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  1. 2dorks1brush

    The Painting Contract - February 2019

    My contract for February - 1 Maw-Krusha - 1 Ironjawz Brute If I can't complete that then I'll be a monkeys uncle. Stretch goal is to finish a single Gore-Grunta.
  2. 2dorks1brush

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    Didn’t get to finish my Maw-Krusha but did manage to paint a Troggoth for a competition! Close enough right?
  3. 2dorks1brush

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    The gold on these is fantastic 👌
  4. 2dorks1brush

    Australian Painting Competitions

    Thanks! Looks like I will probably be too late this year but I'll definitely have something to enter next year.
  5. Are there any painting competitions in Australia/NZ? I haven't been able to find anything and would love to participate if there are any events.
  6. 2dorks1brush

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    There's a lot of good looking Tzeentch going on here. 👍
  7. 2dorks1brush

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    Thanks! I’m a sucker for blue and pink
  8. 2dorks1brush


    Hi, my names Greg and I'm a miniaturaholic. I'd been clean for 20 years but starting hitting the plastic pretty hard a few years ago and it doesn't look like getting better anytime soon. It's exciting to join a support group with people in a similar situation 😊 Love painting but have never actually finished an army for myself. After floundering around with a few different armies I've settled on Ironjawz and I'm slowly building that ever illusive army! Edit: Army
  9. 2dorks1brush

    My Sylvaneth -new photos for dryads-

    They look awesome, like everyone else, I think the masks are 👌
  10. 2dorks1brush

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    I'm a bit late to the party but I've been aiming to finish my Maw-Krusha this month and maybe a Dankhold Troggoth if I'm lucky. Love seeing everybody's work! I've progressed a bit since this photo but still a long way to go.