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  2. I think the incubi might be a bit on the small side but I do like the idea of using sisters of silence for the basis of my mirror guard, would also help diversify my army with some more female models since the only one I have is the valkia i'm converting into a winged war queen. If i swapped out the shoulderpads and maybe the helmets, then with the right paint job and some bits i could replace the rest of the imperium iconography with a more chaos look.
  3. They learnt from the GUO that people will pay £85 for a greater daemon. It was never gonna be cheaper than that.
  4. GW have stated in their financial report that their intention regarding prices is to keep the price of their back catalogue but to increase the price of new releases in line with inflation. Its not great but if you keep this in mind when new releases come along you are less likely to be surprised. Also GW is having triple keeping stuff in stock recently. A standard solution to that problem is to increase prices.
  5. Can someone tell me if this is still a thing? It is no long in the errata and can’t find anything that suggests this is still a thing. This is from a pdf from 1.1.1 Been playing the firestorm campaign and to win the victory conditions are you gain victory points for every unit killed (including summoned units) was fighting a death army and after I have destroyed a few units of skeletons and grave gaurd he has summoned them back with endless legions. Do I get victory points for initially killing the unit? He argues no because of this pdf and says that because it is not in the new errata the rule still stands
  6. As far as the predictions and wishlisting goes; I just hope that 20% points drop is f'real... and that it includes the Mongrel- I mean Mourngul. (Ooh; or give Mourn retreat-and-charge)
  7. Yesterday
  8. Good pricing models are more nuanced that just calculating the cost and then adding in a predetermined net profit. It's difficult to say exactly why something is more expensive than another thing. But I would be shocked if GW isn't considering the demand for this model, or if they haven't forecasted expected sales for the kit, both of which have significant impact on determining price. Given how highly anticipated this model is, I think it's definitely likely the increased demand is a major factor here too. That's not to say cost isn't going to be a factor at all, but GW has done a really good job at cutting costs over the years and streamlining their production.
  9. Daemonettes as stand alone horde infantry is really self sufficient. Depending on how things synergies and warscroll changes and point changes they could be really solid infantry.
  10. Lol, this is great. Don't forget Khorne despises fear tho. His blood would be seething and his rage would erupt if he seen his followers so scared of the Slaaneshi, of all!
  11. To be fair making someone else go last is the same thing as going first. They just made it sound more leisurely and hedonistic (which I give them props for). As though their heroes are luring other enemies into a daze so they can enjoy killing you slowly. It also gives the air of interactivity by having a dice roll your opponent is waiting to watch you fail along with positioning requirements. I just wish that last sentence wasn't there as it is basically foreshadowing that GW intends to nerf Itchy Nuisance and Wildfire Taurus. They just couldn't let their be a straight up combat counter to ASF. It reminds me of when the Blades of Khorne FAQ buffed Gristlegore to stop intelligent players using clever pile-ins to deny the mindlessness of a GKoTG.
  12. Aye its an older article I think done before Wrath and Rapture if I recall right - so yeah their stats might well be out of date and in need of revision. Though it shows that even back then they were no slouches in combat. So if they've already improved and then might improve or adjust again they could easily be in line with daughters and that's a good position to be in. Of course that's only one aspect of the army, one has to consider the other elements of the force and how they work together and support one another.
  13. Do you foam transport everything then? Seems a hassle to go half and half @Xil what is your experience with khinerai on magnets?
  14. Looking at the article it appears to be old. Daemonettes would have way more hits and they have built in rend that would neutralize the 6+ save witch selves have. If daemonettes attack first no banner for reroll 1 to hit. 60 attacks ×.5=30 60attacks ×.33= 20 additional attacks 50 hits × .5 = 25 wounds no save 25 × .166 fnp = 4.15 fnp 25-4 fnp= 21 So witch aelves lose 25 modles with the kaine save its 21. This dual dagger.
