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  1. I really like the idea of using a gyrocopter as an Azyros-proxy. Yours looks very good also 🖕
  2. I`m doing 40 Halberdiers at the moment. Cause why not? Thinking of buying another 20 Greatswords to bump up my stock to 30. They might get useful in the near future
  3. Maybe there is a hint in the last price increase. What if we assume that everything which wasn`t increased gets removed? Why should they invest time in changing prices if they remove it shortly afterwards? If I recall it correctly the archer and the generals on foot have not been increased. There is also the cannon/organ gun which strangely wasn`t increased in price. All the Devoted to Sigmar stuff stayed the same also.
  4. Guys, our prayers have been heard. At the Warhammer AoS Open Day they announced that one of the next two battletomes will in fact be one for the FreePeople! 🤩🤩 It will be something like the Firestorm allegiances in an own battletome. I can`t tell you how excited I am. Hopefully they don`t mess this up Here the link This will be so much fun
  5. It`s good to see other folks putting love into the Free People! Keep on with the great work. The painting is amazing. I´m looking forward to see more deailed shoots of all the units. ⚔️ MAKE FREE PEOPLES GREAT AGAIN! ⚔️
  6. In the recent "Warhammer Weekly" episode they mentioned that GW said that they are planning to have a battletome for each faction by the end of 2020. Usually @Vincent Venturellaand @Thomas Lyons know what they are talking about. I believe we`ll get a tome in 2020. Something like a Freecity battletome mixing legacy men, dwarfs and aelf. Will be a good year for us Source:
  7. In my opinion they will just add one or two additional battalions. They already created some kind of a battalion with the "The forces of disgraced Freeguild General Otto Nimyard". Regarding the artefacts and comandtraits of the FreePeople, I think there`s nothing wrong with them. I strongly believe they will stay unchanged. Even the allegiance ability will stay the same. I can think of a lot of cool stuff boosting the capabilities of the FreePeoples, but in the end I`m convinced that battalions will be all we get. And don`t get me wrong I`m happy when everything stays untouched and we get battalions on top
  8. I thought the same, while reading the post. But I think you can nethertheless play something like this as a generic order list. With order allegiance you have a lot of opportunities. I would switch one griffon for Tenebrael Shard with Sword of Judgement and a Loremaster. The combination of Sword of Judgement and Tenebrael lets you kill enemy centerpieces very easily. The Loremaster can buff the remaining griffon. Imagine one of those deadly birds rerolling all failed hits and wounds 🤩 Freeguild shooting even works quite goos without the allegiance. You still have the stand and shoot of the musicians. Th major downside of not having FreePeople allegiance is the generals ability. You may not take Indomitable which is a shame I think with a little bit of tweaking this can be a powerful list.
  9. I don`t know for sure. but I guess it took me around 3 weeks to paint 30 of them. I made 60 at once and for some my girlfriend made the basing. So it is difficult to say
  10. @Gwendar maybe try to mix both lists. I think they can be fun to play but in the first you lack a little bit of damage due to the 280 points in demigryphs. In the second list you don`t have good targets for the ambermage spell. I think 10 Greatswords are too small a unit to really benefit from +1 to wound. So maybe skip 3 demigryphs in the first list to include the battlemage and have 20 greatswords to get the +1 to wound. I think shooting works really well for free people. It goes well with all the buffs and the allegiance ability. The current meta also supports a heavy shooting. Many thinks aren`t prepared for this and are kinda hardcountered by this atm. I wouldn`t say that it is a one trick pony, but for competitive play I don`t see other list than much shooting for free people for now. I`m really curious what the next generals handbook will bring us. I fear a point increase for the griffon. But I hope for a reunion with Devoted to Sigmar, Collegiate Arcane and Ironweld Arsenal
  11. @Gwendar thanks for the kind feedback. At the moment I don`t think about changing the list. If at all I would try to include a Knight Azyros. Rerolling ones would kick ass with all the crossbows. But honestly I think about building a more melee focused FreePeople list. But there is nothing finsihed I would talk about. The Greatswords will definitly play an important role in this list because they have can have put out a fierce punch if buffed well. You can see the comments of this blogpost for more infos https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1743-the-greatswords/ CP`s are an issue. In fact you don`t have enough to use the buff of the griffon often. You usually have enough to use "Hold the line" from the general if needed. But having "Hold the line" plus the buff from the griffon would really kick ass, bringing the crossbows to 2+ hit But I have to say that I don`t have any spare units in this list to get those addiotional CP`s. I would never renounce one griffon for extra CP`s. The Luminark is really important too. You need the 2 blocks of 20 guards for you great companies, as well as the archers and handgunners. Maybe spare 10 crossbows. But they are the main damage dealer. Loosing one in a block of 20 would mean that they no longer shot twice. So there is really not much space for adjustements in this list. Maybe you completely skip one great company. This gives you 560 points of opportunities. I would go fo a Knight Azyros and other high mobility units. Maybe something which can drop. Mobility is the main weakness of this list. You can shoot nearly everthing if it comes to you but you can`t march around the boad to grap those objective. *sigh* There are so many possibilities. I need to paint some more Guards and Greatswords and, and, and....
