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Balogog's War Host


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I started this in the Destruction forum, but I have now started painting the war host. First, some fluff:

From the depths of the Dracborough mountains, a new force was stirring in Hysh, the realm of light. These benighted orruks despised the light, having been forced from their home in Ulgu under the guidance of a trio of mysterious, deadly Fimir. In his travels, Balogog had gathered a ragtag band of followers, ogors, his savage kin, hulking orruks in heavy armour and heavier weapons, his own green-skinned tribe and even some grots, though they were wise enough to stay deep in the cave system or patrol the nearby mountains and passes for fear of being an ogors next meal.

The Fimir had told Balogog of the fantastical Realm Gates, a way for him to return to Ulgu and exact his vengeance on those that drove them out. He was strong now, with a strong hoard of warriors eager for battle. Much did the Fimir say, twisting his mind with ideas of glory and vengeance. To reach the Realm Gate, he would have to cut a bloody swathe through Hysh, culminating in the taking of the Realm Gate far to the south. 

The time for action, had come...

Ok, so I am not a great fluff writer, but hopefully as this project progresses it will be added to and refined and it will make more sense. I intend to make a combined Destruction force with elements from big factions (orruks, ogors, grots and maybe a gargant (do have one...)) and basically tell the story of Balogog. I plan to have a few versions of Balogog depending on the scenario. I have the Orruk Warboss on Boar, I would like to use the Ironjawz Megaboss sometimes and so on. As they are a ragtag force and on the move, I am also trying to convert them with weapons from each kit (so my Savage Orruks have normal Orruk or Ironjawz weapons here and there, things like that). The Fimir are also key to this story, so they will turn up in most battle reports as I build this force up. They are great models too, although I screwed up when I built them so may have to do some conversion work to make them actually go together properly...

Anyway, here are some starter shots. First up is the test model, front and rear:


Next are the first five savage orruks. I have recently completed the standard bearer and am on to number 7:


If you got this far, thanks very much! In my collection so far I have:

Savage Warboss - Edit: name Ughaag (Oog Harg), painted

Wardokk (name undetermined) Edit: name Glurgob, painted

20 Savage Orruks - Edit: 20 painted, 10 more would help.

Balogog on Boar: Edit: painted as well. 

Warboss standard bearer: Edit - got converted with the large axe version and to be an Ard Boy

10 Orruk Arrow Boyz - Edit: there are 20 now... Edit Edit (is that a thing???): 20 painted with warpaint to be counts as Savage Arrer Boyz

 10 Orruk Boarboyz - Edit: all painted too...

Warchanter - Edit: name Shagrbash, painted

10 Hard Boyz- Edit: 10 painted, 5 in undercoat. need 15 more to get the bonuses... Edit Edit: So there are now 30 all up, 10 Orruk Boyz with some kitbashing, and 5 Orruk Nobz from 40K with some useful swaps

5 Brutes - Edit: 5 painted, but someone added 5 more to the collection...

3 Gruntas - Edit: painted, need 6 more I think...

3 Fimir - Edit: painted

1 Gargant - painted decidedly chaotic at the moment, but I suppose that doesn't matter

1 Chariot - painted, can't ever be used but hey, looks cool. would be fun to convert it to carry a shaman and make it a Maniak Weirdnob...

To add to the pile I think I want:

1 Ogor leader of some description

6 Leadbelchers

1 or 2 Ironlaunchers

10 Grot Wolf riders

1 Grot Shaman

More Arrow Boyz

More Savage Orruks

Oh, and who doesn't love the Mawkrusha... - Edit: see later, the big boy is done...


Edited by kaaras
Updating completed tasks
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So, in line with the edits above, here are some of the painted boyz, completed as part of the monthly painting challenge here on the forum:


Group hugs... first 10 Bonesplitterz and the Wardokk, coz he is cool...


Command group. 


And the Wardokk, rotten finecast...

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Battle report time:

Balogog was furious. That unhinged (although good in a scrap) Bonesplitterz mob had gotten wind of two of them giant walking trees in the valley. They had torn out of the caves without so much as a by your leave, and worse still, got a fist of them armoured lads to go with them. He paced furiously, deciding the best option was to at least go and have a look.

Through his network of tunnels, Balogog came to a ledge that overlooked the wooded valley that the treekin were thought to be gathering. There, true enough, were two of the monsters, one very ancient and gnarled, the other vigourous and youthful. There were more, Balogog could see, with some smaller dryads at either end of the vale, and a branchwych to boot. Balogog looked at his own forces, pitiably small against two of these monstrosities. Something else caught his eye. The ard boys were surrounding an object of power. At this distance Balogog couldn't make it out, but it appeared there was a twin that the treekin were guarding. 

