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WIP Ratogres conversion


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While ago I started to convert  some ratogres mainly to be used in AoS.  There were two to be dealt with, third one was already painted and fitted a square base. I decided therefore to leave all of them on square bases. The rest of the army is on those anyway. And still you never know, they may yet take part in WHFB battle…

All familiar with ratogres miniatures know, that the only “pretty ones” comes from the “Island of Blood” Warhammer set. Unfortunately there are only two “patterns” of those, and I don’t like to play with “clones”.

So, two mutants ended up under my butchering knife. Additional incentive for those to be converted was a fact that I had some nice parts left from the Abomination set.

Here is a first of two fellows, and a piece intended for him:


After test fitting his arm, I ve decided that I don’t like the way it looks.


I liked much better the second “pose”:


So it stayed that way. Only thing to do now was to sculpt (sic!)missing parts. I am a poor sculptor, but I do think that even not a very good sculpt can be covered with decent painting:).

Here it is after sculpting:


Well, as you can see I need to work on my sculpting techniques…

Below final version, before painting with some”masking” added:) :



Second of the ratogres was simplier.



And before painting:


Presently both ratogres are (almost) ready. Bases need to be finished, some details like weapons, tails…but they are in a state (I think) that allow them to be fielded on “the table”:


no. 2:



And familly picture to finished with:) :




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Great work - your conversions are extremely well done, great choice of parts and high level green stuff sculpting to finish the job - bravo. 

I find it strangely pleasing that you've sculpted stitches on the first rat ogre at the same point that you've joined the actual plastic parts!

I'll be watching your blog progress. Have you thought of creating any three armed rat ogres? 


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Sorry everyone for lack of answers and content. I v been away from this forum since....May. So bases were not done back then, in fact they were just freshly undercoated-> still wet on the pictures. I ll make some photos and post. If anyone interested after all this time that is... :P.

As for my "green stuff-ing", I honestly think I am pretty terrrible! Really anyone can do this kind of "sculpting". I do think however,  that ok painting can go a long way with bad sculpting :D

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