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  1. Found a Feast of Bones this weekend when I ventured out to the FLGS for the first time in months, so I guess I’m all aboard the Ogor train! 😱 Having lots of fun converting these big lads already. Building the Scrap Launcher instead of the Iron Blaster leaves this guy free to become a Butcher!
  2. Well in a moment of weakness I ordered a Stardrake the day before it goes up price! Have always wanted one and my current Stormcast army really lacks any kind of centrepiece. Or.. maybe it was a moment of strength? The strength to DO WHAT IS NECESSARY 🧐
  3. Are the god-specific terrain features (Skull Alter, the Fane...) usable by S2D or can they only be taken in their own god allegiances? Like, the depravity refund is irrelevant for the Fane, but it's free and if I can burn an artefact to get re-roll all hits on my Karadrak for the rest of the game, well... I'll push the Diabolic Mantle button and then throw it on the pyre.
  4. Tried mixing some parts between old and new last evening. It takes a bit of work and not all of the poses support weapon swaps like this one (shield attached to the body), but the size and style of the weapons are an exact match. I’ve gone for a mix of old and new and a mix of shields and dual wielding in my unit. 😎
  5. Ah cool! I totally missed that they can be mixed. That’s a surprise honestly, after they cleaned up the Ardboys warscroll.
  6. I’m interested in this theory that dual hand weapons are now the best option for Chaos Warriors given they now have a reroll saves. I would have thought it’s kind of muddying their role and that keeping the mortal wound save would be preferable. Thoughts?
  7. I’ve gone for a mix, two ensorcelled weapons (which I think are just over all the most reliable and generalist option) plus a single fellspear so I can put a cool banner on it 😎
  8. I dunno, 6” pile in is pretty darn good in the Seeker cavalcade and this ability is basically that. Albeit it’s triggered off something in the battalion dying, but that’s typically not much of an ask! 😄
  9. That Battleforce box is looking like a pretty solid purchase at this point in time! It has everything you’d want ( plus a chariot you can use for a Chaos Lord on foot 😄) It’s the only one of those boxes my FLGS still has in stock!
  10. Noooo I’m gutted we lost he mounted sorcerer as I’d spent ages converting one up 😭 Pondering best loadout for Varanguard. Seems like the extra attacks from Ensorcelled Weapons are hard to beat, but perhaps I’m missing some combo. The will likely run mine as either Slaanesh or Undivided.
  11. Did the article not imply that the current Chaos warrior and Chaos knight kits will continue to be available alongside the new box? That was how I read it.
  12. They still look good and share the same aesthetic. I have 10 of the old knights and they aren’t going anywhere.
  13. Well, I was delighted that this hot take aged with spectacular ungood! 😂
  14. I’m definitely in for the Stormcast box. I built my current army around the last one, so I have a lot of Vanguard and Original(tm), but no Sacrosanct. The Skaven one is tempting as I have the Spire of Dawn already and have been thinking about expanding that for some time. Still not sure if I want to paint 100 rats though 🤔
  15. Kind of hard to know - I don’t think there’s precedent for this? Like I don’t believe we’ve seen a re-release of a factions SC box before this point? That means either a) Just an AoS 2 packaging update which I think is most likely (that’s the point btw - the current box uses the old logo and branding) b) Same kits but with a new hero or c) totally new kits They’ve shown with the big 2-faction boxes that they will include an exclusive hero with otherwise old kits, but this would be first time doing that with a SC box. I would love to be surprised though of course.
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