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Stonemonk's 4-Story Shattered Ruins


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So working on the display board for Holy Havoc (http://havoc.holywarsgt.com/). So i thought id show you my thought progress from sketches and the step by step as much as i can.

so concepts first!

i wanted to show my ogors in a caravan coming out of a realmgate or something, and Davy's  (@Red_Zeke) orruks waiting to ambush them.

below are the first concepts i shared. The one with the rock faces on either side was the most compelling for Davy and me. 




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So i took that idea a bit further.

Initially i wanted to go with organic outcroppings and caves. I liked the idea of wind-worn caves and orukks leaping into the frey.

Couple issues:

After some test builds i thought it was going to take too mich trial and error to get them how i liked.

and, we were using shattered dominion basing so straight sandstone structure didnt feel close enough to the basing.



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So i came up with this next. 3 stories of carved rock and pillars. 

1. It fit the basing a bit better.

2. Man-made structures and pullars are quite easy to make quickly. I thought the time saved on mass producing pillars would allow time for the engraving.

3. I also had the idea that the two pieces of terrain could fit together to form a whole building for games. So this is totally modular and will have uses beyond he display board.





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Then ingot to start building. Cut 2" foam into 2.5x2.5 squares and then glued them three tall.

Once glued cut the corners to octagons and then shave those eight corners for rough hewn circles. 

Ignore the sanded one - might be a nice effect in future but no time for that now.





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I then got the dimensions for the floors, cut them out and test fitted them. Decided that i really needed a 4the floor. 

Then i printed out the etching on 2 pieces of paper for each floor and then ised a ball point pent to lightly trace it. Then one paper was off i did another tracing.




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Then i started assembly. Set my two pieces of MDF in place. Used skewars to set pillars in correct spots and glued pillars to the floor above. Then glued pillars down onto mdf. 

I will cut it apart when it dries.

second story fitting as well. Even though i was going to cut off some of the floor, i etched the full piece of foam. This way i can use these left over pieces for rubble or other terrain construction.




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Got so much done last night. Wood putty on the bases so it could dry while i sculpt the levels. Finished etching the 3rd and 4th levels and then cut them up! The building gets all mocked up and then i cut cracks in it and give the edges some more visial interest. 

Then i added some scatter terrain.








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On 10/28/2016 at 5:00 PM, Aaron Schmidt said:

Nice work! I've been experimenting with these sorts of ideas a little too but haven't gotten as far as you have! I need to make some sweet terrain, so this is inspiring. 

I have other terrain ive been meaning to get to for months but due to Havoc in 4 days inhad to put this first and i cant seem to stop! Please let me know ehen you have some terrain to post up.

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So on to paint. 

Instead od sealing the foam with PVA glue/water, i did custom rakarth flesh latex paint (home depot) but i would say i didnt get it sealed as well as i thought. However, i was still able tonspray with army painter skeleton bone without melting it.




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