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  1. As we wait for FAQs etc I have been thinking about our (limited) options. What do people think Mollog needs to become useable at the moment (175 points) playing around with my lists he seems to slot in nicely and I love the model (who wouldn't) When you look at fellwaters who avg about 5 -1 2D wounds for 155 (plus shooting) so maybe 6 dmg on a 4+ save, maybe 2 more swings for Mollog would be enough giving an avg of maybe 6 MWs? No real proper calculations done, pure wish listing here. Not even really looking at making him an auto pick, just good enough to be not be automatically
  2. The GHB normally has FW points right? Is the lack of FW points a sign all are going to legends?
  3. I am running under the assumption no hag in 3.0 either due to legends or points increases meaning I need to cut something
  4. Probably, but the amulet is just listed as a 5+ ward save, it does not even mention wound or mortal wound, and the ward rule does not mention mortal wounds when describing what it is, but then says ward saves can be used against MWs later on in the text, so there is some uncertainty about it. so we play the waiting game for the FAQs etc "14.3 WARDS Some abilities allow you to roll a dice to negate a wound before it is allocated to a model. Abilities of this type are referred to as wards, and the dice roll is referred to as a ward roll. Up to 1 ward roll can be made for each wound or mor
  5. Its good to have choices I guess, If what I hear is true all current saves that are versions of wards will become the new ward so the hide will be the same as the amulet, but we will see if that is correct
  6. I still hope we won't need to and the day 1 FAQ adds monster or at least we wont have to do it for long as more likely if happens it will be in a new new battletome (which apparently is one of the first)
  7. GHB 2021 is for preorder this weekend too
  8. in regards to coherency, I would like to point out anything with 1" range on a 40mm or less base is not worse off you can do 1 inch space between bases and tuck the second row into the gaps and they are still less then an inch away, I see a lot of people saying 32m up lose attacks but they do not. 50mm and above is where you need 2" range to have to not be in the front row. I am sure there will be some odd cases depending on terrain or having 30 models in your unit, or he way the enemy unit is setup etc where it will be harder but generally I can not see it making a significant differe
  9. What you have laid out seems to be fine except the vertical is to do with vertical from the table ie multiple level terrain. However it would have issues with coherency when taking casualties, but at that point it may have already served it's purpose so not a huge loss I was worried about our recently upgraded rat ogors however some quick checking and I believe they can easily set up in a stager line and still all attack 🤞 EDIT: misinterpreted second example
  10. The real question is, is this enough for the Mourngul to be considered again, that would be great (TBH I still use him anyway as I think he is fun)
  11. I am thinking webspinner shaman on arachnarok
  12. Hopefully a reaction command in shooting will be something to turn 'look out sir' into passing off wounds on a 2+ or something like that 🤞
  13. I do not think they are meant to, the stream stated they have a bigger boss that they work for and a re kind of intermediaries for him/her/it. So I think they intentionally look separate.
  14. Why can't the weapon do both? Also if she used he armor as a weapon then yeah they would be blade by definition. In the end I try to be positive but if all you want to be in be negative and pick apart every word they print well power to you. Each to their own, try to enjoy the rest of your day anyway.
  15. what it does mean is any vamp model including the crimson court has a weapon that can be seen as soulbound blades
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