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  1. The Khemist is a huge buff piece to support the endrinriggers. It basically doubles their combat output. If you want to use Brokk, I would prioritize adding a Khemist above the Frigate. If you want to make a competitive list, I would consider dropping Brokk. Tough to fit him in at 1K. Instead you could go with min Arkanauts, Khemist, Frigate (with deepstrike artifact), and either 9 Endrinriggers and a CP or 12 Skywardens. Gives you a 2 drop list with the ability to drop the bulk of your force where you want.
  2. @sal4m4nd3rlooks like it could be a good list. One big risk that jumps out to me: usually you see these Mhornar lists with some sort of battalion or at least ships to keep them low drop and give them the choice of first turn. If you go against an enemy that out droops you and can alpha strike hard or turn 1, get a big speed bump in your way, or give you the turn and keep key targets out of harms way (like stormcast deploying their important units in the sky), it will be an uphill slog from the very start.
  3. The first model I ever painted (back in middle school). Time to give him a new paint job and have Kragg the Grim join my Cities of Sigmar army!
  4. Sounds like I’m more positive about the changes than most people. Here are my opinions on what is better/worse: Better: -Shields: you can debate whether you would rather have the reroll, but the fact that you get the +1 all the time now is great. Also means we have it on turn 1 if someone alpha strikes us. -Musicians: Avg run roll is 4.5 now, and you get the charge bonus. If you have some way to teleport a unit and have a command point reroll, you have a 66% chance to make the charge, and tempest eye dwarfs can go 9+d6” on turn 1 if they run! -Warden King oathstone ability is so much better. - Hammerers got a real nice buff. -Endless spell defense Neutral: -Warden King grudge ability: +1 attack is better than +1 to wound, but now only for combat -Longbeard grumbling- I quite liked battleshock protection. -Irondrake shooting Worse: -Ironbreakers & Irondrakes trade the ignore tend for +1 save vs shooting. - Longbeards lose the option to take GW & shield. - Standards
  5. I just used some superglue and green stuff. Make sure you give it a full 24 hours to cure. Played probably 40 games with it and no issues
  6. For people who are sad about the warriors going away, use them as Longbeards! That's a proxy that no one should have any problem with at all. They're still dwarfs, the weapons options are exactly the same, and their beards are pretty long anyway 🧔. It's barely even a proxy, just a different sculpt of basically the same thing. I wonder if the option for great weapon & shield is going to go away. They did say they are updating warscrolls.
  7. @ForrixThanks! @Dead Scribe Yeah. Agreed that if you are just worried about being as competitive as possible, you should just go with the small base. I like to play somewhat competitively, and sometimes go to tournaments, but I'm not worried about squeezing every last drop out of my list. For me the 40mm base just looks cooler, and I don't think it should make that much difference (especially if you keep him partly wrapped in allied units). Sounds like no one can really think of reasons an opponent would object to the bigger base.
  8. @EldarainThat's what I was thinking too. Sort of wish they just made that big base his official one.
  9. How are people handling the 2 different size bases? Magnets? I was thinking about just using the 40 because it looks cool. I’m guessing most people would be fine with that.
  10. Badly needs an FAQ. I've always played it as the shooting also has to be within 3", but it could really go either way. I just tend to default to using the less powerful version when it's a toss up. I actually think it might be a little too good otherwise. If you buff the pistols & skyhooks on a unit of 40 Arkanauts it's putting out 48 Skyhook shots & 170 pistol shots that turn, which is insane! If I was against an enemy that didn't have 3" reach in combat, I would sometimes put my 40 man unit 2.5" behind the front of my screens to try and get within 3" while staying safe.
  11. @sal4m4nd3rWelcome! Looks like a a super fun list. I think the biggest challenge will be keeping your big blob of 40 Arkanauts safe while still playing the objectives game. With only 4 units (not counting the heroes) you might struggle against armies that can out drop you and make a first turn charge, since Arkanauts die fast. Although if they go first, you can smash Gotrek into them when it's your turn!
  12. LOL. Fair. I was thinking of a Skaven list that is mostly clan rats/plague monks/stormverman, with some heroes wizards, and a few War Machines. In that case most of the army is roughly the size and power level of a normal human. Contrast that with Stormcast or BCR where every model is some sort of larger than life character. On the other hand Clan Skyre is about as high fantasy as it gets.
  13. I like both. From a "realism" & lore point of view, I think it's easier to get into low fantasy. Not to make it a WHFB vs AoS thing, but the characters in low fantasy novels are generally more relateable. I really liked the almost history book style of some of the old WHFB Army Books, too. However, for a hobby, I think the high fantasy setting works better. Like many posters said, the amount of freedom you get is awesome, and gives you so much opportunity for customization and creativity. I think it also works better on the tabletop. For a WHFB battle to feel epic, you needed at least 100 models, because the majority of armies were just infantry (some armies had way than 100). Because of the scale & power of the new models (also maybe because you don't have to rank up any more), a game of AoS can feel like a huge fight with half the figures on the table. As a slow painter I appreciate that. I think the AoS setting can easily support both types of armies, even if it's mostly high fantasy so far. I think the Skaven and Gloomspite both somewhat fill the low fantasy role, if you want to build them that way and Cities of Sigmar likely will too.
  14. We can use him as an ally. Any Order army can. However he takes up your whole ally allowance, so everything else has to be pure KO.
  15. Anyone come up with a decent KO & Gotrek list? I don't think he really fits our army very well, but the best I thought of was a gunline list something like this: Gotrek 2 Khemists 10, 20 & 40 Arkanauts 9 Endrinriggers 2K on the dot. The two smaller units of Arkanauts bubble wrap the army and keep everything else safe for the first couple turns. When your enemy gets close you push Gotrek into them, while the 40 man unit keeps shooting. Endrinriggers can counter charge where needed, or use Grapnels to go claim objectives in turns 3-5. Think it's to slow to be a competitive list, and you probably need some sort of combat unit to stick with Gotrek to prevent your opponent from getting to many attacks against him, which we don't have.
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