  12. Hi all, the tournament is finished and unfortunately I lost against the Idoneth. But I scored 3th place in the tournament nethertheless. If you want to read some free people battlereports you can see this post in my blog. Have fun
  13. I played my second tournament at the beginning of march and commanded my Nordheimers to great success. Scored 3th place and won the overall rating including wins, painting, conversion and sportsmanship. They call it "Leonardo Award". Here`s my tourney list: We played 3 different scenarios with fixed realms, realmfeatures and realmspells. They were set by the TO`s and really well picked, in my opinion. We even used the hidden agendas from GW. 3 in each game and you were not allowed to use one twice. Overall it was a very good tournament experience for me. Here`s the battle report of the first game. Scenario was "Places of arcane power" and the opponent was an Idoneth Deepkin army with lots of Eels. Places of Arcane Power (page 60 Generals Handbook 2018) Realm: Shyish Realmfeature: Aethernachbeben (Add one to casts) Specials: 1) Command-Ability: Soul-Force Sacrifice (Core Book) 2) Spell: Word of Ending (Spell 1 Malign Sorcery) 3) Spell: Souldshroud (Spell 3 Malign Sorcery) 4) Spell: Ethereal Guide (Spell 6 Malign Sorcery) Here the list of the Idoneth player: The game was real fun. Tthe left and right opjectives were hidden behind big towers which could block a whole griffon. This was bad for me. My initial game plan on this scenario was to set up my crossbows in the middle and kill everthing in the corners. So I picked the side which was more "open" to be able to get to the center easily. Unfortunatly he put his one shipwreck right before me to block my path to the center. After setup I gave him the first turn. He turned the tides with his Tidecaster. So in the second round all his units will be attacking first. Unexpectitly he refused to charge right into me. Instead he moved his units onto each objective and made no charges. On my first turn I nearly killed his 9 eels in the center with my crossbows. I also killed his 5 Khinerai at the lower left objective with a good roll of my archers. Luckily I got the double afterwards. In this turn I managed to kill his character holding the lower left objective with a hit of the Luminark, good boy🤩. The first 30 crossbows killed 10 Thralls near the center objective. The other 30 crossbows wanted to kill his Akhelian King on the second Objective. But he just used his artefact and I wasn`t allowed to attack him in this phase. Luckily I already moved my General on Griffon towards him and charged him directly. It was the second round, so he attacked first making 4 wounds on my griffon. Afterwards I just killed him. Rolling 2 6s on the hit the Sword of Judgement mad all the wounds needed for a dead Akhelian King Unfortunately I wasn`t able to get my Luminark onto the lower left objective. He was blocked by my own guards On his second turn he charged his othe runit of 9 eels into my general on the center objective and he died really quickly. There was absolutely no chance for him. Afterwards the game was done. I wasn`t able to score enough points with only my luminark being able to take objective. And his remaing character on the upper right objectives was out of my reach hidden behind this big tower. But I managed to score 2 hidden agendas in this game, which will be very important in the end. It was a fun game and I now know that it is possble to beat this dreaded Idoneth eels. Second game battle report on "Better Part of Valor". The opponent was a Beastclaw Raiders army with "Braggoth`s Beast Hammer" Battalion. The Better Part of Valor (page 58 Generals Handbook 2018) Realm: Aqshy Realmfeature: Flaming Missles (+1 rend for missle weapons if target unit is at least 12" away) Specials: 1) Spell: Fireball (Core Book) 2) Spell: Stock Rage (Spell 1 Malign Sorcery) 3) Spell: Parch (Spell 5 Malign Sorcery) 4) Spell: Incandescent Form (Spell 6 Malign Sorcery) Here the Beastclaw list: This game was really tense and in the end depended on a single dice roll. I build my castle on the center and right objectives. Guards in front, a second ring of archers and handgunners 3" behind the guards and finally the crossbows 3" behind the second ring. So I was able to withstand his double pile-in from his battalion. On the left objective I placed my second griffon to force him to spread his units. He took first turn and charged right into me. Fortunatly he desided to move 4 Mournfangs towards the left to kill the lonely griffon. But there he missed the charge. In the center he managed to get all his units into me. 2 Goregrunta units and the Frostlord on the left of my castle. The 4 Mournfangs on the right. The Thundertusk moves really short and could only shoot is 6 mortal wound stuff at my guards. My shooting due to the great companies doesn`t went well. I had some bad roles and managed to kill only two