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  1. I made my own (in french) 2 weeks ago🙃 not as good as this one...
  2. I did not find the Herald interesting until my last game against IJ. 20 PB (I have to add 10 more) followed by a Herald with favored poxes is doing great to just glue one or two units in combat. For me PB are juste fine if you don't expect them to kill something. I never consider Tallyband but as I always want that feel of nerver dying PB and Drones, I want to give it a try !
  3. What do you think are the most useful units or really cheap combo in low points games (1000 max) ? All my lists feel missing either good tanking or damage output... Maybe the obvious ones : - Gutrot and a unit of (only 5 ?) Blightkings -Festus
  4. I Like you list and I want to build something like that. I think you mix two ideas: a hammer drone and a hammer BK and I think it should be one or the other. I suggest you to drop 3 PD to add more PB for more board control. I like a lot Horticulus and I want to play him but I feel like a LOA will be more effective. If you test the two I'd like your feedback !
  5. I really like your color scheme. I noted your recipes to test on my own. How do you do your bases ? I saw the recipe for the water but not for the materials used for the rest.
  6. Whoa whoa whoa ! I just discover this topic and I love what are you doing !! This crab BlightKing is 🤩 !! I want to steal your ideas but I do not think that I will be able to do the same. I want to see what that will done painted. Keep going mate, great job.
  7. I want Vince to be right I think !
  8. Vince Venturella Because right now there isn't. It's a strange rules loophole. Right now, the core rules have a rule that says additional attacks can't generate new additional attacks. Easy enough. Unfortunately, there is also a rule, clarified in the FAQ, that individual warscrolls over rule the core rules. So since the warscroll doesn't have a limit on generating additional attacks and just says - this is what happens, it technically over writes the base warscroll. Again, it's a bit silly and they should fix this (there are others besides the waywatcher), but it's technically the case right now. I asked him, don't what to think..... RÉPONDRE Masquer les réponses
  9. Martsb

    Gharuki Root Guard

    So nice and clean !! Well done !!
  10. So clean so nice !! I do not have the courage to do the banners like you ?
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