Battle was soon joined, with the orruks screaming across the battlefield, only to be ripped apart by vile arcane tree magic. The Bonesplitterz were soon leaderless, the big boss in charge summarily cut down in short order by one of the giant treemen. His boyz faired little better, taking a few dryads down with them before suffering the same fate as their boss, torn apart by the two treemen. 

The ironfist was faring better, the gruntaz tearing apart a unit of dryads and then finishing off the branchwych in short order. The brutes and gruntaz were closing fast on the now unguarded object. If they could just reach it intact... Balogog face went from excitement to horror, as both treemen turned and raced back to the object, magic and missiles tearing apart the boyz. Sensing defeat, the orruks fled the field to fight another day...

So this was an experience. Two treemen in a 1000 point list is nasty. 24 wounds with 2+ re-rollables and ignoring rend -1 is tough to counter, at least with the list I took for this one. To be fair, if I could roll a save it would have been nice, although a lot of these models are rend -1 as well, so 5+ save or none if you are Bonesplitterz. Overall though, it was very, very close. If I could have snaffled the double turn top of turn 3, I win this by default, as there was no way I could shift those treemen, but they were just far enough away that I could have gotten 5 models within 6in of the objective. Still, fun game and pretty close.

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Test model for the Ard Boyz and subsequently the rest of the Ironjawz detachment. I wanted them to look beat up, like they are constantly on the move, can't repair, resupply and the fact they are living deep underground is causing some issues.



Rear: I think the red makes a good spot colour and ties to the Bonesplitterz top knots.


Thoughts, comments, critiques and queries all welcome. Only the rest of the battalion box and some brutes to go...


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  • 1 month later...

Here are some more ard boyz. I have subsequently done the bases and have started on the Savage Big Boss. The other 4 heavy weapons guys will have to wait, as I am a little sick of painting the ard boyz. They just aren't enjoyable for me. Oh, and the ard boyz boss is done, just haven't taken a pic yet.

Group Shot:


Close ups...



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Love those Ardboyz... hard to put my finger on exactly what stands out about them, but I think it's that the colour, shading etc. is all so very convincingly natural.

It just feels closer to what Orcs might actually wear than the "we're the blue team" style schemes (which are also often great, mind!) to be found elsewhere.

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Thanks @Tommy! I tried to make them a bit grittier than normal. I like the studio paint job but would agree they are very bright and a bit garish. I wanted mine to look like they have just crawled out of the last fight and a moving on constantly. There was a liberal use of washes, corrosion and rust to get them this grimy. Not sure how the brutes and the like are going to look in this scheme, but committed now...

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  • 3 weeks later...

So, I have been battling a severe case of procrastination (among other things, damned work getting in the way of hobby time) but the ard boyz and the Savage Big Boss are now complete. Haven't used these guys at all this month, which is probably why I struggled to paint them. I always paint more when I game regularly, but I digress. 

Ard Boyz group shot. Never want to paint these again. Ever. Did not enjoy it at all. But the final product looks pretty good, well, I think so anyway.

First, group shot of all ten boyz.


The green shows up well in the photos, and the red makes a strong spot colour to break up all the muck. 

Next the big boyz with double handed weapons.


It was these I battled with the most, and in the end probably didn't do as good a job as I could, but done they are.

Lastly, its the Savage Big Boss. This was a very quick model to do, as there really isn't much to him. No tatts yet, gotta earn those (and I need a decent colour to do them in, and a repeatable design... small things. Maybe orange tatts?)

Best happy dog impression:


Tongue out and all. The teeth are a little disconcerting though, so like a dog really...

And profile:


I think he came up well, but the lack of tatts and the bulk green are a little dull to look at. Still, there we are. 22 models down, 30 ish to go for this army. Hopefully by the end of the year...

Whilst I am at it, I have revised my ambitions for this, as a full blown mixed destruction army is just not going to happen short term. So, I am going to make it a mixed Orruk army instead. I have my Ironjawz, most of the savage orruks (need boar boyz), have the Fimir (ok, not Orruks, but they are integral to the theme, so there) and a smattering of Greenskins. I think a start collecting greenskins and a Maw Krusha will be all thats needed, as I can convert the Orruks boarboys to savage (I have a few spares) and the Maw Krusha can be that for an Ironjawz list or a Boss on Wyvern for the combined list. All up this is 2k points, which is enough for me. Again, I might do the full mixed over time, but this is my short term goal.

Thanks for watching, and comments are always welcome.