  15. @Ravinsild@Battlefuryhey guys, I’m not exactly the voice of reason, though I’m equerry to Primarch Angron, so hopefully that means something. i love this thread, because of all of you guys and your sheer passion. The complaining is honestly not THAT bad, and personally, I feel that your complaining kinda shows your sheer zeal for Khorne (he appreciates it, a bit) Yet, one of the greatest strengths of us champions of khorne is the fact we’re not petty. The Slaaneshi thread has them groaning about how they don’t have mortals, and then dissing Khorne about having so many mortals (boo we don’t have mortals, it’s the end of the world! Something like that), despite the Slaanesh lads getting great rules! Don’t forget, we’re blessed with a supremely cool Battletome and range, and look at what we’ve done so far. Judgements give us supreme tactical flexibility. We laugh at magic. Blood Warriors are actually worth using. We have more viable Battalions than ever before our Bloodsecrator moves, we aren’t limited to just wrath of Khorne thirster because the rest are actually good korghos Khul is worth using slaughterhosts are awesome new tricks for us So, when we do whine, we are feeding NURGLE, the fat sack of pus and disease. When we wishlist for things that will never happen, we feed TZEENTCH, the weakling lord of magic! When we jump into playing or hating on them slaanesh just “cuz they got better rules bruh”, we feed SLAANESH, The ARCH ENEMY OF KHORNE! So on our salt, the other gods dare encroach on our territory, and become empowered. We must fight them back! And how can we do this, you may ask? Battle reports, tactics, discussion, occasional roars of BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! And the occasional dose of inspiration when one of us is feeling down! The rumor thread fears us brothers, we think we are weak, yet they fear us (I’m not kidding, I think someone was talking to Sleboda that time) That has to mean something right? As such, let’s be happy our Slaaneshi foes get something new, why? Because we have worthy blood to offer Khorne! And it will mean more people come into this glorious hobby, keeping the game alive and sating our hunger for fresh skulls for the skull Throne! the other gods will batter us, the bastions of Order will force us back, the hordes of destruction will drag us down, and the servants of death will resist our rage. Like Khârn said at Armatura, when the Nails took over... “Our Turn”.
  16. Thanks brother for the battle report! Just some questions: Do you feel the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage is worth without being buffer? What do you feel is the minimum amount of buffs for him to work? And how are the skullfiend tribe and the Khorgoraths at their current points? Was the re-roll to hits of 1 coming up often? And was the command ability efficient? Also, when the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage activates Outrageous Carnage, and vaporizes 2 unfortunate enemy heroes (let’s imagine them to be lords of Slaanesh, to vent our fury), is that counted as being slain by an attack for purposes of the Skullfiend command trait? That would make the Insensate Rage thirstier really cool Personally if I bring chaos warriors I’d rather send them forward as a roadblock, instead of having them pick daisies around the skull altar, especially since the MWs that get through the shield WILL ignore their good armor saves. Personally, I could foresee my priests stabbing a skull Cannon... Very good points there, my only hesitation is that the Warshrine night get changed in the upcoming Slaves to Darkness/Darkoath Battletome. HOWEVER. Re-rolls to hit for gorefist blood Warriors are a godsend, just as Bloodreavers would love it too. Combine it with Bloodstoker’s whip, you get a super blender (how to make a smoothie from the viscera of your foes, especially slaaneshi ones) Personally I dislike 3 units of Skullreapers. That would be very ex. If I could, I’d swap that for 2 5 Reaper units and 1 Wrathmonger unit, in a slaughterborn If i used a bloodmad warband, then I use a 10-man reaper overall, I prefer having multiple hammers, in separate units, because other factions rely on deathstars, that can be tarpitted, debuffed or focused super hard one of our greatest strengths is the self sufficiency of reapers, such that we can put down multiple threats
  17. Ah you're correct I just looked at my prime, whom I built many moons ago and her stowed weapon is a standard hammer, but Ive always run it as a grandhammer, no ones ever cared lol Doesn't negate the fact that the new whats in the box style rules have been implemented after the Sequitor release.
