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  1. Stulle


    See the Blog entry for a detailed description: https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1716-freeguild-guards/
  2. Stulle


    See the Blog entry for a detailed description: https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1716-freeguild-guards/
  3. Stulle


    See the Blog entry for a detailed description: https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1715-the-first-handgunners/
  4. Stulle


    See the Blog entry for a detailed description: https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1724-the-freeguild-general/

    © Stulle

  5. Stulle


    See the Blog entry for a detailed description: https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1723-the-gunmaster/
  6. Stulle


    See the Blog entry for a detailed description: https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1737-the-ambermage/
  7. Stulle

    Helstorm Rocket Batteries

    See the Blog entry for a detailed description: https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1735-rockets/
  8. Stulle

    The Ambermage

    Right after the artillery i went with a single character and some tiny conversions. Basically just putting two dogs on a larger base to accompany this beauty. The female mage is Autumn Bronzeleaf from Reaper Miniatures. The Doggies are from some companion pack. Also from Reaper Miniatures. For me this model had a lot of first timers to offer. First female charackter, Ffrst non GW and first metal miniature. I like how she looks now. The eyes could have more contrast and the cloak looks more dirty than properly shaded. This could have been better. Maybe next time Amber is a specialisation for the Battlemage. The Ambermage has a spell granting +1 to wound for a single melee unit. So you need a marker showing that a unit is affected by this spell. I don`t really like those markers made from cardboard or plastic. So i made my own one. This little fella shows everyone that you should`t mess with the boys nearby Here`s the final picture of them:
  9. Stulle


    I really like artillery. It`s just facinating to have this big boom. Thats why I directly bought 2 Helfire Rocket Batteries and painted them at once. This was before I really understood pointcosts and the principles of alliances and allegiances. Atm its 180 points for one of these bad boys. So two of them only barely fit into a free peoples army I had a lot of fun painting those. in the picture you may see that i magnetized them. One big magnet (5mm) at the end of the gun and a small one in each Wheel. I think they just look better without a base and so they fit to every underground. Man, it`s just fun to paint big rocket guns. I put quit some effort into them. This was the first time i made some color testing: If i recall it correctly its form left to right: Balthasar Gold, Balthasar Gold and a Layer of Gehennas Gold, Balthasar Gold and a Layer of Auric Amour Gold. I don`t know anymore(was in april ;)). But I think i went with the Auric Amour Gold variant. Could also be the Gehennas. It`s definitly with heavy Agrax shading. Future projects will be documented here directly so i can always look it up if i forget color combinations i used. Here the final pics: At the end I`m really happy with how they turned out. Except for the eyes. I learned to paint better eyes later. Just don`t try to put the black dot in the middle of the white. It looks much much better if the black dot touches the upper of the eye. You`ll see in the next pictures. For example the Empire Great Cannon which is just a gorgeous model and the mother of all artillery pieces 🤩
  10. Stulle

    The Gunmaster

    Thanks guys. Really appreciate it.
  11. Stulle

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    I don`t see it that hard. I played Free People for nearly a year now and had a lot of fun painting the minis and playing games with them. I will also buy more models and extend the army even more. Bought a steamtank some days ago. The warscroll is ridiculously bad for the points but the model is gorgeous. :) I think the fun i have now is enough to justify the money. It`s a good thing if we get a new human faction, even if the the Free People get replaced by them. I think all the old models will still be valid to proxy some new units. Additionally, in narative games, you can always mix old and new models with some good fluff. What I want to say is that the hobby consists of 3 parts. Besides gaming there is always painting and collecting. If the Free People get replaced by a new faction only the gaming part is lost (and this not even entirely). But in the same moment collecting comes in, because they`re all rarities now.
  12. Stulle

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    I`m totally on your side. These would be really nice changes. But i just don`t think that GW will do it like this. See the Free People listing, the Ironweld Arsenal is now completely in. Even the Gyrocopter, dwarfen cannons and the Cogsmith. This makes no sense to me. GW will never discard it`s humans. That`s for sure. But they won`t keep the old models either. They are labeled with Karl Franz all over. This is no longer very fluffy. In my opinion there will be a new human release as a complete new faction in the future. But not this or next year. It will be something big, like Soulwars. With some lore leading into it and a really huge release alongside a new Generals Handbook. Something titled like "Rise of the Free Cities" or something. Maybe even something like AoS 3.0. Would be reasonable for the return of the humans
  13. Stulle

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    The idea is amazing. I can`t imagine all the fancy possibilities. But unfortunatly I don`t believe in an update which changes the alliances especially not one for free peoples only. You see, the other grand alliances were merged too: This list has much more fire in it than just Free People. In my opinion this would be a far too big update just for christmas. Changing allegiances like this would be something for summer to release a new Generals Handbook with it. They clearly have to change point values alongside. Also all the factions you can ally would change and some would even disappear. I can`t see this without a new Handbook. As much as this hurts me, but i think they just got some needed order into their shop to make it more easy to navigate. That`s all.
  14. Stulle

    The City Watch of Port Stellis

    Thanks for the link man. Will order some for my freeguilds soon. There could definitely be some more diversity in their ranks. Do you know other sides to order heads for use with free peoples?
  15. This one was bought with the first bunch of minis at the end of february. I started him not much after but at the end it took about one month to finish him. This was the first mini I painted in steps with other stuff in between. In the end I`m happy how he turned out. I think he`s a worthy geneal to make the free guilds to Hold the line! But i have to admit that the model itself is not the most beautiful for me. There are more human models which will suit better as a general. Here are 2 WIPs which i will use as proxy for the general. One is the Ludwig of Schwarzhelm model which is far more detailed and has more life in it: And the other one is a Valten on horseback. The base will be too large for matched play. But damn, he just needs these two wolfs Somebody of you folks knows the warscroll of the freeguild general? Do you think it`slegal to have sword, shield and the banner? Or does the banner rule out other weaponry?