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  1. I had some success in casual games with a no ship Urbaz list before the new points came out. Big blob of arkanauts, unit of endrinrigger, unit of skywardens, a couple khemists, and a big built of allied dwarf warriors for them to hide behind. The list really packs a punch, and has a lot of bodies. The downside is that it’s really stationary. If your opponent can take out the flyers, it’s really tough to go score objectives on the other side of the board.
  2. If you build your Endrinriggers/skywardens for melee, there is an extra skyhook in the kit. Another easy solution is to mount the head of a sky pike to a rotary gun.
  3. Hey guys! Thought I'd share a write up of a tournament at my local store from a week and a half ago. We had 16 players and a pretty good mix of armies. Forgot to take any picture though. My List: Barak-Zilfin. Game 1 (Duality of Death, Realm of Death, +1 Bravery Realmscape Feature) Game 2 (Shifting Objectives, Realm of Fire, +1 Rend to shots over 12” Realmscape Feature) Game 3 (Knife to the Heart, Realm of Fire, no Realmscape Feature) Final thoughts:
  4. Wonder if we are going to see some of the similar warscrolls across races consolidated and made non race specific. Like Thunderers and free guild hand gunner merge under a new scroll called Free cities hand gunners which can be any race. The same could happen with Quarrelers and free guild crossbows and a bunch more.
  5. I'm going to a local 3 game tournament this weekend and deciding between these two lists. It's going to be fought in the realms (Fire & Death), with a random set of scenarios: Urbaz Gunline - Idea is that the Maraudes give you bodies to claim objectives during turn 1&2 and block out people from getting to the damage dealing units (Arkanauts, and Balloons). This list has a lot of firepower, buffs from the Khemists, and a lot of bodies. The Incantor also gives you a crucial auto-dispel & access to the realm spells. However, it's pretty stationary, and high drop. Also you lose the turn 1 command point. And my marauders aren't painted. 2 Khemists 2x10 & 1x40 Arkanauts 9 Endrinriggers (2 or 3 with Grappnels) 9 Skywardens 40 Marauders Knight Incantor Zilfin Dropship - The deepstrike & Frigate makes objective grabbing way easier, and you still have the 2 units that hit really hard. Also only 4-5 drops, so you probably get to choose turn 1 order half the time. However, the Zilfin footnote isn't nearly as good as Urbaz, and you miss out on the magic (casting and defense). 2 Khemists 1 Frigate 2x10 & 1x40 Arkanauts 12 Endrinriggers (3 Grappnels) 40 Dwarf Warriors I'll probably take the 2nd list because it's all Dwarfs & is fully painted, but I think the first is probably more powerful. What do you guys think?
  6. I’m actually pretty excited for the release! If it’s anything like the Firestorm cities there will be plenty of options to have an all dwarf force, I’d if it can include KO or Ironweld as part of the core army, even better as far as I care. I’m sure some of the allegiances will be plenty thematic, and there’s no reason you can’t say that instead of A free city, you army is from a Karak only populated by dwarfs! The only real loss that I see is this probably means no dear specific endless prayers or terrain.
  7. It’s tough to compare vs Skaven, since they are one of the strongest armies at the moment. For a 1k game (unless you are against another soft list) I would never take more than 1 ship. A frigate makes most 1k lists 2 drops, so you usually will get to decide who goes first. And if you pick Zilfin it let’s you deep strike almost your whole army. The ships are never going to make points back on their own, and unfortunately I think they provide diminishing returns if you take more than 1 and don’t go with a battalion.
  8. 💯 % agree. I was thinking about putting 40 dwarf warriors in my list to protect my big arkanaut unit and get bodies on objectives. Swapping those out for 40 marauders saves enough points for another 3 Endrinriggers or a Knight Incantor (basically).
  9. I agree with people on the returns for summoning being too high. I also think its too easy to make a charge with summoned units on the turn they arrive. Cogs, Command Point re-rolls, and all the army specific abilities can pretty easily make it a better than even chance for your charge to be successful. I would have liked to see some change that summoned units show up at the end of the turn, or can't charge the turn they arrive.
  10. There were a couple things. First was that GW changed the Thunderers warscroll a couple months after the book launched. They made it so you only got 1 of each special weapon per 5 models, which limited what the Khemist buff could do. No more buffed up units all with Aethercannons piling out of the boat and obliterating units. Then when AoS 2 dropped they put in two other changes: Disembarking now happens at the start of the hero phase, so you can't use the Barak Zilfin hero phase movement footnote and then still get out out the boat. Slightly less important, but now Endrinrigger's Grapnels also don't let them fly over enemy units, so people can screen out anything they really don't want you to get to. All that said, there are still viable Clown Car builds, which can do well. You just don't see them finishing Top 3 in tournaments anymore.
  11. Cool list @Reuben Parker. I agree that Zilfin could be really good with that many ships. Where does the damage output come from? Sometimes it feels tough to find enough damage without Endrinriggers or big Arkanaut units buffed by a Khemist.
  12. Because most of the army is pretty close together for the first few turns, there are almost always decent targets. The big unit's Skyhooks, Skywarden Pikes, and Endenrigger saws get buffed almost every turn, while the small unit's Skyhooks, big unit's Pistols, and even the Endrinrigger & Skywarden pistols are a decent targets depending on the situation. I hardly ever wasted the buff. With Urbaz you could try to get away with only one Khemist, but if an opponent is able to take it out early on, you would be in big trouble. It's all pretty interconnected. The Big Arkanaut Unit does most of the damage, but so much of the list going into supporting it. I think the number 1 unit you need to score objectives and win scenarios has to be the Endrinriggers. 36" move is a life saver in a list that is otherwise pretty stationary.
  13. I went to a 5 game GT weekend before last. It's been over a week, so I'm sure some I got a few details wrong, but here is the summary of my games for anyone with the patience to read a big wall of text :). My List: Barak-Urbaz. Game 1 (Scorched Earth) Game 2 (Focal Points) Game 3 (Total Commitment) Game 4 (Better Part of Valor) Game 5 (Shifting Objectives) Final thoughts:
  14. Yeah. Still a good value for that many bodies I think. Keeps your Arkanauts alive a little longer and can help control objectives early in the game. If you wanted to paint up 90 arkanauts you could try to go for another unit of 40 instead of the warriors, but I can’t quite find the points for it.
  15. Three lists I'm really interested in trying out with the new points (assuming the leaks are correct). Dropping the points for Skywardens, Khemists, and all the boats is awesome! Barak Urbaz Gunline 2 Khemists 2x10 & 1x40 Arkanauts 9 Skywardens 9 Endrinriggers 40 Dwarf Warriors Barak Zilfin Balloon Army 2 Khemists 1 Frigate 3x10 Arkanauts 1x12 & 1x9 Endrinriggers 9 Skywardens Barak Zilfin Hybrid Army 2 Khemists 1 Frigate 2x10 & 1x40 Arkanauts 40 Dwarf Warriors 12 Endrinriggers
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