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  2. Uhhhhh *looks at Bloodreavers, Blood Warriors, Mighty Bloodcrushers, Mighty Lord of Khorne (mounted and foot), Bloodsecrator, 3 flavours of Deathbringers, Slaughterpriest, Skullgrinder, Bloodstoker, Skullreapers, Wrathmongers, Skarr Bloodwrath, Valkia the Bloody, Curseling, Magister, Fatemaster, Ogroid Thaumaturge, Kairic Acolytes, Blightkings, Glottkin, Orghotts Daemonspew, Bloab Rotspawned, Morbidex Twiceborn, Lord of Afflictions, Festus the Leechlord, Harbinger of Decay, Sorcerer, Lord of Blights, Gutrot Spume, Lord of Plagues, Pusgoyle Blightlords*
  3. Hello, I'm purchasing my first airbrush soon. I'm picking up a hood to go with it that came recommended by a friend of mine: https://www.amazon.com/Master-Airbrush-Portable-Optional-Extension/dp/B00B2TESUQ I was told that the hood (and fan therein) should eliminate most if not all the overspray residue, but I still have a couple concerns. My hobby space is in a relatively common area, the loft of my house that's outside the bedrooms. Should I be concerned about fumes or anything like that? I'll be wearing mask and gloves personally, but I don't know if I should take any precautions. Additionally, the hood comes with a tube to process overflow out a window, is that necessary? I saw some videos where people simply put some extra filtration or paper towels on the egress point rather than setting up the hose.
  4. I accidently x3 instead of 2 and fixe but math wise it works out damn close to the same. So functionally everything in the army gets the demonette extra attack mechanic. The .16 sure i can go 6 for ever but theres no point if anything it slightly underestimates it. You could go .166 which is higher and in large enough roll would average out more.
  5. Find below my 2k list which I want to try vs my nagash reapers friend Thricefold did me no good against him due to only 2 casts out of 20 in 3 games gone through and not once portal plus wind in 2 turn. In addition he manages always to snipe me at least one full Guo with hand of dust. Looks like a counter Armee vs Thricefold and that's why I'm trying this one. What do you think? GUO with Bell, spellblade and grandfather's blessing + witherstave and poxes spell Lord of blights Festus with blade spell 2x30 plaguebearers 2x3 (or 1x6) plaguedrones 5 blightkings Cogs Shackles =1900 points Idea is to get cogs of out of 30 range and get with movement buff the plaguebearers on objectives and even more movement for drones. Cps to buff plaguebeaers with lob command to make them as defense be as possible and win objective game. Drones will wait backline and only engage if blade buff worked and try to kill some stuff to get at least minor win on killing points if scenario is not to win on objectives like get the one objective at the enemy Territorium which is not possible for me vs death. Festus Guo of course support defense as well as offense with cp on drones of required and blades are on them. What do u think? It's not 100 % planned through but I hope you get the idea of the list. Anything you would change?
  6. “Whenever we have a respite from the assaults he just... sits there. The men try to get some sleep, food and live a semblance of their previous lives, but I don’t think the bronze giant ever had anything like what we would call a normal life. Not that I think he’d answer if we asked him.” -Sergeant Stahl *** The Great Invasion started out as a massive assault that would have razed the city in mere hours had it not been for the intervention of Sigmar’s Eternals: bronze-clad giants that fought with the strength and devotion of ten mortal men. But despite their prowess the initial assault was only halted thanks to a great sacrifice that killed the entire warrior chamber sent to Hollenstahl’s defence... except for one. This lone knight now protects the city and fights alongside the Watch against any enemy it faces. Behind the stoic, silent façade hides a soul racked with guilt for being the only one left behind and terrified of death and the mysterious reforging process that follows.
  7. Well the whip requires the enemy hero to be within 1" of a friendly unit, which seems very easy to play around.
  8. Except for when it’s not been like that for the other 3 gods as repeatedly pointed out, you mean?
  9. Wow.. what happened here. Why all this crying ???? If we look back, the god themed armies always got their mortals from the slaves of darkness\Everchosen or former 8th edition chaos warriors. And Slaves of Darkness and Everchoosen will get a new release in summer. I guess we should wait until after this release before we call a release a disappointment. The rules in HoS will be clearly be written for Slaneesh and you just slap a mark of Slaneesh on Slaves of Darkness mortals. Has always been like that and will always be like that. I don't get the big fuzz
  10. @Unit1126PLL that could definitely be what the terrain piece or endless spells do.
  11. I just want to say you've inspired me to critically think about my upcoming passion project with Idoneth Deepkin and to think in critical and creative ways as far as conversion opportunities and a powerful unifying theme. I've been inspired and I want to create my own rich and deep army with as much of a personal touch as possible.