Edited by kaaras
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Really sweet looking army you've got goin' here man!  Great rust work on those 'ard boyz.  I've got ten from the start collecting box that I've been too exhausted from work to start on myself.  I like the fluff bits too.  Any chance on seeing/ hearing more about these fimir you keep mentioning?  

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Thanks @Uruk_Guy. Said Fimir are assembled and mildly converted (mostly coz I messed up, but that is another story). Just waiting for the weather here in Oz to warm up a bit. Sub zero and spray paint do not good friends maketh. In my painting plan, they are next after the Brutes, so hopefully not too much longer. I hope to add the Fimirach at some point, as that is a great looking model too.

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  • 1 month later...

Balogog paced furiously, snarling curses and kicking the occasional grot that was unfortunate enough to be within range. "Such slow progress" he grumbled, along with assorted orruk curses. He toured the caves again, knowing the answer but hopeful that Gork and Mork (he needed all the help he can get) has delivered some sort of minor miracle. 

Alas, the same sight greeted his beady, angry yellow eyes. Orruks in disarray, and no amount of 'ead thumpin' would get them in order, not without something to fight. The arrer boyz were armed, but languishing in a lazy malaise, the brutes getting organised but more interested in hanging with the warchanter and punching each other, and the boar boyz, well, there were boarz but not boyz... 

Balogog ventured deeper into the caves to check on the progress of taming the wyvern. From the noises and distinct sound of bones being crunched, Balogog needed to go no further to know that the latest venture had failed. Grunting in a manner that would indicate a sigh to most, Balogog trudged back to the training rooms, determined to beat some heads and a sense of urgency into his slovenly mob...

So, this is a bit of a dig at my own slow progress. My brutes are half done, which is ok but irritating. I have finished converting my arrer boyz up but they are bare plastic (mid winter is not an ideal time for spraying) and my boar boyz are all boar and no boyz. I also have a Maw Krusha on the shelf, looking accusingly at me... however, I resolve to get these damn brutes done by months end. Oh, and the chariot has been built and converted using normal boars from the boar boyz and the cross beam from a chaos chariot. Seems to work.

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  • 3 weeks later...

So the rest of the boys decided to show up, as did the Warchanter who was suffering from an overdose of WAAAGH energy. So here they are: (it appears i missed a fair bit on these... damn cameras being too good nowadays...)

War Chanter Front:


And butt shot:


Some of the other boyz:


One more. Thought these were better than this oh well, bit of touch up to do:


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  • 3 months later...

So, motivation for this project took a major nose dive with the advent of 40k 8th ed, mostly as the local gaming group moved on from AoS to that and other systems. I did get 5 more savage orruks completed (photos pending). I also knocked up some extra ard boyz from some spare parts i had lying round, which is very orruky I would suggest. However, the real motivation has returned as there is a Maw Krusha sitting on my desk waiting to be assembled!!! Happy times are here again, time to get orruky...

With the changes in GHB 17, I have also had a rethink of my original orruk strategy. Whilst I can still run a mixed orruk list with the destruction abilities, the Ironjawz with allies option seems to be a bit stronger IMO (could be missing something of course, please let me know if anyone reads this...). So, list time:

Megaboss on Maw Krusha - 460

Iron fist - 160

30 x ard boyz - 450,  5 x brutes - 180, 3 x jumbo pigs - 140

Warchanter - 80

Shaman - 120

Thats 1590 points... almost looks like it was planned for this style of thing...

Allies - Greenskinz

Orruk Shaman - 120

20 Arrer Boys - 180

5 Boar Boys - 100


Allies - Bonesplitterz

Wurrgog - 140

20 Arrowboys - 240

I like the idea of an extra caster and some fire support for the orruks, just to diversify. Whether it works or not is debatable, but it looks interesting and should be fun.

Anyway, that's enough for now. Maw Krusha on the way...


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Here is the Maw Krusha in assembly mode. The wings aren't attached and neither is the rider. I left the head off the rider to give it some special attention, and to make sure I can get into all the nooks and cranny's on him. 

I went with the Hacker as well to match the rest of my Ironjawz, as the Brutes and Pigs are all armed with them. Might not be the best choice but thematically it will look good and tie all the models together. 

Top Shot:


Front Shot:


I think I will reverse the colours for the megaboss to make him stand out. No idea what colour the Krusha will be. Being these guys were originally from the realm of shadows, maybe greys and purples and blacks? Black scales, purple underbelly, grey wings... hmm, time to ponder.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Balogog paced restlessly, lamenting his losses and the sheer carnage reaped upon his forces. It would take months of spawnings and even more scrounging of this accursedly bright world to find more boyz to join his cause, assuming he could convince them without having to kill too many...

