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  1. Can someone tell me what are citadel air paints clears ?
  2. Also we may see a battleforce next december
  3. Perhaps gunhouler will be battleine It would make sens as this fight will be in The Sky
  4. I think it is upsidedown Look at the coral
  5. What was The longest period btw rumor engine and miniature in shop ?
  6. Hi I am working on a 800pts event for my local shop, it will be more narrative and less comptitive, event. We will have two teams one AoS team second compedium old world team. The idea is to show old players AoS and also have fun. (have fun is the most important part) My problem is at 3 stage of the event I am planning for players to have a special cards with extra things. They will come in two categories strong one and weak one, and will be given after stage 2 to the wining player. Eg if you win a scenario that has a objective to find a artefact you will get a 2 cards of a magic weapon to use. One for you the second to give to your team mate. The problem I have is balancing it, I do wish for them to be useful I do not wish for them to ruin the game by making it auto win. What would you consider a good thing, +1 save for a unit? D6 mortal wound one use only ? Is a sword 3 mortal wound to powerful for a 800 pts game?
  7. I used brute heads to ardboys body And they work well Also you can use hands arms to convert
  8. Also it is A great format for people that like converting their armies Less work
  9. The text says Close your eye turn your head 45 degrise Perhaps it is chariot blade ?
  10. It looks like ruins So it can be anything
  11. It looks like it, but they are sneaky now So Perhaps it is 40k eldars on dinos ?
  12. Ok calling him done Her is my chaos overlord admiral First to be betreyed first to embrance Hashut
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