  12. @Qrow I wish that shrieker host could work 😩. I do feel that GW are making lots of strong options easily available in most of the new books. I feel that the power creep is not going to be kind to us.
  13. I'm pretty sure someone already mentioned bestigors, but they would be pretty sweet. as far as stealing unitS, it would be mad cool, but hard to balance... Too hard. Still a fun idea though.
  14. You got a rule like that with ye Olde Cult of Pleasure if my memory still works
  15. I've definitely decided on going with the Morr'phan enclave, and I enjoy a more infantry based game so this suits me well. In fact, it sort of plays like Legions of Nagash, especially with the battalion, of constantly replenishing models who die. I'm looking at black, dark violet, navy blue and golds for my color scheme as far as armor and equipment goes alonside silver for blades, etc. For skin I hope to pull off a sort of nighthaunt paleness and ethereal spooky ghost glow. I'm trying to wrack my brain for full on conversions whilst keeping the essence as I was inside by The Darkwood Coven or whatever thread in the painting & modeling and how that guy TRULY made his Sylvaneth his very own. I'm looking at the realm lore of Shyish for inspiration as well as the Morr'phan entries in the battletome alongside deep sea creatures in real life, thinking albino creatures or perhaps deep violet, black and other colors. I wonder if I could greenstuff anger fish or gulper eels or bioluminescence. I really want to go deep with this project as a passion project. As for basing I found these videos. I think it may be relevant to water basing, and building haunted scenery. I may borrow some nighthaunt figures or cut pieces off or somehow integrate ghosts and souls into my army. I want, possibly, slightly blackish water or some sort of dark water. I believe that's what the ocean they come from is described as. I've been taking notes and trying to really hone down on a theme for my army so I can truly make it personal and rich with detail and flavor.
  16. I’ve never actually wanted to collect slaanesh before but this new KOS is testing me. The expression on their face is so subtle and amazing that I want to hug whoever sculpted it.
  17. I am gonna laugh if there is a rule to steal other units from other GAs instead of getting our own mortals. Temptation Unlike Any Other: Slaanesh's whispered temptations tug harder on a mortal soul than any other, offering the mortal its greatest desires at the very low cost of their allegiance. Any unit from any other Allegiance may gain the Slaanesh keyword and join this Allegiance; however, it retains its original faction keyword, representing its continued loyalty even as Slaanesh naturally feeds its desires... Of course, this means it does not benefit from Chaos Slaanesh abilities, given that it has not fully embraced the hedonistic lifestyle of Slaaneh's true followers. Yet.
  18. Think of adding beastmen with depraved drove. They would get all benefits and it’ll be crazy
  19. According to this one of the MAIN rules writers over Age of Sigmar is Jervis Johnson! Which is extremely exciting because he's created the very best and most well balanced game Blood Bowl! So we are in very capable and great hands which is a relief to me. I'm glad it's such a reputable name over AoS. This is going to be an amazing game once everything has caught up and been sussed out, although I also currently think it is a great game right now too.
  20. I wonder why they went with keyword "Chaos Slaanesh" what could possibly be Slaanesh but not Chaos?
  21. While battleshock immunity would certainly help us, I would much prefer if they got rid of immunity altogether, except for inspiring presence. It has become much like bravery tests in 40k, basically meaningless for 90% of armies, if an army has the ability to ignore battleshock beyond inspiring presence it should be extremely expensive and rare, otherwise it invalidates the phase. For example, one of the regulars it my local club plays skaven, and between his 26" ignore battleshock for 1 command point ability and his 13" ignore battleshock for free on the plague furnace, the one major weakness that skaven are supposed to have is just completely negated. Hell, I play chaos dwarfs as well as nighthaunt and despite how overcosted Drazhoath the Ashen is, his command ability still makes him almost a must take. If ignore battleshock for free/1 command point for the entire army was not a thing, both the shrieker host and our -1 bravery would actually make a difference and the 10 bravery of nighthaunt would be way more impressive.
  22. I just hope we see more from Forgeworld. GW is already doing great with AoS and its nice to hear confirmation of the tomes coming; but darn it FW need to buck up and get more fantasy stuff
  23. I like the genuine character of the fellow talking about it. He seems as much of a fanboy of this stuff as we are, which is always assuring to see
  24. At 49 min mark he talks about the focus on giving battletomes for every single faction and new ones.
  25. Makes sense. I think I would like to give it a try in an elite list where the stats are heavily in my favour. I actually really quite like the model so hope to get some use out of it anyway.
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