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  1. There is one this weekend at Cancon called the Crystal Dragon.
  2. I used VMA Scorpion Green for the highlights, but I've mixed in VMA Fluro Yellow to get it to the eye watering levels. Yes I do for some models, the bigger ones. But it is just for basecoats.
  3. I finished the Gnarlmaws and took a shot of what I've painted so far. This was started 7 weeks ago.
  4. My first ten Marauders completed.
  5. Second unit of Warriors joins the first
  6. Knocked up a unit of Warriors today. I have written a few lists with two units of 5 Warriors purely to get the required battleline units. I have a second unit underway as well!
  7. Instead of continuing with the last five Knights I instead decided to get cracking on my third unit of Blightkings.
  8. Finished the first 5 Corpulent Knights for my army: I have another five to go, but they are quite detailed so they are a tough slog to paint them quickly.
  9. Hi mate, it's a two part epoxy resin called Envirotex Lite.
  10. Thanks for the response! Seems to come back to that same struggle for points for a battalion, because I can't see a 1/3 chance for a CP being better than: Witherstave, Endless Gift, Rustfang, Ethereal Amulet, Ghyrstrike or Carrion Dirge? All feel like they would consistently perform as opposed to the Brooch. The downside of the Sorcerer Lord is simply the fact that he can be unbound, whereas the Warshrine is a 66% chance of working. Not accounting for unbinding Sorcerer Lord is higher chance of working, but does not passively buff the rest of the list, and has the risk of coming up against a list that can unbind easily. But there is definitely a discussion between the two worth having. I can see already how challenging it is leaving the Harbinger out. It seems extremely effective to hand out a 5+ save to most of the models in the list that don't already have one. He is in most that I write!
  11. Hi guys, first post in this thread but I just wanted to ask some general questions as I've not played much but done a lot of research and reading. 1. Lord of Afflictions. I look at his scroll and see a lot of good things, including Plague Vector allowing reroll of all attacks for Rotbringers, which includes the Glottkin, Blightkings and of course, himself. It is also rerolls for ranged attacks, making the Glottkin's shooting attack potentially more relialbe (although the 4+ to wound is still challenging). He seems like a very versatile, supportive piece that is hard to take out and can pump out some decent rend attacks as well, but I never see lists with him. Is it just the 220 pt cost the main reason he isn't taken? 2. Plague Squall. A lot of suggestions to take Plague Squall but it looks like a wildly unreliable spell that has minimal impact on the game to me? What am I missing? Is there a lot of two or three wound characters that are crucial to remove in the game? 3. Generally speaking, the command points seem pretty vital for Nurgle lists but the cost of most of the battalions seems quite prohibitive. Is it better to aim for 1950 and squeeze an extra command point into a list, rather than the battalions? Obviously the battalions come with other benefits but the only two battalions I've managed to make lists I am happy with are Thricefold Befoulment and Blight Cyst. They feel light on bodies but the benefits seem very worthwhile. 4. If you were taking a Warshrine, would you bring it in as an Ally instead of a Nurgle choice, and gain the Undivided ability (reroll hit and wounds of 1). It seems more effective than the Nurgle reroll all wounds, which with the wheel is potentially only rerolling 1s anyway? 5. Pretty much every list that I've written that I like includes a Harbinger of Decay, as it feels like he just adds so much survivability to any list. How often does he get scalpeled out and what are some good ways to prevent that from occuring? 6. Witherstave + Glottkin interaction. I have a list with the Witherstave and the Carrion Dirge and the Glottkin. My understanding of these interactions is - at the start of the Combat Phase I roll 2D6 for each unit within 7" of the Glottkin. If I roll over their Bravery, which is reduced by 2 because of the Carrion Dirge, they are -1 to hit. Assuming I succeed at this Bravery roll, when an enemy makes an attack, firstly if they roll any 6+ those are rerolled. Once all dice have been rerolled, -1 is added to the roll. Is that correct? Or does it work the other way, and the Witherstave not a good choice in that situation? Thanks, appreciate your thoughts!
  12. Finished my overly ambitious Warshrine today, There is a lot going on but basically I converted the Priest, added a GUO head to the front, added tentacles all over it and then put a Plaguebearer head and Nurglings all over it. It is eyewateringly vivid. :D It is VMA Scorpion Green for the bright vivid green, and Golden Olive for the daemon skintone. There is quite a lot of other colours and techniques involved in getting them to look like this but those are the core colours.
  13. And finally, the most recently painted model is a Harbinger of Decay. Finecast sucks, that is all. Here is my latest army shots from the first game I played: As you can see I have a unit of Knights underway, and also a converted Warshrine, some Blight Drones, another couple of cool heroes and bits and pieces. I've bought a unit of 40 Marauders which I will also just have to push through, and another Great Unclean One. I have accumulated about 5000 points of Nurgle in a month which seems excessive but my Dad always said: "We aren't here to ****** spiders." I'll update this in a week or so with the next batch of models I've painted! Aiming to be finished the whole army within a two month period, then going to get back to painting other stuff and learning to play this game to actually see if I like it or not. LOL! Appreciate your feedback and thoughts on the army. Cheers, Big Deno
  14. Also painted a Lord of Afflictions to lead the Pusgoyles and add some other cool options to an army.
  15. I converted up a unit of Knights, which are currently on the workbench, but I also needed a Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount, so here is this guy:
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