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  1. I just ordered 2 armies' worth. 🤠
  2. Element Games! I usually make few mistakes. Honestly it was one of the biggest ones I have ever made in a game of Warhammer and should have cost me the game. Luck prevailed and a couple bad decisions on my opponent's part. And more luck from me after finally deciding to make some smart decisions. Part of the stupid mistake was because I only have ever played 2 games with Nighthaunt before this event and didn't fully know the rule.
  3. Vs DoK Khailebron in Better Part of Valor both my opponent and I were worried about teleporting. He was mostly snakes (sisters) and he came after me with part of his army but not all due to scenario and teleporting. I was able to pick off the front, offsetting one flank and then teleporting and deep striking back to the other flank when he reacted the opposite way. This allowed me to get 5 objectives turn 2, burn them all going up 8-0 and I was able to focus everything on the last obj and not worry about his teleporting. I got it by the end of turn 4 even after losing all 30GG in one combat with about 15 snakes. they then got charged from the rear by bladeghiests and wiped. Vs Kharadron in Border War (i think) I put all 4 large units in the sky and deployed everything else deep. He was playing a foot slogging gunline. He gave me first because he was out of range so I deep struck everything for the turn 1 charge, cast cogs, and made all 4 charges (had a character deepstrike as well for a reroll if needed). Wiped out more than half his army top of turn 1, with only one of the charges being 10+... killed about 70 Arkanauts. His remaining allied evocators and brokk actually did some serious damage to my army but I was too far ahead on points too early after scoring his objective right away T1. Vs Skaven in Knife to the heart, my opponent gave me priority and I cast mystic shield and said "I'm done, your go" with my screens set up. Threw him off a bit. We did this until 4th turn! The I realized I made a terrible mistake and left a unit of Bladeghiests in the underworld and they died and gave up 320 points. Stupid of me. Then I went for it and went after a juicy flank with a Bell, small monk unit, priest, and censer bearers. I used Translocation to move the Grimghasts and teleported with my general and got both units across the entire table from my deployment zone in and killed all I listed, except the bell, while also tagging a 40 man unit at exactly 3" range to minimize the attacks. This forced him on the last turn to try and kill enough (I went up 440 to 320) but he only killed my general (440 to 420) and my last Bladeghiest in the second unit survived. Close one after a huge and stupid mistake. Vs FeC Gristlegore in 3 Places of Arcane Power he was worried about me dropping down my large blocks and sitting on objectives and only being able to move me off one. So he went first and sat on them. He couldn't come after me do to my screens (seen above) without a bad counter charge. After he dropped and put the GKOTG on the middle, and the GKOZD on one flank and a small character and ghouls on another I focused on the flanks. I killed the ZD realatively quickly and cleared the other flank with ease while sending Grimghasts to kill the 40 ghouls in the middle while NOT engaging 3" of the TG. I chewed through most of the ghouls then the TG killed all the GG. I was threatening objectives at this point and he had to leave the center to deal. This was by turn 3. If I had won either turn 2 or 3 priorities I would have cleared all his characters but the TG. I could have killed the TG or just won on points... but I lost and the TG killed enough that I lost by 1. Even with a 5+ 5+ 6+ 6+ (after rend with mystic terrain and the extra 5+ spell) my Bladeghiests killed the ZD in one turn. I still beat up his army and outscored him on kill points 1700 to 1380. He had the remnants of his 40 man ghouls, a GKOTG, and summoned flayers and a summoned Vargulf left from his starting army. Vs BoK in Blood and glory, there was a lot of large terrain on the table and he was scared of me teleporting behind him and auto winning. So I used the terrain to tunnel him down lanes with my screening units and counter charged on bottom of turn 2 when he didn't move far forward. I chose his strong flank and went in with everything. It wasn't going amazing so I set up to flee, teleport, and drop in a final unit on bottom of T3 and had more numbers on the objectives and took them for the auto win.
  4. I got 4th out of ~60 players this weekend with this list. Missed Best Death due to 1st and 2nd place being FeC. I beat Skaven, DoK, KO, BoC, and lost to the 2nd FeC by 1 point (but beat them 1700 to 1380 on kill points). Reiknor, soul cage Guardian of Souls, mortality glass, shademist Dreadblade Harrow, general, tome, soul cage 40 Chainrasps 10 Chainrasps 10 Chainrasps 10 Chainrasps 30 Grimghast Reapers 20 Bladeghiest Revenants 20 Bladeghiest Revenants Cogs
  5. I listened yesterday. It didn't grab me at first but I stuck with it and it was pretty damn funny.
  6. Love it. Integral part of the game and part of why I enjoy the game.
  7. I think the "top 10%" isn't necessarily based on raw score wither. They had 160 players so the TO chose 16 armies to make the "finals". Not 100% sure on that one.
  8. Painting is currently out of 27 points... but is capped at 25 and then doubled for your 50 point paint score.
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