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  1. Thanks for all the feedback and discussion about the Bloodsecrator folks. Lots of ideas to roll around and work with here. In terms of Mono Mortal Khorne lists, what are people's thoughts on best options for generals? As I see it, there are 3 front runners to be your general: Might Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut: Good mobility, lots of wounds, durable, mediocre combat output Mighty Lord of Khorne: Synergies with Battalions, unbind ability, threat of axe-death ability, less durable Aspring Deathbringer: Great for buffing, low-target priority, lower cost, no battalion help
  2. Thank you for the feedback guys. It's actually the two points mentioned by Aspirant Snaeper and ledha above that really have me becoming disillusioned with the Bloodsecrator. I fully understand the potential of how amazing the guy can be. In the few games he's stayed alive, the Bloodbound Mortal Khorne lists I've run have been awesome. However, that's a pretty rare occurrence these days. I don't see the Bloodsecrator as durable. The Sylvaneth, Stormcast, and Savage Orruk armies I play in my area seem to have very little trouble finding the mortal wounds or volume of fire to kill the Bloo
  3. Whoa this thread is EPIC! Has their been any discussion about Khorne Mortal Bloodbound lists without a Bloodsecrator? (sorry if so, thread is TLDR it all) I know the guy is amazing, but having an "auto-take" unit in matched play always turns me off. Beyond the Bloodsecrator's auto-take status, there is also the issue of keeping the secrator alive long enough to do what's needed. Most new-gen armies have the synergy and ability to shoot or spell him off in the first turn (3 of my last 4 games). Most lists I'm seeing compensate for the shortcomings of the Bloodsecrator by taking 2,
  4. @GRex yup there are regular games going on at all 3 Game Kastle locations. Check the Facebook group through the link above and there is always something going on. Also, there are a few of us here in Santa Cruz gaming on Wednesday nights.
  5. I curious why the unit of 10 Blood Reavers in the Masters' list has Reaver Blades instead of Meatripper Axes. In my mind, the Reaver Blades are all but useless compared to Axes, especially when stacked with the Bloodstoker's ability. Any reason you guys can see for the 2 different load-outs on the Reavers? (Maybe it was only models he had?) Also, in terms of points value, how do people compare the relative worth of Blood Warriors vs. Blood Reavers? Which is preferred when compared point for point?
  6. Is there anyway to watch these without catching the live stream? I've only just heard about it, but I can't seem to watch any.
  7. This is an AWESOME idea. I'll try it out and get back to you!
  8. Yep! This^^^ I think we will see an Aelf army with multiple sub-factions. Much like the Sylvaneth are very similar to wood elf tree spirts, I imagine there very likely will be some unsavory shadow folk who harken back to the dark elves but are themselves a distinct faction. The FyreSlayers are a great example of this as they are Duardin but they are also their own faction.
  9. A great point there, Nameless One. I'd like to see a little more variety in the discussion, but perhaps that will have to stay among my friends and I. I do recall people saying that the matched play community represented a very vocal minority of gamers, perhaps the points you made above are a representation of why? Again, some good points here. Perhaps it is simply a case of a minimum of discussion online as opposed to a minimum of actual play. However, when I go to my local shop, or go the major forums, or go on my facebook or youtube feed, all I see is matched play (admittedly, I
  10. Hey All! Now that the General's Handbook has been out for 6+ months, I'm curious if anyone is playing the Narrative Style, Paths to Glory, Open, or anything other than matched/points/tournament-prep play? I know when the book released a lot of people (myself included) were worried that once the GH dropped, points-based match play would be the only style of play getting used. Certainly, from scanning the forums here, it looks like those fears have come to fruition in terms of all AoS games being conceptually prep for tournaments. Lots of discussion of "optimal choices" or units bei
  11. That's the point of sharing, but which Khorgorath conversion do you mean? There are 2.
  12. It has been a while, but here's a rough idea of what the force looks like overall:
  13. Are you kidding? I'm flattered that you think it's worth stealing, though to be honest, I stole the idea from James Wapple and my buddy Brian, so I'm just passing along the knowledge. Be sure to shoot me a picture of your results!
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