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  1. I'd definitely still consider him in Big Waaagh!, which could probably still manage to get some magic out with the right build. The combination of bonesplitterz and ironjawz buffs on it make it very powerful.
  2. I'm wondering about subfactions and allegiances, which as a rule, do not have points associated with them, if this applied to allegiances literally nothing would be usable in matched play without your opponent's agreement. The guess part is the bit that bothers me.
  3. I know battalions tend to be matched play legal until the next ghb, since it is the "next publication" for a faction but my question is specifically regarding things that do not have point costs attached to them, which means they wouldn't be printed in the GHB in the first place. At the moment there is no rule for things that aren't battalions (unless I just can't find it), unless we're just supposed to guess or assume that white dwarf is a less legitimate source than something like wrath of the everchosen. Since it doesn't seem GW has made a distinction, either all of it is legal, or all of it is illegal, as long as there aren't newer publications for it. I'm not fond of just having players arbitrarily decide what is matched play legal and what isn't based on how "legitimate" we consider a source book. If we were to go strictly by what allegiances are in the ghb it would make big WAAAGH!!! illegal, which is absurd, and so is the idea of stuff from wrath of the everchosen (although the battalions are now illegal in matched play)
  4. Do we know if subfactions, and allegiances printed in supplemental books like white dwarf and wrath of the everchosen become illegal for matched play after the general's handbook release? We know battalions with matched play points not in the GHB are not legal (RIP wrath of the everchosen battalions), but there is nothing in the GHB or FAQ as to how it pertains to subfactions and allegiances (like Syll'Esske's host, legion of grief, knights of the empty throne, etc.) since these don't have matched play points.
  5. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/08/04/white-dwarf-preview-issue-455/ It seems the Jaws of Mork is actually a new squig allegiance, not just a couple battalions. I am over the moon in excitement!
  6. 9 club attacks vs a 5+ save: expected 5.33 damage (4.89 if target is rerolling 1s, 3.56 if target is rerolling saves) 9 club attacks vs a 4+ save: expected 4 damage (3.33 if target is rerolling 1s, 2 if target is rerolling saves) 9 club attacks vs a 3+ save: expected 2.67 damage (1.78 if target is rerolling 1s, 0.89 if target is rerolling saves) 6 hacker attacks vs a 5+ save: expected 5 damage (4.83 if target is rerolling 1s, 4.33 if target is rerolling saves) 6 hacker attacks vs a 4+ save: expected 4 damage (3.67 if target is rerolling 1s, 3 if target is rerolling saves) 6 hacker attacks vs a 3+ save: expected 3 damage (2.5 if target is rerolling 1s, 2 if target is rerolling saves) As you can see they numbers favor the gargant hackers against anything with rerolls or saves higher than a 4+. However, the clubs will actually come up on top in almost all cases once you factor in the ironfist triggers, as you only need 1 to outdo the hacker against anything other than a 3+ rerollable.
  7. Hopefully something that puts squig herds to good use, If it lets squigs use the loonshrine I'll finally have an excuse to paint that thing up.
  8. That seems remarkably similar to the current system but with more steps, also that feels like it would slow the game considerably if big hordes of units were involved but maybe i misunderstand it.
  9. Elite units tend to be less wound efficient to make up for the better stats, which doesn't always translate into increased defense, and losing even a single model in an elite unit hurts way more than losing a few clanrats or grots. This especially hurts stuff like trolls, or ogors, as each body in the unit is worth 40-50 points, which would equate to 7-8 grots in a pure point comparison, but expensive elite units need each body more, hordes tend to bring the bodies exclusively as extra wounds. At the moment this is kind of balanced since you need to inflict more wounds to cause an elite unit to take battleshock in the first place. If bravery ended there maybe we could get rid of inspiring presence, but as it is there are a LOT of armies that were given tools to mess with bravery in some form or another, and the effectiveness of every single one of those rules is amplified by the strength of the unit it is fighting. Without inspiring presence rules like reducing bravery, forcing extra models to flee, or rerolling successful battleshock tests will destroy things like Gutbusters and brutes. Just imagine what playing 3 bravery Trolls/Brutes, or 4 bravery ogors would be like without inspiring presence. This stuff is why I dread having to play against lumineth. Gitz can at least get a lot of CP to maybe counteract the double cost spell, but gluttons/ironguts will literally evaporate unless they completely destroy the unit, or the Scinari Cathellar fails her emotional transferrance.
