows you to shoot and then on a 4+ make a retreat move, effectively shooting twice per battleround.
  9. It has been out of stock for a couple of weeks though, if not at least a month. I honestly doubt Seraphon will receive a battleforce - They had one like 2 years ago. I'd guess they rotate between armies.
  10. They might have a batallion or something else they don't want to reveal now. But if the warscrolls are updated/upgraded plus additional layers of alligiance abilities ontop etc. it makes sense for the units to increase in cost. The new Seraphon SC box looks VERY good, assuming the current playstyle of Thunderquake + mass Skinks is still a thing. Anyone wanting to get into Seraphon will likely want 2, which seems like a great base. I really dislike SC boxes that are one-of purchases because half of the stuff will be a waste if you buy an extra. My only complaint right now is that they teased the "Stegageddon" 😂. Stegs are already sold out everywhere in EU, including UK retailers and GW. So now it will be even harder to "just" get 2 Stegs for the release.
  11. Because you can only field 2 shields, 1 drummer and 1 glyph or banner per 5 guys. With 1 champion per unit that means in a 10 man you'll have 1 normal guy. In 15, 2 normal guys etc.
  12. The warscrolls in the boxes are outdated - You need to check the app. The most optimal way of building 10 Ardboyz is: 1 Champion, 1 Banner, 1 Glyph, 2 Drummers, 1 normal guy, 4 dudes with shields.
  13. @VonSmall I think it is quite interesting with events removing Malign Sorcery artefacts. I actually really dislike them and think some of them are way too powerful. I personally feel compelled to always take Ethereal Amulet on my Maw Krusha because it is just that good. It is just kinda unfortunate for us that Warchanters and the Orruk Warboss are left in the dirt if this becomes a more common thing. It is fair about the trait, and it really depends on how you are gonna position him too. I think people who rely on the bridge is gonna place their wizard outside of unbind range turn 1 though. But if your Shaman is gonna hang back, he wont have range to do the Wrath of Gork anyways, so might as well increase the odds of getting a teleport off. If you were planning to slowly move everything forward in a tight ball, I could see Wrath of Gork being really nice. It doesn't matter if you are gonna zap a Terrorgeist, 10 Mortek Guard or a support hero. I would personally value the extra (and a significant amount) ranged MW output vs +1 to cast/unbind/dispell. Would probably help against OBR too. Don't know if it will be significant enough to kill Fyreslayers heroes. Still a really solid list imo that I'm gonna build towards. Still got quite a few Ardboyz to paint..
  14. @MilesBergs Welcome back my man. Tbh it is kinda hard to guide you, as it heavily depends on what you want to do, as you have a decent core - I'm just confused as to why you only have 1 Warchanter? It looks like you bought 2 SC. Ironjawz actually have quite a few different lists, that depend on how you want to play the game. Some people really like Brutes, even though they are generally considered worse than Ardboyz - Tbh they are not THAT bad, they just offer something different. Brutes deal a little more damage, but lack the bravery, body count and charge bonus that Ardboyz get. Like you can go for 2x Maw Krusha + 4x3 Pigs. You can go for 1 Maw Krusha + 6 Pigs + 2 Warchanters + 1 Weirdnob and then Ardboyz for the remaining points. Maybe even skip out on the Weirdnob for more Ardboyz. Some people skip out on pigs and the Maw Krusha and just fields loads of Ardboyz. Generally Orruks seem to run with 2 big threats, or loads of bodies to simply grind your opponent down.
  15. I would imagine this is fun for a couple of games, then you sit around with a load of models that wont serve any use afterwards
  16. 5 Bloodthristers in the new Wrath of the Everchosen book comes to mind. Put them bad boys in a Tyrants of Blood batallion. Run and charge. If one gets to fight, all of them fight.
  17. Woops, I meant units and not models in my previous post. But yeah exactly, afaik there's no unit consisting of multiple models with a wizard or priest, so their article describing that "if one of those models is a wizard or a priest" seems kinda redundant.
  18. Yeah that might be true. I'm not 100% familiar with the Garrison rules as I've never actually played with it, but the rules just said "a garrisoning unit counts as being in cover", so I'm not certain if the normal requirements for cover apply to this, or if garrisoning a terrain piece just gives you blanket +1 because "it counts as", no matter if the unit is a monster or not. Yeah the article seemed to hint at multiple models. Otherwise I'm not sure why there is even a cap of 20 wounds? Even a Dread Saurian has less as is. The KO and garrison of ships allow them to have multiple models inside too.
  19. As of now, yeah - Plus a starpriest. 2+ ignore rend with -1 to hit, possibly -2 with priest spell, possibly -3 with Geminids. 😅
  20. @VonSmall Think the list is very solid, a couple of pointers: 1) Wardokk can only buff Bonesplitterz units, so cant help the Weirdnob out. 2) You are missing an artefact. Ragged cloak on the Ardfist Warchanter could be quite valid in case the opponent tries to snipe him. 3) Warcry is not really gonna help against most stuff that fights first. Fyreslayers can spend a CP and destroy your unit. The second activation will be delayed though. The spell can help against many other situations though, so I think 80 pts is a very good investment. 4) I would reconsider the trait on the Weirdnob. With a list like this Burstin’ with Power looks really strong. Not only does it open up the possibility to Green Puke + Teleport a unit of Ardboyz, it also allows you to snipe heroes or deal serious damage to units with Wrath of Gork. Potentially 12D6 with every 2+ being a MW. Thats somewhat comparably to the Wurrgog warscroll spell.
  21. That terrain piece really takes “castling” up to the next level, if thunderquake playstyle is still a thing.
  22. The question for me usually comes down to how many points are you gonna spend on support heroes. For IJ, a Warchanter is significantly better utility. You probably also want atleast 1 caster, maybe both a Wurrgog and a Shaman. Before you know it, you have very little points left for bodies.
  23. Haha. This is from my work PC though. The cache is very much clean!
  24. I don't mind adds, but some of these seem kinda odd. 😂
  25. How can you tell what command ability he has? They tend to update them with a new tome. From what I can tell, he has a passive ability that gives him an extra attack on unmodified 6. Pretty sure summoning is still around - On the warscrolls it says “1 CCP” and “5 CCP”. I find it funny they make a brand new start collecting, but choose to include 12 skinks. I know the other boxes are wrong too like getting 8 knights etc., but this is a completely new box. I guess it is due to how the sprues are. Its really annoying to me that you buy a box and it has too many models instead of the correct number for a unit.
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