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  1. Bad positioning by me + bad dice when my Endrinriggers charged one of his Bloodthristers. Usually, 9 buffed Endrinriggers can take out a Bloodthirster in one round, but every once in a while you just whiff on the dice. Especially when you have a weapon with a random damage roll. Even with that, I out killed him. But because I deployed too conservatively, he was able to pin most of my army back out of objective range, I couldn't get enough units onto objectives. I think that's the biggest flaw with a beta strike, no ship KO list like mine, especially in scenarios where all the objectives are in the middle of the board. One alternative would have been to just suicide the Endrinriggers forward on turn 1, and make him deal with them instead of getting to push everything forward. That would cost me a quarter of my army in terms of points, but might be a worthwhile trade to shift where most of the fighting takes place.
  2. That's probably a better list. I think you need some sort of screen to protect the big unit of Arkanuats, though. If you put the Endrinriggers, one Khemist, and 10 Arkanauts in the Frigate, you would have the big Arkanaut unit, 1 Khemist, and one 10 man Arkanaut unit really exposed on the board. Fast combat armies can take them out super easy. So maybe you could drop the Skywardens, bump the big Arkanaut unit back up to 30, move one up to 20 to screen the big unit, and put the 10 man unit in the boat.
  3. I tried out a list that had a Frigate, Navigator, and Knight-Incantor instead of the Big Arkanaut unit and Warriors, but I didn't love it. Felt like it just didn't have enough punch. If I had enough Endrinriggers painted, I might try dropping the Warriors, and reducing the big Arkanaut unit to 10 in exchange for a Frigate and a unit of 6 Endrinriggers. Then switching to Zilfin and using the deepstrike artifact. I really liked using the 30 Arkanauts to take out heroes, though. That's a good strategy. Might just be the armies I was going against didn't have great targets for it. I know in certain situations it can be devastating.
  4. Thanks! I gave them all pikes. They stand a little behind the warriors or smaller Arkanaut units, so that when the enemy charges the front unit, they can't strike the skywardens, but with the pile in & 2 inch reach, the wardens can all fight back. Works great defending an objective. Urbaz gives you plenty of khemist buffs to go around, and 3 attacks per model at d3 damage is pretty solid against anything with a save of 4+ or worse. Endrinriggers could probably do the same job, since the Arkanauts and Warriors have 25mm bases, but it would be tougher to get all 9 in to fight.
  5. I took KO to a 16 player 3 game tournament this last weekend and thought I would share my write up! Sorry for the wall of text :). Game 1 (Shifting Objectives) Game 2 (Total Conquest) Game 3 (Starfall) Final thoughts:
  6. Hey everyone. I took my KO to a local 3 game tournament last weekend, and thought I would post my way to long reports here. Game 1 (Arcane Power) Game 2 (Battle for the Pass) Game 3 (Relocation Orb) Final thoughts:
  7. I think adding some Endrinriggers to that list would really help with mobility. If they get the Khemist buff, they can be brutal in combat, too.
  8. Awesome write up over at AoS shorts on KO tactics! Thanks @GrandAdmiralAutumn (Think that’s you at least😁) https://aosshorts.com/kharadron-overlords-tactics/
  9. Looks like a good list! The big skyhook unit, the Endrinriggers, and the Evocators should provide a good bit of punch. Personally, I prefer the Endrinriggers as a combat unit, instead of shooting, but think they can work either way. Try to keep them out of charge range as much as you can, since they are really your only mobile unit for scoring objectives.
  10. I like allying in a Knight-Incantor for some magic. She gives you a once per game automatic dispel, and the spirit flasks are a good way to add some mortal wounds. Also, if you play one of the scenarios where wizards & artifact of power equipped heroes capture objectives (or get bonuses to capturing) it really pays to have some extra scoring. A big unit of 40 Dispossessed warriors can be good too. Generally KO are pretty low model count, so that's a good way to make up for it. They're really good objective campers with a 5+ re-rollable save if they don't run and a banner that lets them half the number of models lost to battleshock. If you are going against an alpha strike army that gets to go first, you can use all those bodies to bubble wrap your more valuable units. Ironbreakers would probably work too, but you get half the models for the price as a trade for better saves. Your non-KO units don't get to benefit from skyport/allegiance abilities, but they don't make the rest of your army lose any thing as long as allies stay below 20% of your total points.
  11. Well done! I would love to read a write up!
  12. Well done! I would love to read a write up!
  13. That’s the best use of arkanauts, shooting critical heroes and monsters. I agree on letting your opponent go first, but only if you are confident they can’t get a big turn one charge of blow you off the board with shooting/magic. KO die pretty fast if they don’t do whittle the opponent down first. There definitely can be a lot to remember. I still forget at least one footnote half the time.
  14. That's a good batch of models! For the Arkanauts, you do unfortunately only get one of each weapon per box, but the Endrinrigger/skywarden sprue also comes with skyhooks that are pretty easy to fit to the Arkanauts if you don't want them on your endrinriggers. I think the volleyguns aren't a bad option either.
  15. Has anyone tried a full on Endrinrigger spam list? Something like: 2x Khemists 3x10 Company 3x9 Endrinriggers 1x6 Endrinriggers. I thought of it when I saw a Deepkin list that was basically all eels and heroes. Would be boring to paint, but I think it could do pretty well with Urbaz or you could drop 6 Endrinriggers for a Frigate and go Zilphin for some deep strike. Might even work as tempests eye with a lot of 16" moves turn 1.
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