  10. AOS got away from strength and toughness (which existed in fantasy) to make things simpler, you no longer need to reference a table during damage to see what wounds. I think it was a good change, even if there are some oddities involved. Having strength/toughness doesn't make the game more interesting, it just serves to better represent the reality of the situation, but comes with a cost in extra rules. If you really get into the details though its hard to justify what strength should look like anyways since it would realistically apply to both wounding and damage characteristics, and in a fantasy setting, possibly breaking through armor as well. it hurts elites and horde armies, but not MSU. So the reality is the best thing to run would be spamming minumum sized units that don't need to worry about battleshock tests unless they're basically already dead. so instead of 30 phoenix guard, it would become 3 units of 10. The problem is that units of 10 generally aren't durable enough to hold anything, so there would be a shift towards units that are more useful in small units, which tend to be shooting units. Think stuff like irondrakes, handgunners, and skinks. The 40k version sounds pretty appealing, at least the autopassing on 1. Losing only 1 model on a failed battleshock feels like it might make hordes too good in aos though, especially since hordes in aos don't need to worry nearly as much about being shot down before they get where they need to be.
  11. As a rules change it would be a MASSIVE shift to not have inspiring presence that would make some armies unplayable (gitz at least), it would hurt elite units more than cheap ones, since even losing one troll/ogor/brute to battleshock is a big loss, stuff like mournfang and skullcrushers might become unplayable because of the liability. The game would 100% shift to MSU screens instead of hordes, this would minimize battleshock losses since its tougher to target multiple units, encourage shooting, both to aid in positioning of the screens, and so they can contribute regardless of their positioning. Hordes would be literally erased from viability due to all of the horde killing spells. As an example, the slann lore in seraphon has a spell that rolls a die for each model in a unit, and on a 5+ inflicts a mortal. Without inspiring presence that would kill 20 grots, and make 16-22 flee due to battleshock (around 240 points worth of grots), and it is one of the weaker horde clearing spells since it is only a 5+. Grot heroes have low bravery as well, so even if you did use this version of inspiring presence you would only save a couple more grots. This is almost feasible already for seraphon anyways, but at least they need to take a couple turns to nuke down the heroes first. Something that might work would be to let the unit take the test at its unmodified bravery, but that would leave us in the same situation as before except stuff like grots and skaven will sometimes lose a few models.
  12. Removing/limiting Inspiring presence would be an absolute DISASTER for elite units (which have already had a hard time), it would move us away from hordes and into MSU to mitigate losses from battleshock, and would benefit shooting units who can force battleshock tests from a distance. Gitz would become unplayable. They already aren't particularly strong but without inspiring presence the entire army would just fall apart. I'm sure there are other armies/builds that would be in a similar boat.
  13. Lack of impact in the battleshock phase is an issue, there are too many armies that don't seem to care about it at all. That being said, forcing your opponent to spend a command point to keep their models from running away is still valuable, since then they can't use that command point on a different ability. Bravery bomb can't work without serious overhauls to bravery across all warscrolls since at the moment destruction will usually autolose to it. stuff like brutes and trolls only have 6 bravery, so any penalties can cause you to lose HUGE amounts of models (In several games already I've lost trolls to battleshock even with only 1 casualty), ogors tend to have around 7 as well so they will also get wrecked by it. Bravery reducing shenanigans hurt elite multi-wound models way more than single wound models, since its effectiveness is multiplied by the amount of wounds the model has. Normally multi wound models have lower battleshock rolls because its per model slain, not per wound but bravery reducing abilities get around that. Really all that needs to happen to "fix" the battleshock phase is to stop printing bravery 10, or free army-wide battleshock immunities. If you want to see why bravery bomb can't work, shouldn't work, and creates major NPE just wait until we start seeing the Lumineth vs Gutbuster/Ironjawz/Gitz matchups. Lumineth can pass their battleshocks onto the opponent, and they can force Inspiring presence to cost 2CP.
  14. Yeah the snufflers can only use the ability once per turn, but multiple units of snufflers could use it on the same unit causing mortal wounds.
  15. I think that should be dependent on the monster, big expensive tough ones should always be dangerous to blobs, even if they're on the defensive, where cheaper monsters like aleguzzlers and ghorgons need to be screened as they will lose some of their punch if they're struck first and be caught on a weaker profile.
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