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  1. Can you run the Khorne Beasts of Chaos battalion under Blades of Khorne allegiance?
  2. I started experimenting with 3x 5 HR & 1x 15 LT after 1x 5, 1x 10 of each wasn’t working. HR are a screen, hassle unit who can get a few wounds out there (heart piercer shields do a lot of that) and the LT are more of a shock assault unit.
  3. Here is a shot of the table before the game started.
  4. I finally got my Khalibron / Shadow Patrol list to work. Took on Blood Knight heavy Legion of Blood (I think) in Knife to the Heart. I played cagey the first turn, put some wounds on a VLoZD. My spell rolls were hot garbage, either failing or unbound. This turned around later in the game which was critical. He got into my Life Takers and Blood Sisters with 30 Dire Wolves, VLoZD, and some Knights. I was able to jam up this attack a little with combats and Gravetide while my General and 5 Blood Sisters teleported to the corner behind his objective which was being guarded by 5 Dire Wolves and 5 more knights. Geminids, Withering, and good charge rolls with my Medusa General and Melusai were able to capture his objective, winning me the game on end of turn 3. This has been a fun army to play but hard to learn. Very excited to continue to keep figuring them out. Medusa - Crystal Heart, The Withering Medusa - Wisperclaw of Judgement, Shadow Steed Hag - Catechisim of Murder Hag - Prayer that counts the turn one forward 10 Blood Sisters 5 Blood Sisters 5 Blood Sisters 15 Khinerai Lifetakers 5 Khinerai Heartrenders 5 Khinerai Heartrenders 5 Khinerai Heartrenders 5 Warlocks 5 Warlocks Shadow Patrol Geminids Gravetide
  5. Its funny to imagine going back in time, talking to my 15 year old self... "Warhammer is now all about what happens untold ages AFTER the setting of WHFB! 40K? Your going to love whats going on 10,000 years BEFORE the Warhammer 40k universe that you are just now getting into. By the way, keep your copies of Slaves to Darkness and Lost and the Damned in really good shape*." *I didn't
  6. I got into this whole jam in the same way many did: SPACE MARINES! It was when Rogue Trader was out for a couple years when I got into it (1989-90), Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine boxed sets were out. I picked up the set of plastic beaky marines and several White Dwarf magazines. That gave me some exposure to WHFB and WHFRP. I was a D&D player at the time so this material made sense. Warhammer had a weird, cool, edgy thing going for it that D&D didn't so I was hooked (not at the expense of D&D or other games). It was rich and 'real'. I've been in and out of Warhammer ever since.
  7. Say, I have 30 Dread-spear/Bleak-sword/Shard models. Any suggestion on a configuration would be best for a unit of allies for DoK?
  8. I hope that we move towards greater consistency for how modifiers work. While I like the synergies that modifiers across multiple units provide, the clarity of some of the newer books is nice.
  9. Yep. I started with the GW stuff when I was 15. I had both of the Realms of Chaos books, parental warnings and all. The notions of planetary destruction, virus bombs, and demonic tortures were ones that we all were aware of reading up on the background. As teenagers we could contextualize it pretty well. It was all part of an intense universe, but not one we wanted anymore to do with than be tourists to via our gaming and hobby.
  10. Why do people find the Lifetakers underwhelming?
  11. I had my first DoK game last night (finally)! My army played the mission with the stepped deployment areas, I forget it's name, against one of my regular opponent's Idoneth Deepkin. It was brand new armies for both of us so mistakes were made, but it was an exceptionally close and fun game! My list was a rough match up for him. I didn't have many models which were good targets for his Thralls and I was running Khalibron Temple, so his 30 odd Reavers across the army had trouble doing much to my forces. He had: Eidolon of Magic (or whatever the caster one is called), 2 or 3 soulscryers, 3x 10 Namarti Reavers, 3x 10 Namarti Thralls, 2x 10 Gladeguard allies (I think - Aelves with shields and spears). I had: Medusa (Mindrazor, Mistress of Illusion, Shadow Stone), Medusa (Steed of Shadows), Hag (Catechism of Murder, Iron Circlet), Hag (Blessing of Khaine), Assassin as an ally. 10 Blood Sisters, 2x 5 Blood Sisters, 10 Khinerai Lifetakers, 5 Khinerai Lifetakers, 10 Khinerai Heartrenders, 5 Khinerai Heartrenders, 2x 5 Doomfire Warlocks, Shadow Patrol, Malevolent Maelstrom. All the teleporting I had going on was giving the Idoneth fits as I was able to get on objectives fast and dictate combats. I made some errors with placement of support characters so missed out on some buffs in key areas. I did an assassination run on the Eidolon which got him down to 2 wounds, but I couldn't seal the deal. That cost me the game in the end I think. He pushed hard on two objectives that I held, was able to tie up the game in the 3rd turn. By the 5th there was very little on the board, and he was able to squeak out one more point with the Eidolon jumping on my rear objective. Super close, fun, tactical game! I love this list. I may tweak the magic artifacts a little, but I think I could play it as is for quite a while and get a lot of mileage out of it.
  12. I have to tattoo, onto my arm, that mortal wounds don't generate depravity. That was something I missed in some of my theory-hammer. Not a dealbreaker at all, but easy to miss. It sure makes the Sorcerer Lord on Manticore less appealing (tho he's still a bad ass).
  13. 30-50! Holy ******! That is fantastic. I was simulating a particular KoS build vs Nagash which generated an insane amount of points which was cool.
  14. For those of you who have played the army a ton (I've not, all theory hammer so far), what are your favorite ways to generate summoning points? What kind of totals do you expect in game?
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