The first tournament outing for the combined forces of orruk awesomeness was, well, shambolic at best, disastrous if you are more on the pessimistic side of life. The boyz were torn to pieces via FEC, Khorne Blood Tithe and Nagash and some mates in short order for the most part. Look great, are fun, can't hurt much or survive the amount of rend -1 damage 2 stuff that these lists seems to have in abundance. Still, every game is a learning experience and I will get better.

On to some painting: I finally completed all 20 of my savage orruk boyz, so with boss man and the doc, that part of the force is done. I say that as I see 10 boarboyz that tread a line between savage and normal (can orruks be normal? better say greenskinz) as I equipped them with whatever bits I had available... oh and another 10 would give me 30, make them some allied archers... anyway, here is a family photo, not great but you get the idea:


On top of that, as a reward (how can more work equal a reward? hmm...) I am going to start these little fellas. They fared well enough at the tournament and I think that a large block of these would give most opponents pause... if they weren't resin I think you would see a lot more of them...fimir1.jpg.f0a20b2891b222d9af1e00e2f4c9989d.jpg


Well, thats enough for today. Hopefully these won't take me as long as some of the other things I do...

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  • 3 weeks later...

The Fimir are a secretive lot, Balogog mused as he approached. Never really demand anything, or even ask, but always seem to get their own damned way... ah well, they are good in a scrap and nothing particularly horrible has happened. Right kunnin they are too. That mist trick is just so very Morkish (or Gorkish, making the sign of the orruk god) that they must be good luck. Still, makes ya skin crawl if you looks at em too long...

Finally, the shadowy dwellers come out of undercoat and into glorious colour as part of the warhost. Took me a lot longer than anticipated but hobby time has been scarce. So here they are:


Ok so not a great photo and if I get some time in the next few days I will do some glamour shots of the boys. Overall I am happy with them. I think the leather is particularly good, and they look dark and earthy which is what I was hoping to achieve.

Next up are the Gore Gruntaz methinks. Left for this army:

3 x Jumbo pigs

10 x not quite as jumbo but still pretty large pigs (2 of these are the old warboss on boar models as the big boss in 5 man units)

20 x Arrer boyz

10 x Boyz

1 x chariot

1 x Maw Krusha.

Damn, thats a lot more than I thought...

Edited by kaaras
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With the upcoming Malign Portents Coalescence event in March here in Oz, I am giving Balogog a rest and going to invigorate my Slaves to Darkness. This is a fairly sizable Slaanesh themed force, and now that the Warqueen has made it to my painting table I am going to build up the force. I have a fair bit, but at this stage the army will look like:

Darkoath Warqueen

30 Warriors

10 Knights



and then I am not sure. I have 40 Marauders, 10 Marauder horsemen, chariots, dragon ogors, another 10 warriors and other stuff that I won't bore you with. As its a narrative event I am not interested in cheese, so am leaning towards all the Marauders, (although painting 40 of them... yuck) or dragon ogors because they are already painted. 

Anyway, some pics to follow.

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Thanks @Shearl. It was something that came to me way back at the start, that whilst orruks are more than capable of finding a fight, having a sinister entity in the background controlling them just seemed like a nice touch. I imagine that their "flight" through the realmgates out of Ulgu and into Hysh was somewhat more directed than just misfortune, that the Meargh has some sinister and twisted plot to unleash on the realm of light and this is her way of starting it. The Fimir act as the mouth pieces, nudging and goading, aiding where necessary, and the orruks are just the muscle to get the job done. Expendable. 

Or something like that...

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  • 10 months later...

So. Poor old Balogog has been hiding deep in the caverns whilst Chaos run rampant over my hobby time. However, this is now the year of the Orruk in my hobby sphere, so I treated myself be starting the Maw Krusha. I saw a post from @BunkhouseBuster about his Maw Krusha and the inspiration for a local snake. Being in Oz we have plenty to choose from, but I went with an Inland Taipan (possibly the nastiest snake in the world). I will post hopefully by the end of the week of the Krusha itself, with Balogog to be completed some time after that. Still trying to work out the best list for this. Fimir aren't allies to Ironjawz so i have to use standard destruction (which is ok but Ironjawz is better). List is currently:

Maw Krusha


Weirdnob (additional...)

Iron Fist

30 Ard boys (only got 20 but will get there...)

10 Brutes

6 Pigs

And thats about 1970 or something like that...

Anyway, on with destruction and away from distraction

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