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Player/Community/Store/Tournament Map


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Here is the map of players, communities, tournaments and stores that I've been building up over the last few months on Facebook. 


If you'd like to be added please provide the following:


Location: Town/City (I'm using Google Map Search, so be sure it can be searched for)

Name: Real name, or Forum name

Contact: How to contact, via facebook, email, or forum ID


Location: An actual physical location where new players can find you. This can be the store/club/hall/church/garage you usual play at etc

Name: Community Name

Contact: Facebook Group, Website, email in which new players can contact you


Location: An actual physical location where the tournament usually takes place

Date: Of the tournament, or usual dates, e.g. first week of April, or July

Name: Name of Tournament

Contact: Tournament Website, or location where players can get information on how to sign up etc.



You must be 18 or over to be added to this map.

This map is only accessible via the link above, it's not searchable by search engines etc

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This is fantastic and exactly the sort of thing this forum was set up for.  

I have the capability to do all this via the website, but its a future feature update.  Until then I will sticky this. 

Thanks for posting

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On 5/8/2016 at 5:14 AM, Stauderpower said:

San diego, CA USA

Donovan Stauder



We play at Game Empire on Sundays at 4pm

We don't have a community name but they can contact me via email or this forum.


Thanks again for this!

Added. Added note to Game Empire entry with details too

On 5/8/2016 at 8:22 AM, Xerox said:

Gremsdorf 91350 Germany




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On 09/05/2016 at 1:21 PM, coptig81 said:

Location: Hermitage, Berkshire

Name: Steve Fitzsimmons - coptig81

Contact: Can contact on this forum by PM or FB


2 hours ago, Rhellion said:


Location: Ferndale, MI 48220

Name: Brad Schwandt / Rhellion

Contact: rhellion.wh@gmail.com, @rhellion on twitter


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53 minutes ago, Gaz Taylor said:

Location: Dudley, West Midlands, UK

Name: Gaz Taylor

Contact: PM on TGA.Community or Twitter - @Gaz_T


49 minutes ago, Leviathus said:

Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands

Name: Rigtje Schootstra/Leviathus

Contact: PM on TGA or @Hammer_n_Brush on Twitter


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27 minutes ago, Trouncin said:

Location - Vancouver, Canada 

Name - Trouncin

shoot me a pm or email me at noveltyitem@gmail.com


6 hours ago, Hampshire Hammerers said:

Railway Inn, Winchester, Hampshire, UK so225ae

- Meet 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7pm


twitter: @HantsHammerers

email: hampshirehammerers@gmail.com 


13 hours ago, Khorne_on_the_cob said:

Location: Neenah, WI 54956

Name: Kris

Contact: archenemy_288@hotmail.com 


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