  18. I did some maths theory and used Deamonettes against Daughters of Khaine https://warminiatures.wordpress.com/2018/10/20/dice-theory-witch-aelves-vs-deamonettes/ What's interesting is that, without buffs or auras or any support (and assuming all got into close combat) they actually held up pretty well. In fact if they got the first attack they do quite a significant amount of damage. With a little adjustment and perhaps some buffs from within the army (as one might well expect to get in a real world battle) then they are a very capable force of infantry. Remembering that Witch Aelves are considered one of the better hoard infantry. Of course also granted the witches weren't getting any bonuses in this study either so both sides its a little artificial.
  19. After looking at other forums I don't think people understand how good slaanesh can be. Even without a book or understand how these abilietes work. I actually saw some one say slaanesh is completely outclassed by fec, BoK, and fyreslayers. Either they dont understand how to play slaanesh or they never played against it. When the book drops its going to surprise people.
  20. The problem arises though when base sizes are assigned arbitrarily. Chaos Marauders are on 25mm for example while Bloodreavers are on 32mm. Yes modeling wise I think Bloodreavers would look very cramped on a 25mm base, but seems weird that a Horde unit is punished due to base sizes. (not that maruaders are superior to bloodreavers, but I'm sure BR would enjoy having more "attacks") Another example is BoC Gors who are on 32mm bases, very awkward when ungors get better "rank" attacks and bestigors are superior at msu. And I think Skryre Acolytes keep bouncing between 25mm and 32mm for some reason.
  21. In a game that consists of gaining victory points by destroying units If a unit is destroyed and comes back does my opponent get points because it was initially destroyed?
  22. agree. Ghoul kings and so on have lot of regeneration abilities as well as invulnerable saves. Bloodthirster don't hit as hard, aren't as fast, and die as soon as something serious watch them, because they have 0 defensive abilities
  23. SmileB4uDieXD

    Endless Legions

    In a game that depends on units being destroyed to gain victory points if a unit is killed then brought back with endless legions would my opponent gain victory points because they were initially destroyed?
  24. Note for any Slaanesh and Khorne players - the pre-release prices for Slaanesh show that the two new models in Wrath and Rapture duel box are going up for individual sale as well. This means its all coming in one big pre-release wave this coming weekend. As a result its very likely that Wrath and Rapture is totally out of production and will now only sell on remaining stock. With both armies now equipped with tomes its likely that stock will run out reasonably to very fast. So if you want them get a hold of them now. It's a great saving and even if you don't want the "other side" it should prove easy to sell half of it off. Also remember any metal/finecast models for Slaanesh are likely to go out of production without warning. Keeper of Secrets in metal is already gone in several territories (as expected). The Masque is also a pretty much guaranteed to be gone model. The Hero on mount and herald have a big questionmark over them. The herald has appeared in photos of armies in community posts on the GW site and there's no direct replacement for it in the line up so it could be hanging around; whilst the lord on mount has appeared in some big artwork, but that's no guarantee it will remain. The lord on foot nothing has been heard of so could also vanish. Basically if its metal or finecast and you really want it best to grab a copy now if you can; in my experience finecast stuff doesn't turn up as much on ebay whilst metal tends to quickly climb in value once its no longer produced.
  25. It might be more complex than the others - all those thin connection points and flowing cloth could actually be more difficult to cast and might even risk the mould wearing out faster. So whilst it might not have as much raw material inside it, the complexity could mean its projected casting span is shorter than some others. It could also be that its complexity means it has more parts and thus could have quite a large sprue - heck the Enrapturess is quite complex for a Warhammer model and has a lot of thin/fine parts in plastic.
  26. We are currently really strong anyway; we have incredible speed, very good damage, decent summoning, and a lot of debuffs to throw around. We could do a lot without a battletome, so I reckon we'll be able to do even more with one.
  27. A bit of progress on the Nurgle guys - after having played practically every game with a Harbinger of Decay as a general, I wanted to try something different, so I've put together a Lord of Afflictions, which I think came out pretty cool: I think the standard one is very bland, while this one is quite a bit more menacing. Also, a bit of colour on the tree - much more to come, but hey, it's something. Also, I'm working on Gnarlmaw #2, which is more of less scratchbuilt.
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