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  1. exliontamer

    Bringing the Cult of Slaanesh to AoS

    I get that you want this list to be Matched Play legal, but I would echo what others have said about playing narrative. This would make things a bit more flexible and give you access to DoK warscrolls. Sisters of Slaughter, for instance, would probably make good Devoted of Slaanesh. So from and fun/modeling perspective that would appeal more to me. And starting from that premise makes it easier to have convos with your opponent about what they will "allow" anyway. If you absolutely feel you need a Chaos warscroll to represent a given unit you're going to be getting into the same convos (with opponents AND TOs) over "counts-as" models...and those convos may not go your way. Just a thought.
  2. exliontamer

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    The point cost is 120 (and fwiw the summon cost is 6); its official matched play profile can be found in the AoS supplement in Wrath and Rapture (it also comes with a 40k equivalent) and the unit has been added with correct points to the AoS app for phone, although last I checked the one shooting attack was incorrect on there. The web-based warscroll builder app has not been updated yet, but this is not surprising as it does not tend to get nearly as frequent updates as the phone app.
  3. exliontamer

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    The At The Double command ability reads: At the Double: You can use this command ability after you make a run roll for a friendly unit that is within 6" of a friendly Hero, or 12" of a friendly Hero that is a general. If you do so, the run roll is treated as being a 6. Seekers' ability reads: Quicksilver Swiftness: You can roll 2D6 instead of D6 when you make a run roll for this unit. In addition, this unit can run and still charge later in the same turn. At The Double lets you replace your "run roll" with a value of 6. To me that means the entire run roll. Normally that is D6 for most units, but for Seekers their run roll happens to involve 2D6. So in answer to your question, Seekers whom you use At The Double on will move a flat 20" (14" normal movement, plus their 6" from At The Double's replacement effect). So basically, if your 2D6 is a 5 or lower, consider using it, otherwise it gives no additional benefit beyond what it would give to any other unit in the game.
  4. exliontamer

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    Thanks so much for the feedback, it will really help me make some informed choices!
  5. exliontamer

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    Hello spooky scary skellingtons. I have a bunch of Death models/kits sitting around and I have wanted to start on an army for a while now, so I think I am finally going to get cracking towards a 2000 point force. I was thinking something like this as the "core" of my army: Vampire Lord General on Steed - Lord of Nagashizzar - Ossific Diadem - Amethystine Pinions Neferata - Overwhelming Dread Wight King on Steed Black Knights x 15 The idea here is to wrap the characters in Black Knights and buff the Knights up to 5 attacks each (2 base, 1 from WK trait, 1 from VL trait, 1 from LoN) on a turn where I can virtually guarantee their charge on something (base 6" with horn). This will hopefully wreck weaker units (BKs are dmg 2 on the charge), or tarpit stronger ones (with Neferata's aura and Overwhelming Dread giving their biggest threat -2 to hit). Neferata's Mist spell also basically turns them into Hexwraiths for the turn (Ethereal and fly). So my questions are: Is 15 BKs too many? I know they are large-ish models and possibly won't all get to swing every time in combat, but I felt 15 would put them in the spot where they won't be wiped out in one combat either... Does this strat even make sense? What would be good to compliment or support this? I am thinking of adding Lady Olynder and a bunch of chainrasps. Olynder can add to the -1 to hit shenanigans, and is an overall good dmg/pts piece. Chainrasps would be my battleline and would stand on points/near graves in my territory to hold the fort. I have a VL on dragon...I hear those are good. But 440 points is a lot! Should I try to squeeze him in? Keep in mind I don't want to hit 2000 exactly as I would like a few extra CP to get my traits off when I need them. I am taking the VL on steed both for the modeling potential, but also for the extra attacks (why not?) since it will be taking Pinions anyway. I see people choose the wings over the steeds (and still take Pinions) a lot though...is that just to guarantee fly?
  6. exliontamer

    AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar

    Nothing to be apprehensive about. Nothing can separate a dwarf and their beard! Even death!
  7. exliontamer

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    The Lord on Demonic Mount, which is what he was originally referencing, does not have any such ability, that's why I'm confused.
  8. exliontamer

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Just curious how he is getting the 2+ to wound and mortal wounds on a 5+...everything else makes sense to me but this. Chosen don't confer this ability, they just have it themselves.