Goregruntas and one Mournfang. In the combat phase his units hit really hard. He managed to kill the left Guards and nearly killed the right ones too. But 3+ save rerolling ones holds well nethertheless. After the first combatphase he decided to take the second pile-in from his battalion. Fortunatly my crossbows were still safe, far enough away from his units. But he killed all my handgunners and the rest of the guard in this turn. He even gained hold of the my center objective and burned it right away. On the right he could only kill the guards and my remaining archers safed me the objective. This was round one with many many casulaties on my side. The next roll for initiative was the game decider. Luckily I won the roll off and started the second round. In this turn I used Hold the Line on the Crossbows givung the +1 to wound and hit. Additionally I used the realmspell "Stock Rage" on one crossbow unit, giving them another +1 to wound rolls. So they were rending on 4+. I also managed to shot with the right crossbows to the left and vice versa. So the distance to the enemy was more than 12" and all attacks were with another -1 rend due to the realmfeature. This was bloody and I just killed all of his units. It`s insane what 60 can do when half of the hits are with rend -2 This was the game for me, afterwards I killed his remaining 4 Mournfangs with my griffons and took his objectives. His Thundertusk Beastrider were killed by my Luminark in round 2. The good boy hit 2 times with 6 damage. I really, really like my Lumi. Pew, Pew Lasergunz! I even scored my 3 hidden agendas in this game. Third game battle report on "Knife to the Heart" with a Seraphon army on the other side of the table. Knife to the Heart (page 50 Generals Handbook 2018) Realm: Ulgu Realmfeature: Darkly shaded (The maximum range of attacks or spells is 18") Specials: 1) Command-Ability: Lord of the Shadow Realm (Core Book) 3) Spell: The Enfeebling (Spell 3 Malign Sorcery) 2) Spell: Bridge of Shadows (Spell 5 Malign Sorcery) 4) Spell: Aetheric Tendrils (Spell 6 Malign Sorcery) Here the List of teh Seraphon army: This game was not as interesting as the other ones for me. I splitted my companies and put one on my objective and the other one I wanted to use to get hold of his objective. In the end he send single units into my crossbows until round 3. I killed his Saurus Knights, Ripperdactyls, Saurus Guards and the Sunblood with only loosing my archers and getting 4 wounds on my griffon. But unfortunately I couldn`t really move forward due to him attacking all the time. The winning move was using the realm command ability and one realm spell to teleport a unit of 20 guards and a unit of 30 crossbows right in front of his objective. Luckily I got the double turn afterwards. With my Crossbows I swarmed his objective and was able to gain control of it, winning the game with a major victory. I even gambled really hard in this game and was able to score 3 hidden agendas. Including holding more objectives than the enemy In the end I went third place in this tournamend being tie with the second. But he had a better Strength of schedule. Meaning his opponenets scored better than mine so his wins were weighted higher. As mentioned before I really enjoyed this tournament. All players were nice and friendly and the organisation was very good. If you`re interrested in some stats you can look them up on this german tournament page: T³ - TableTop Tournaments I will remind myself to make more pictures in future games. Thanks for reading and commenting
  14. The archers are very good due to their scout move. You can form a second shield against alphastrike armies or zone out some mapspace to prevent silvaneth woods from beeing placed, to mention 2 examples. If used wisely you can even trigger a stupid charge from you opponent with them. I thought alot about taking a second unit of handgunners instead. But the archer proved that they are worth their points. At least you can zone out your backfield to prevent drops. In most of my games the handgunners don`t do very much. Usually they just block a path or the backfield. The long shot is just not enough to kill something. In my list I use the luminark for this purpose. 3/3/-2/6 is much better The Idoneth have some abillities in this regard. He allied 5 Heartrenders from DoK to drop them as he likes. Also he has a Soulscryer which he can drop later in teh game with up to 2 Idoneth units of his choice. Along with the 14" movement of the eels it`s a really mobile army with much versatility.
  15. The main purpose is to form the two great companies. Therefore I need 2 units of minimum 10 models each. I`ve choosen the archers for their scout move to zone out some territory before the battle begins. The Handgunners are mainly for this one long range shot. I know that I could have taken Guards instead but I like the shooting
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