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  1. I feel like I that's not much of a stretch. Usually I'll end up with only about 10% (~3-4 cards) of my deck as faction specific.
  2. And finally putting the dagger in the 'what is a warband' debate.
  3. Sound like good moves to me. I don't actually do a ton of charges early in the round with Farstriders, so I think that reduces the value of Second Wind. Quick Thinker, on the other hand, is suuuuuper money, especially since a fighter can step away from danger but counterstrike later with shooting. Sprint is an interesting one!
  4. This deck and strategy is buck. wild. I am loving the creativity!
  5. I've found Escalation a little tough on occasion, particularly if I've successfully starved the opponent of glory. If they're not playing upgrades, not only do you need to spend three glory in a round, but you need to see three upgrades in your power hand. Of course, in that scenario, you're probably fine. I see it as a great card if you're neck and neck, or if one person's a little ahead. And those are the times where you probably really want a boost anyhow.
  6. At *least* two different directions. I've got that mid-range standoff and fight build. I have run into the same issue as @stickybluetoffee- it can be a bit of a downer for the opponent in some matchups. My last Reaver match went 19-0, 20-6 in my favor, and my last Fiends went 5-0, 14-0. So... know your audience on that front, I guess.
  7. Sanson Farstrider, the first transgender Stormcast: thus spake autocorrect. Also- wow. I've never seen anyone run Second in Command!
  8. You may well be right. What I’ve enjoyed is that you’re almost never stranded with any fighter. I really want to try playing into aggro Skaven. Anyone got experience there?
  9. I've gotten some great mileage out of Furious Blow as well, though I'm not quite aggressive enough to be running Army of One. Here's the latest version for me: https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,226,227,228,231,373,376,384,389,424,433,215,219,329,330,331,334,347,348,361,369,234,235,243,244,252,257,272,284,289,291,298,306 Thinking about it, I don't think in 20 games I've ever even had to roll for tethered spirit, so maybe something a touch more aggro is called for there?
  10. @SkellisquadI did just rotate in Spectral Wings and Swift Stride with zero regrets for both. I carry a fair number if defensive upgrades, so do like getting a bit of inspiration in to compound the defensive buffs. They also serve to protect a fighter if I can't get them all out of danger. Also, can you post up your deck?
  11. There are absolutely some matchups where the only fighter I inspire is the one that I play Inspiration Strikes on. Sometimes I'll sneak a second inspiration via Hidden Paths. I generally go for Farstriders and then whichever of the other two will be more useful (damage vs cleave). I've found the Magore's and Ironjaws matches to be very favorable because you can give ground, score passively while picking off isolated fighters, all while starving the enemy of aggro glory. Reavers have been coming up with big wins too, though they feel a little more challenging because their speed makes it tough to cut into just a few of the fighters while isolating the rest.
  12. Here's my Farstriders with a funky green screen background that a fella at one of our local stores was playing with. I went Knights Excelsior with them.
  13. Really great point, and one I hadn't considered, but I think it really explains why I feel so much more comfortable with "on the fly" changes.
  14. Got another three games today. Magore's, Gurzag, and Magore's for a 5-0, 13-0, 15-0. The first game I placed boards longways to starve the Fiends of Glory, but starved us both instead. It was so bad, it took me till the third round to even score Master of War despite holding it at the start. Dropped invisible Walls for Quick Thinker which was super clutch. I didn't like Punishing Volleys at all, as it potentially dictated a lot of your round. Went with Defensive Strike instead, which seems fine. Record with this deck through all it's evolutions so far is 11-0, but many/most of those games are against newer players or decks also getting fine tuned. Haven't gotten in a Skaven, Slayer, or mirror match game yet. Also, no Katophrane testing, so... you know...
  15. Brainstorming some counters: Shattershard and Frozen in Time have been mentioned as handy cards for specifically trying to counter the Katophrane builds. These are working against Misdirection and Forceful Denial. Any other cards that are a good call? Hidden Paths or other movement shenanigans for getting to the back line? Momentary Madness to try to get them to kill each other (maybe unlikely if they’re looking for Alone in the Darkness). I was pondering Daylight Robbery to slow the glory income, though without score immediately in that Kato deck, you have fewer chances to score it.
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